[28.07.2012] AsiaPrince_JKS & staff twitter

Nya~ This light (with a hat) is available! kya kya kya kya kya
ㄴ ㅑ 이거 불도 들어온다 캬캬캬캬캬
tenshi_akuma’s note: I heard this hat is a gift from one of his eels.

Fully alive!!!!! Jyo~~~~
완전 살았다!!!!! 쬬~~~~

Our boss attended JISAN (VALLEY ROCK FESTIVAL) on opening day last year! He dressed differently from this year! The towel he tied around his head was bought directly at the JISAN entrance! Sales clerk said, “You look like Jang Keun Suk!” I replied, “It’s him, Jang Keun Suk! Don’t you know that?!”
작년에도 지산 첫날 출석하신 두목! 올해와는 다른 패션! 두목이 두른 수건은 지산입구에서 직접 굿즈 구입해서 두른것! 판매남자 직원왈 – 장근석씨 닮으셨어요! 직원얘기에 나님왈 – 장근석씨에요! 모르셨어요?!

Today’s breakfast and a bracelet of (JISAN VALLEY) Rock Festival… ah… I haven’t sobered yet..
오늘의 아침과 롹페스티발 팔찌…아…술안깨..

My breakfast and evidence of JISAN ROCK FESTIVAL.. Mother insisted on not adding condiments to Mackerel Kimuchi Jjigae, but I suspected she must have added half a spoonful of them.. and I’m drinking water.. I love condiment
내 아침밥상과 지산락페의 흔적..엄마가 고등어김치찌게에 미원 안넣었다고 우겼으나 반스푼 넣은걸로..계속 물마심.. I love 조미료

I’ve doubted since this morning… that actually this person’s house is located in Gangbuk-gu.. it’s a national fraud…..!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, should I sing Gangnam-gu style instead? k k k
아침부터 의문…정작 이분의 집은 강북이라며..대국민 사기극…..!!!!!!!!!!!! 그럼 내가 강북스타일 불러야 하나 ㅋㅋㅋ
tenshi_akuma’s note: The title of the song is “Gangnam-gu style”.

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    i’m a huge fan of him. he’s my number one actor and singer i search of his news about four times a day i love and support every thing he does but these days he makes it hard for me to do that i mean some one should tell him that he looks like a girl with every passing day and his fashion sences is going down i mean i was shouked too see what was he wearing in the cri show or the t-shirt at the airport earlier .i’m only saying this because it is hard for me and soo many others i’m sure to see him like that .and we only wish the best for him and see him live up to his name (the prince of asia) not (the princess of asia) nevertheless he’s the one that introuded korea to me and I became intressted in the kpop and kdramas because of him but these days he seems so full of him self and i think of giving up on him.

    • Anoo, I guess u have not known him yet as Sukkie has all the while been known for his fashion since years back.. in fact many eels before becoming eels think like u and some even hated him before but after getting to know more about him, they become his eels.. just like in China, I was in Baidusukbar and come across a long thread about how many becomes fans after they understand him better recently through the happy camp show just recently and his China fanclub and weibo fans shoot up to become the highest for Korean artist in a short while, now his weibo nearing 5 millions.. and it is not surprising for me as I have known many eels who feel like u before, just like the many fan account I read of how the fan become eel fans, some were even antis before as they described ^_^

    • ANOO, it might sound hard for you, but if you can’t really accept JKS himself, I can’t say any kind words to you… Sorry…

