[News] Jang Keun Suk T-shirt @codes combine

UPDATE: the price is 84,000won

According to codes combine twitter, they’re planning to launch Jang Keun Suk T-shirt. The detail hasn’t been officially announced on twitter yet, but the photo taken by eel was shared on the internet. The ad says the T-shirt will be launched on August 4th, 84.000won. But it also says the T-shirt is limited edition, 1,000 set limited… Almost impossible to get one T_T ???


5 thoughts on “[News] Jang Keun Suk T-shirt @codes combine”

  1. t-shirts will sold out in a few seconds, and quite impossible for us who live outside of Korea to get it right? 🙁

  2. wow the t-shrit cost KRW84000.00 equiv to SGD117.00! if pay this amount i rather add-in some more for his cri-show at thailand. anybody have any idea for the source of ticketing in Thailand?


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