[Beautiful Man] 20 Questionnaires about JKS’s Drama “Bel Ami”

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Springsuk_USA: I can’t believe this drama is over!!!
“Beautiful Man” (Bel Ami) on KBS have finished showing. Here are some quizzes for you to answer as a review to the drama. Please write your answer to the questions in the comment, you can choose whatever the question you like to answer as long as you indicate number (#) of the question with your answer. If you want add some question yourself you are also welcome.

1. Total 16 episodes, which episode is your favorite and why? (you can list your tops 3)
2. Which scene is your favorite and why? (you can list your top 3)
3. Which scene is the funniest? (you can list your top 3)
4. The 10 women that was touched in heart by Mate, who is your favorite and who is your least favorite?
5. Which lesson Mate learnt in life through 10 women that you think is most applicable?
6. If you’re BoTong, you think you will choose Mate or David?
7. Which hairstyle you like most from Mate, you can use episode to indicate? (you can list your top 3)
8. Which outfit of Mate you like most? (you can list your top 5)
9. Which scene makes you cry the most? (you can list your top 3)
10. Which scene is most surprise to you?
11. Do you think 16 episodes is enough for this drama?
12. What’s your thought about the ending of the drama?
13. How do you rate JKS’s acting in this drama? (use number 1 to 10 to rate)
14. What difference that Dokgo Mate with the other roles that JKS has played before?
15. If you’re the PD of the drama, which part you want to do it differently in the drama?
16. Are you satisfied with kiss scene in the drama?
17. Which is the most romantic scene in the drama according to you? (you can list your top 3 if you like)
18. Which line of Dokgo Mate you like most? (you can list your top 3)
19. Which facial expression or move from Dokgo Mate you remember most?
20. Is “Beautiful Man (Bel Ami)” your most favorite JKS drama? (you can list your top 5 JKS drama)

Here are some the highlights of the drama:

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  1. my favorite episode is where dokgo mate took off davids sticker off is car and the alarm went off that was so cute seeing him run off like that, and of course the end was my most fave seeing him finally kiss bo tong!… my top three fave scenes are the one he rins away from alarm lol, then when he was ice skating with bo tong and of course the end where he thought bo tong swallowed the ring! funniest scene is when dokgo gets jeloues , every scene he gets jeloues is soooo cute! the lesson I think he learned that was most memorable is his button 🙂 where he leanrs bo tong is his button :)ahhhh if I were bo tong id choose mate for sure!!! fave hairstyle is when he first got it cut sooooo cute!! I liked all his outfits sooo stylish mate is :)the scene that make me cry most is where mate confronts his mom near the last episode, that broke my heart, the most surprising scene is where he buys the ring for bo tong!! ahhh 🙂 noooooo we need more than 16!! I want more 🙁 the ending was very good, though I didn’t want it too end 🙁 I rate jks 10000000000 FOR HIS ACTING, he did wonderful in this drama very different I loved it! the difference from all he has played , this charcter is very different, he is more mature in this one and can tell how hard he put his all in this one, he has before but something was different about this time :)if I were the pd of the drama I would of made it last longer lol to see how bo tong and mate relationship unfolds :)kiss scece I would of loved to see a more passionate kiss but I respect our jks of it wasn’t something he wanted to do, I respect him for that, either way I am happy he kissed her 🙂 most romantic scene where he painted her toes! sooo cute!my fave line hmm, I loved every line when he spoke to bo tong besides the one where he pushed away that brought me to tears 🙁 my fave expression when she told him she swolled the food and he thought she swallowed the ring 🙂 my fave jks drama, beautiful man number 1, love rain 2, your beautiful those are my faves 🙂