      Most artists are forced to make their outer side better by their agent, but as he revealed while appearing on Tetsuko’s room, he’s chosen to live by his own values. Generally it’s very rare for artists, so it’s natural you are confused. But I think we eels shouldn’t consider him as an idol. Of course, he tries to be World Prince, and tried to behave like a Prince. But at the same time, he also lives his own life, Jang Keun Suk life. We can’t blame him… But don’t get me wrong. He understands he’s unique and eels are often shocked about his way of living. He sometime describes that living as his eel is like a roller-coaster, shocked, happy, exciting… eventually addicted. Besides, he understands he can do and try anything freely because he’s in 20s. That means when he’s 30 years old or over, he thinks he’ll become more down-to-earth. He’s so mature and smart that we don’t have to worry too much about his future. And he promises us that he won’t do anything which hurt others. Just wearing weird clothes doesn’t hurt others physically at all… I know it might hurt some people mentally, but on the other hand, others might be happy to see it such as the designer. Anyway, about Actor Jang Keun Suk, he is well-known as a screen chameleon. He doesn’t hesitate to try new roles and he does succeed to perform well in each character. The same things happen in his real life. He doesn’t hesitate to dress differently in each occasion. He’s such a perfect figure that many designers (fashion brand) offer him to try some on. And he seems to enjoy dressing differently even if he never chooses them by himself in private. As you know, some goods are gifts from his eels (the hat, too). So it’s better not to judge him by appearance. But if it’s still very hard for you, I think it’s better for you to support him as a fan, not his eel. Just for information, in Japan he’s sometimes described as fashion terrorist. Like this, if you can accept his uniqueness and laugh, you’ll be one step closer to his eel. 🙂

    • I think you may not have followed his news all these years. He has always been know to have very unique fashion sense even when he wasn’t so famous. I am sure he knows what are the “safe” type of clothes, but that is not him. I am attracted by his character and his talent, so his fashion sense does not affect me at all. Some of his clothes, i love it, some i don’t.

      We can accept his unique fashion sense even if we don’t agree, because we know him. He has never been the “safe” type of artiste. I like him because he has many sides.

      In the past, if you read his blog, he is quite a sensitive person and loves to share very deep inner thoughts with fans. But he stops when being attacked by the media and his style of writing changes a lot now. He has a lot of sides to him, but now he is only sharing one side of him to the general public, a super confident person, one with unique fashion sense, a person with flaws, someone who loves to drink, loves to party, bossy Do S character etc….

      However, we all know that he is not someone who is all about play. He may seems to be full of himself, but all those who works with him praise him for being very humble. He seems to love to play but everyone knows he puts in great effort in his work. I like that he is very kind and nice to everyone too.

      What i love about him most is he truly loves his fans. Loving fans is not about words but actions. I have never seen artistes who truly enjoys being with fans like him. He will organize impromptu gathering by using twitter to ask fans to join him at the beach or join him to play tennis. I think we are one of the most fortunate fans in the world.

      For me, i love him because of his talent and his personality. His good looks is a bonus. His hair or style, that is the probably the last thing i care about.

      But i do understand not everyone feels this way.

      • Totally agree with you, Mindy… You said it all…
        Yeah… we are the most fortune fans in the world ^____^ He’s the most perfect idol that I’ve ever known… I really proud to become his fans… no doubt at all… He’s totally amazed me with his great talent and personality… He’s trully my inspiration…
        Maybe not everyone feels the way we are, but I think if people know him better, soon or later they will feel just the way we are…

  2. ANOO, i undertand you because i passed a period a year ago that i think the same thing as you but i dont giving up at him because i learned to love him, some times with thorns , but most of the time full of happy, so i give you a list of the things or charm that he has and you think about it and decide.

    1)He is excellent actor{the best of Korea for me}.
    2)He is a good singer, not better because he dont have singing training.
    3)He is amazing model{look all his photos on you tube}.
    4)He is very handson.
    5) He is awesome DJ{ H Team}
    6)He cooks.
    7)He is a good director{Budaphest diaries}
    8)His dramas, movies and shows worth to see it ,all.
    9) He is super smart{ read and see his interviews}
    10) He is a good MC.
    11)He is good car racer, won a prizes for that.
    12) His voice is very deep and manly when he talks.
    13)He care about his eels very well.
    14)He is a good son.
    15) He is a good boss{read the tweeters of his staff}
    16)He is a good friend{ all of his friends talks good about him and support him.
    17) He loves his country with all his life.
    18)He is rich.
    19) He is young.
    20) He is sexy.
    21)He gives money for people that dont have{ charity}
    22)He is very popular.
    23)He desing the stages of his concerts.
    24) He is a fashionista.
    25)He did a lot of commercials{CF}
    you want more?, i have, but i l give you other time, so think again , you will regret later, thank you.

