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In the muggy days, Actor Jang holds an eel tightly to cheer eels up. You know eels give energy to Actor Jang Keun Suk?^^ Actor Jang and his eels, please be careful not to get tired because of the summer heat!
무더운 요즘, 장배우가 장어분들 힘내라고 장어를 꼭 쥐고 있네요. 배우 장근석의 힘은 장어분들인거 아시죠?^^ 더운 여름날 장배우와 장어분들 모두 더위 조심하세요!

Nya~♥ Eels! Bear up under the hot weather! Fighting!!!
ニャー♥ ウナギ!暑い夏、負けずにファイティング!!!

Did you eat eel dish?
tenshi_akuma’s note: In Japan today is “Doyo no Ushi” Day (Midsummer Day of the Ox). The nutritional value of eel is high. So it’s believed when you eat eel on that day, it helps to beat the summer heat.

Suni~ High five!
순이야~ 하이파이브!

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