16 thoughts on “[ENG-SUB] Tongyi ICU MV BTS Part 2”

  1. LOL…had so much fun with this vid…
    Sukkie and managers are so alike..they really are the brady bunch hahaha
    with their antics..and teasing each other; they really have chemistry together…Sukkie and his managers

  2. super hilarious 😀 our boy just can’t pass any given chance to torment Jayson kkkk
    thanks for subbing sis 🙂

  3. This showcases The Best of JKS’ witticism and brilliant timing. With a straight face, with rapid fire, he tosses out one-liners without batting an eyelash. You need to possess a very sharp intellect for this repartee. Is there any doubt why his Eels adore him?
    Konbae (Cheers) Your American Supporter in Boca Raton, Fl.

  4. Keun-Suk, I don’t know if you or a Tree-J staff member reads this blog, but if you do, please try to look at the Geico Auto Insurance commercials in the U.S.
    The star is a talking Pig, who drives a car, flies on planes. The police pull him over for a ticket, Pig asks is it because I’m a Pig whose driving? The police officer looks at him and says without smiling: Your tail light is out! You can probably check it out on You-Tube.
    See you in L.A. (Please give me a heads-up on performance dates so I can arrange flights and tickets)

  5. actually, this out of the topic but, just really curious, I watched love rain and I saw the good chemistry between yoonah and jks. I did not understand why they were not even nominated as best couple, just even for nomination?? just wondering…

    • Marie, let me analyse and make a guess of the reasonsand you see if it is logical…based on what I see in the past for best couple are nominated by fans…from previous best couple awarded.. fans from both sides gives their votes and if I’m not wrong, the voting comes with a fees for this round.. and if one side of the couple has more teens fans or the lady has more male fans.. the couple will have less chance to get nominated or awarded ^_^ I understand Jang Keun Suk is nominated for Excellent actor award (which is the highest award for actor after best actor award) for Love Rain.. but you may know also that there is a boycott by Korean eels as the whole process of voting with a fees may not be fair for any actor and also the overseas fans voting has been made difficult in recent years. Don’t worry.. I believe Sukkie’s Korean eels are one of the best fans I have seen.. just watch these vids of his past awards history you will understand… as one of the overseas eel, we will continue to support him along with the Korean eels.. I’m sure Sukkie will get the ultimate excellence actor award in near future when he continues to do his best in his acting ^_^

      • Also to share last year 2012 Baeksang festival – Most popular actor awards for movie “You’re My Pet”… we know that Sukkie rushed to the award ceremony venue to receive awards from the Love Rain filming site and almost got into accident as the filming site is not near (Sukkie mentioned this when he was interviewed later).. although he came during half-time, we can see many Korean eels supporting him with the Love Rain banner and umbrella…

      • Too bad that his nomination will not be materialized this time..
        For he really deserved it for his role in Love Rain..

        Maybe in the near future there will be good chance for all his eels worldwide to vote for him : )

        But he’s already crowned King in our hearts

  6. Thanks Ivy,you were fast,i love him wearin that yellow shirt,so shinning.The way he tease Jason was cute because he was serious when said that.

  7. JKS is so witty yet cute!
    I like the way he teased Jason.
    Between, Jason and Guusama and JKS are such good buddies and can accept all kinds of silly jokes. They have good chemistry.

  8. Wahahaha…the 2 managers are sooo hilarious and naughty…laughing so hard with their crazy antics and actions.

    O.O..Sukkie’s answers are…hmmmm…..only Sukkie can come up with out of the world answers like he did…….Priceless!!!! LOLLL

  9. Tongyi juice couple Suk and Min Young were so lovey-dovey on stage LOL … I thought they would interview her in Part 2 coz it’ll be great to know her thoughts about filming the MV with Suk.


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