    • Esther,
      Totally agree with you.. I must praise you for having made great effort to contribute such a list of what JKS really is to..us.. Personally, I understand that some fans may have doubts in him: his characters and personalities but..to me, he is simply a young multi talented good looking artist with extreme self confidence who can make me smile and LOL ..always.

    • i really dont know what to say..? coz..sist Esther dear…you’re totally RIGHT!!!!!!! :D..let me tell to you all (ordinary fans)..If you are an Eel so you’ll accepting our Prince JKS as the way he is..no matter what..and you’ll loving him so much, you’ll take care on him, you’ll always beside him when he feel so down, you’ll support him for anything he’ll do, you’ll praying for his good, you’ll love anything bout him..everything bout him..so on..and so on.. and so on..theres so much to say about his goodess 🙂 So..if you only ordinary fan..please..please..please..keep your mouth silent..n dont you ever say anything bad about Prince JKS..OK 🙂 and i love u sist Esther,QQeyes,tenshi akuma,Lulamz..nice to know you 🙂 FB me please 😀

  3. Ohhh Esther,,,enough!!!!!
    I’m truly madly deeply in lov w him,,,
    I don’t care what people sayyyyy,,,
    Gay or not,,,
    Plastic surgery or not,,
    Over confident,full of himself,whatever lah,,,
    I believe w him,,
    Love him tooooooooooooooo much!!
    I can say that he is good fashion icon,,
    Any clothes that he wears look really nice on him & he carries it confidently,,
    And this time he’s just want to be different & unique,,,
    Sorry everyone,,(jusssss my opinion)

    • MrSukkie90,

      Agree with you… I’m so lazy nowadays to respond to people who think that JKS is gay, JKS looks like a girl, JKS has a terrible fashion sense etc etc

      Do we decide not to love a person just because we “think” he is gay, looks like a girl?
      Ok, many think he looks like a girl, but that is a fact because he IS beautiful, and he can portray a beautiful look and also a manly look on screen and in pics depending on his hairstyle, clothes, pose etc. He is a chameleon in terms of image.

      Do we not love a person just because:
      – on a certain day, he wears certain clothes and so we don’t love him anymore?
      – he has a change of hairstyle i.e. long curly hair and so we don’t love him anymore?

      All these are sooooooo superficial….

      If Love is conditional i.e. I only love a certain person if s/he fulfills all my conditions, then that is not love.
      Eels love JKS for who he is. Full stop.
      We can also provide a long list of all his strengths, his character etc.

      So what if he’s gay (which he says he’s not, there’s evidence etc for those who bother to research about him and observe him but obviously some people have already made up their mind that he is gay, then why bother to ask), it does not affect our love for him.

  4. Well, i remember more things, cont.
    27) He loves animals{ Suny and EELS}
    28)He try difernt styles on his hair.
    29)He knows korean, english, japanese and soon chinesse.
    30)He is cute.
    31) He own 8 cars, 7 of them white, all expensives.
    32) He made people smile.
    33) He protect his girlfriends and female friends a lot { i saw 2 photos with his first girlfriend. i saw one video and four photos of his second girfriend,they are holding hands ,very close and looked very in love, so he likes womans. and look You are beautiful bts and and the fan meetings, notice how he was with PSH , very sweet and caring,for not said he likes her.}
    34)He had two buildings, one in Korea and one in Japan, so he is investing for his future.
    35)He is a good kisser, nooo he dont kiss me its what i saw in his dramas and movies.

