10 thoughts on “[ENG-SUB] LoveRain_JPN_press con_20120725”

    • Zizy sis.. I’m laughing too as we are reading between the lines again! ^_^
      Kaori chan, really appreciate the Eng sub…

    • ha ha ha ha I think he meant the opposite 😀 They looked so cute together!!! Thanks for Eng sub. Can’t wait for Hey Hey Hey with Sub 😀

  1. oh finaly he wears a tie and a suit he looks realy hansome.and if you look close on his left hand you will see that he’s wearing the couple ring from love rain .i think he’s trying to impress yoona…but she did’t wear it ahh..too bad.

    • maybe because LR ring will not match on Yoona’s gold set of accessories that time.. But I just hope she also wore it.

  2. ahh they sure have good chemistry off-screen as well … she can’t help laughing and he can’t help teasing her LOL~!

  3. Like it.
    You know, It is BAD LUCK to open UMBRELLA indoor or in your house.
    ( English & Chinese belief)
    Better don’t do it next time unless its RAIN.
    Love you ALL.
    Thank you , Good Job!

  4. prince oppa sukki and princess yoona have very nice voices…i love their voices.
    oppa sukki is so romantic romantic…wearing ring couple!♥

  5. I love this conference…they look so close and very happy together.♥
    thanks thanks for upload video.
    tahks you very much.
    my oppa sukki is romantic, sweet and lovely whit Yoona…oooh!…sweet moments.
    great couple♥
    They should date in real life..they are so perfect!♥


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