10 thoughts on “[ENG-SUB] 2013.06.15 Naver Starcast date with DJ Jang Keun Suk”

  1. Thank you Rienne, Eileen, Sarah, Tracy, QQ MuiMui, Sally and Michelle for the translation and subbing. That’s alot of work
    I can enjoy it more when watching this broadcast

  2. Thank you for the team effort. Because of you I could savour the Prince sweetness and mischief very well. All the best.

  3. Thank you Thank you to all Translators and Sub-Teams for your devotion and hard work!!!

    I didn’t understand a word he said when I watched this Show before….but I enjoyed watching his reactions and quick wits in responsing to certain topics or questions.

    Now I understand what he said, which make me love him more. I super proud of him when he explained the difference between “Confidence and Arrogant”. My heart also went out for him when he said he didn’t care, even people see him as arrogant from “head to toe. He would still continue to live the life the way he wants. ZiKzin…!!!

    I super love his sincere talks after talking with the male-eel on phone. I can see he is happy talking to male fans who like him the way he is, “like his style”…loll *laughing soo hard when Sukkie acts out the JKS’unique style*

    My other favorite part is when Sukkie gave advice to a man who doesn’t have courage to say he still loves his EX-girlfriend. Never say “that person” as refer to a girl you love…LOLL. And then my heart just dances deung..doomg..deung…when Sukkie said “that person” is a woman, my woman, my eel. awww….soo sweet!!!

  4. Thank you, guys, for translating and sharing this with us. You are the bestest!!!

    We all appreciate it very much and know how much hard work it’s been for you.

    Thanx, again 🙂


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