  5. omg!! You guys i did’n know you’d be intressted that much seeing how important he is to you made me realize how important he is to me thank you for you advice and ESTHER C thank you so much for that beautiful list and i most defintaly will not give up on him.

  6. Yes ! Yes! Esther what you stated is on the above is true I totally agree to what you say it’s rarely hard to find someone like him these days . To us he is our Asia Prince -World Prince he is someone great we love and accept him as what he is “Never judge a book by its cover” … He is forever our great and loving JKS . Long live the Prince JKS !!!!

  7. Please give him a break … let him wear what he wants, let him tweet whosoever he wishes, let him dance whatever style he likes (manly, crazily, girly, Gangnam-ly LOL), let him eat/drink his favourite food/drinks, let him visit whatever country he wants in the world, etc. … last but not least, when the time finally comes, please let him marry the woman of HIS choice!! JKS, live your life only for yourself … genuine Eels believe in you and love you unconditionally.

  8. why people tries to change the person who they love. we love him. we don’t have a right to say him to do something. he should do what he wants. he has only one life.
    eels love him without condition.
    there is a big difference between a fan and eel.
    I love his heart, his acting, his singing, his voice. I believe eels love doesn’t directly related with his face. there are a lot of handsome man. however, no one is similar to him. he loves us as much as we love him.
    is there any celebrity who close his fans as much as sukkie.
    some people say that “he shouldn’t close so much.” why? why he have to be mysterious.
    also, there are a lot of gays who wear very manly… so this type of thinking is not right.
    Even if he is gay, what is the problem? being gay is not the end of the world.
    I don’t believe he is gay but even if he is; I really don’t care about his sexuality. because he will still have the same heart, same voice, same acting skill.

  9. I would like to share a series of vids .. so take time to view each of the vids that our thoughtful & talented eels from 38 countries (last count) who worked together to create these vids with work of Sukkie, words from Sukkie and how eels all over the world feel about Sukkie… all in this vids compiled by our eels (brother & sisters) from ECI to share with other eels..
    Let me start with the introduction… the rest will auto-play ^_^


  10. WOW, your inner thoughs about him are priceless,i m crying again. For the photos I search in google and there are one video that have two photos of him with a girl and when someone ask who is thi girl in the comments diferent persons said,this girl was his first girlfriend from New Zeland,so I believed.One photo of his second girlfriend I saw it here in a link that jksforever provided,the others tree photos I saw in colombian fan page on facebook in the part,jks with cameras, they dont said it was his girl friend but I compare the photos with the jks forever photo and the girl looks the same for me and they are holding hands , so I assume that it was his girlfriend,look at it and tell me , maybe im wrong and the video I dont know how to find it again,because my laptop is broke and I saved there,i have a new one,but they are in a basketball court sitting on the floor,holding hands,smiling and talking, she puts her head on his sholders and I saw his eyes shinning with love,its looks like the same girl to me,the second girlfriend. I dont understand what they said. I try to find it today,his hear was similar to the look he have in BAby and me,i read he broke up with her in the filming of the firsts episodes of yab,it must be her.

  11. All very well said. The greatest charm of Keun Suk is that he never tries to be beautiful, perfect, well built (read “muscled”) and looking good all of the time and everytime – almost like a mannequin or model of sorts. He is who he is, with all his strengths and weakness, good days and not so good days, perfectly handsome and totally wacky days but ALWAYS sincere and true to himself and his fans and pushing his professional skills beyond any boundaries in all aspects of his performances! It is that pure spirit that is very endearing, lovable and totally deserving of all the support that he gets from his fans – US .

  12. I did enjoy and really have fun reading all your comments to this topic of Asia Prince_JKS&Staff twitter.. The Prince himself might have read all these too.. Above all these comments and remarks reveal how true eels and fans feel and care for JKS..I myself, still think he deserves (be it on good or bad days as stated by Staying Up Late) all our supports now and in the future.. Glad to know all you guys here and thanks for sharing news and information on JKS..

  13. I remember more,cont.36) He likes sports.37) He likes music. 38) He likes movies a lot.39)He likes to study. 40)He edit videos very well.41) He likes to surf in the internet.42)He likes hats , like me.43)He was a radio dj too. 44) He have a deep look, glaze, I like his eyes. 45).He is very polite.

  14. Really??? can someone say gay to someone because of only a hat ?? whatever he is whatever he loves or dresses. There are only one point : you are a fan or not. No one have the right of saying such things. I am one of his fans and I appreciate his acting, singing, personalty etc. And he is there with his amazing skills. why some people can’t move on such meaningless things. I cant understand.

  15. OMG….I super love everyone’s comments here. Can’t agree more to some comments. I learned so much about different people’s values and opinions in life just by reading everyone’s thoughts and comments in this fanpage.

    Dear Anoo, I understand how you feel. It’s so true JKS does wear “girly” clothes sometimes. Many people see him MORE pretty than some girls, and wrongly assuming he is “gay”. What you see and what you heard from many people, that makes you confuse and doubting about JKS’ sexual orientation, isn’t it?! I never believe JKS is gay….because he said he is NOT and I trust him!!!

    If you care to know, here is my version of what my life is like being EEL……

    Since I become Sukkie’s eel, my eel life is like riding a roller-coaster. I have experienced all kinds of emotion, super fantastic high and happy, smiling, laughing, crying and sometimes crazy mad reading Sukke’s bad news, but no matter what he does, I can’t stop myself from loving and forgiving him. In my life, I never defend anyone as much as I have defended Sukkie, even for my family members. Honestly, not many people I know are fans of JKS…they often said not so kind words about him, but I don’t care about what they said (not anymore any way…kekeke)…because no matter what, I will still choose to be an EEL, will love and support him always. I will stand in my belief in my chosen STAR until the every bittersweet ending.

    If you ever wonder how loyal you are to your favorite star? If you can answer positively to any of the theoretical questions I listed below, then I believe you are a true loyal fan of a STAR.

    1. How far will you do things for your star?
    2. How long will you stay by your star’s side?
    3. Will your love fall and crush to the ground when your star has done something you don’t like here and there?
    4. Will you ever forgive the star or walk away with unforgiving heart because in your mind your star should never allow to make any mistake?
    5. Will you ever miss your star who is no longer sparkling and shinning in front of your eyes for a day, a week, a month, a year or two from now on?

    P.S. I still can’t believe I am this crazy fan-girl at my age!!! LOLLL… I have long given up in finding reasons NOT to love JKS….because I failed miserably. As one good ECI sisters posted a very simple meaningful quote from a cartoon, “You don’t spell love, you feel love.” That’s exactly how I feel toward my family, friends, and JKS, my chosen STAR.

  16. I’d like to add #46 on the list Esther started:

    46) JKS is absolutely and indisputably proud of his fans/eels. He knows that he has the best, most faithful and loyal fans/eels in the whole world. No other artist can boast about this being true.

    Regardless of what he does, says, or wears, we have stood, are standing, and will always stand by his side.
    All we ask is that he continues shining brightly doing what he loves and wants and that he continues living a happy life according to his own standards. Our only wish is that we are able to look at him and support him for as long as possible.

  17. I forgot something important, 46)He play instruments. Kailey, are we twins? because in your comment you describe my relation with Sukkie very well, i put it this way, he is the poison and the antidote at the same time. Its like marriage , you love your husband, you support him, but sometimes he did something wrong and you get mad at him, but you love him, so you forgive him, its like that. The question # 5 is very related to me, i told in other comment that i went to a resort for four days last week, but i dont write all the details, my assistant, the only person know about my Sukkie syndrome{adiction} told me, Esther,please leave JKS here,ok, ok, yeah right, the first thing i did when the fly attendand said you can use your electronic divice now is listened his songs in my ipod, then when i landed, i release a white car {he have white cars}, i did a check in and went to the retaurant for lunch and there was a asian man with a pony tail. I went to the pool and i think i was staying in the Hayatt hotel in Japan { i read he was in this hotel} , then i went to the beach, i think in the kiss scene in the old period of Love Rain.In the night i went to the show, i remember the clothes and i think that i was in the crishow 2 and when i went to sleep, i m in pain because i dont have internet to saw his news Good vacations eh, i enjoyed, but its not the same without him.

  18. Ups, Klay,Klay add # 46 when i was writing, so mine is#47, tree more and we got 50, go girls added more, we can make it my friends.

  19. Hi all,
    To add on to Esther’s list of JKS’s strengths,
    #48 : He loves kids ( from BTS of “Baby & me” we can observe how gentle and caring he was towards Mason). This shows the gentle side of JKS.

    I agree with the above comments that TRUE LOVE for someone shd be unconditional. So if we love and support JKS, then we shd accept both his good and bad points. At this stage in his life when he is still young, he can afford to sometimes look/ act / dress differently from the norm.

  20. LOL.. How I enjoy all your thoughts and comments here so much that I wish JKS ,himself, read all these too.. And love to know his response!
    Esther, mine is # 48 ,right ?
    He is exceptionally sincere, honest to himself as much as to the others..
    ( one may have to look up all news and information: interviews, twitters, articles etc.) back to when he first debuted.. to find this quality in him ) 🙂

  21. I have read some of the comments specially the first one, and i agree with the first comment, also find very obssesive that the rest of the people writing too many weird things. I use the same brand as him Jeremy Scott, also bought the same flower pants he has but I AM A ¡¡¡WOMAN¡¡¡¡ who told him he would pick up girl or fans with that outfit? to me seems like he wants to sell so many products for girls that keeps on wearing them but what´s next? tampax maybe, lol

    • Hi Porselovsky,

      No one needs to tell him what to wear – he has the right to decide.
      And since you disagree with JKS so much, you have the freedom to ignore him altogether.

      You may think that you are just expressing your own opinion, but you are in fact deriding and poking fun at an artiste whom you think should not wear girly clothes and to the point of insulting him by suggesting that he might as well “wear Tampax” next.

      So do you like to make fun of other people who are not conventional?
      Do you make fun of girls who act like tomboys?
      Do you make fun of transgenders?
      Do you make fun of gays because you may think they are not true men?
      Or do you just like to poke fun at JKS?

      I am WARNING you, that I will delete any future comments of yours if it contains the same rude message as the one above.
      I am only leaving your comment here so that people can see how rude you are.

      Most of our visitors to this website are decent and respect others. If you have to make fun of someone else, I suggest you do it elsewhere. We will all be happy if you decide to ignore this fansite too.
      You don’t have to comment; we don’t welcome rude comments.

      • Well said Ivy.

        Porselovsky, please show respect and we are welcome all the people who come to visit, but no personal attack allowed here.

    • Porselovsky, actually I’m more puzzled why you’re here to comment if you know this is a Jang Keun Suk fan site and the comments you made as though you are his anti-fan.
      If we don’t like artiste, I don’t think we even bother to take time to visit the fan site and make any comments.
      Note that like any fan site, we are open to all fans’ comment but we definitely don’t welcome anti-fans.

  22. I try not comment about this girl comments, but i can t , my hot blood runs fast in my body, if i dont write i explote, but dont worry girls i m calmed down first.Miss P.,{ I dont want use her name} first, you write in the wrong site, this is not the international site that the people talk bad things about JKS almost every day, this is Jangkeunsukforever-ECI blog and his owners work very hard every day to mantain us, a true eels informed about our favorite artist, our comments are weird for you, no for us, we truly love this man and defent him with nails and teeth, nobody had the right to critize us for that ,is our time, our love and our thoughts. I notice that you write the word woman with capital letters, sorry but dont fit you. A real WOMAN dont offended a man like that without strong proof,you piss off his dignity as a human ..A real WOMAN dont judge a person in terms of his sexual orientation only for the clothes. A real WOMAN dont hurt the feelings of a group of girls only for been a loyal fan{eel} . If he is gay, i m sure he is not, he dont have a right to act and sing and do all thhe things that we wrote in our list? He should be kill for that? No, even The Bible dont punish the person, punish his wrong acts, we never saw him commiting this acts, so his inocent until you prove that he is guilty, please be more careful when you write. God blesss you. thanks

  23. I recently became his eels about few months ago. I agree with other eels that we are NOT welcome anti-fans. This blog is for real eels, who loves him for who he is and we will love and support him no matter what. I’m glad to be a part of this group and I really enjoy real eels comments in this blog very much 🙂 Anti-fans, go away!!!!! You don’t belong here!!!!!!!!!

  24. Oh my dear lord, who is this woman (Ms. Porselovsky), coming in here, JKS’ fan-page, and writing such an unpleasant and undignified comment about him and his eels.

    Ms. P, your message does not make me feel angry or mad at all, if that was your intention for commenting here; I was surprised little because I had never experienced anyone, regular eels or just visitors in this website, making such a rude and degrading comment like your before. We had have some visitors who disagreed with our JKS actions and behavior before…….but those people wrote with good reasons why they don’t like him, and we all respected their opinions and point of views. Of course, we fully understand and expect you to have the RIGHT not to like him, and certainly, not expect all people who meet JKS to become his fans. But your opinion is just plain rude!!! If you want to voice your opinion about JKS or something, PLEASE write with good common sense next time.

    So here is what I got from reading your comment …..I feel so sorry for you and pity you, who is brave enough to express you hate and rude opinion about JKS here, and I was a little ignored on your hidden message ….you think that you are better (or more saint) than any other people visited and commented on this fan page. I don’t know who are you, where you come from, what’s your background in life…..and what make you think that you are not a weird person?

    The reason why I even bother to write a rebuttal comment to you is…..I just want you to know, we are crazy or not, weird or not; we have the right and freedom to like or love any STAR of our chosen; therefore, we can write and comment any weird and crazy things about him, and by doing so, we do not harm or hurt anyone’s feelings.

    Please kindly read the quotes listed below with open heart and mind, then you would understand the REAL meanings.

    “Heaven doesn’t make a man better than others, nor does it make a man worse than others,” and “Sincere heart is inter-connecting. There is no person more superior than others.” by Jang Keun Suk, a Korean actor.

    We love and support JKS for many good reasons………so please show respect to the Artiste of our chosen, to us as human being or to yourself when next time you want voice your precious opinion on someone, either in this blog or somewhere else.

    Thank you so very much for reading.

  25. I never get the chance to give my comments for the past 2 days due to busy schedule.

    JKS is a true- to himself kind of person. I may not like his sense of fashion sometimes, but that doesn’t make me hate his whole personality. What matters most is his true self. eels are so very fortunate to have a very lovable artist like him.

    I wish him to find the right girl.. The girl who has a broad sense of understanding beyond his imperfections, who will support his talents and achievements and most of all, who will also love his eels. 🙂

  26. I’m a tomboy kind of gal….uh anyone wanna kick my butt cuz of that ??? heheheheheeheh just kidding!!!!

    Jang Keun Suk <—-ya da best!
    never tired of watching/hearing/reading about you :-))

  27. I like JKS just the way he is… And happy that my friends here, we have helped contribute 50 good things/ list of qualification we love about him (actually I think we can add more 🙂 ) So I choose to just IGNORE any negative comments so they don’t exist at all …


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