  2. Question #12 – I loved the ending of this drama! All 15 episodes led up to a natural conclusion. Mate’s birth mother especially. She was portrayed as a mean ruthless person who crushed those who got in her way but we know her family betrayed her when she needed them most and also by Mate’s father who abandoned her. I understand her pain and why she would not let herself be vulnerable when her husband turned out to be faithless as well. Her work was her consolation and the only area in her life she could control. Mate helped her and her dying husband to have good closure through his act of love which finally broke down her walls.
    David meeting the hitchhiker was like heaven’s gift after giving his all in a one sided love to Bo Tong. Many felt bad for him because he was such a likeable guy and seemed to be a good match for her from the start.
    Yoo Ra’s story seemed a little disjointed when she left just as she seemed to reach her goal but in a way understandable. She had to get her heart in the right place after becoming almost as ruthless as her mother-in-law in her journey to set things right.
    For Mate and Bo Tong, their sweet journey had a beautiful ending/beginning. My only criticism is Bo Tong should have kissed Mate back. This was her soul mate, the only one she had eyes for for half her life! Dramas don’t need to have hot passion but there needs to a little heat when they finally come together! Otherwise all the emotions put in the tears and trials seem disproportionate to the emotions of happy love.

    I really appreciate this work by actor Jang. Again like YAB, he shows JKS in the character’s development and progression much like his own in the face of adversity. Unfortunately the marketing of this drama led people to think the main character was seducing these women and that he was shallow and vain, instead of the remarkable journey of growth and his appreciation for each woman and her unique talent that ultimately makes him such a Beautiful Man inside as well.

  3. thanks eels for this questionnaire ^^
    and here is my answers 😀
    1- ok i think it’s a hard to choose even 3 eps. i just love this drama so so so much ♥ but i think i will choose 4, 6 & 15 ^^. i enjoyed them so much
    2- my favorites scene is, where he eats with the electric fairy & her parents, he was just so adorable and cute. but he broke my heart into pieces when he rememebered his mother food while eating. aww. so touching, i alomst cried 😛
    also when he promise botong that if their sales increased, he would reward her by letting her take 10 pics of him i really liked his positions ^^
    my 3rd one will be in ep 15.. aigoo 🙁 when he cried. aiyooo his shaken chin 🙁 his acting really touches my heart and made me shed tears 😛
    3- the funniest scenes when he thought that the ajushi is a gay 😀 kkkk i laughed my head off also that scene in ep 10 when he had a meal with botong and as a punishment he ran and she had to pay for the meal kkkk.
    also when he was having a dinner with kwi ji, when she was about to set, he pull the chair,kkkk he was so mean but i had a good laugh 😀
    i want to add another one 😛 can i ? lol, when was trying to remove the sticker that says ” there is a baby in the car” on david choi’s car. kkkkk the moment when the car makes noises and he run off i just died ! kkk
    4- my favorite would be for sure botong 🙂 and my least hmmmm. i think the 3th one, kim in joong
    5- can i say all the lessons ? 😀 honestly all the lessons that mate learnt is very applicable. but i will choose myo mi’s lesson cuz we have to do everything in its time
    6-a hard question and im not a girl kkk but i will answer ^^ … maybe if mate didn’t make any steps further i will choose david. cuz i want someone who only look at me and love me so much.
    7- it’s so hard to choose 3 hairstyles :D. i uploaded my favorites one 🙂
    the first one would be this for sure 🙂 i liked it so much ^^
    the second : http://im33.gulfup.com/mvwly.jpg
    he was look so handsome.
    and the 3rd one is this : http://im33.gulfup.com/lIdkU.jpg
    jinja yebbuni ^^
    btw, most of the viewers disliked his noodle-like hairstayle 😀 but i really loved it so it’s will be my 4th one . sorry i was supposed to choose 3 but i cant kkkk
    8- this one is exetremly hard to choose. his outfits has impressed me. i loved them so much i think im gonna choose all 😀 ^^
    anyway my list is
    the first : without thinking. this one ^^ :http://im37.gulfup.com/49s7C.jpg JUST SO SO SO amazing ! ^^
    the second : http://im37.gulfup.com/6cnOv.jpg . he was looks so gorgeous in this one. i love the color
    the third : http://im37.gulfup.com/ywsVZ.jpg our mate was so looks so pure and incconet in this outfit ^^ dunno why! but he was so pure 😀
    the 4th: http://im37.gulfup.com/CF9oZ.jpg so gentle ! and manly 🙂
    the 5th: http://im37.gulfup.com/Y6mGr.jpg loved this one too :). actually i love prince J in red. he looks so amazing in this color
    9: aiyooo every crying scene Prince J did ! :'(
    but the one that i really couldnt .really… really !! hold back my tears. his crying scene in ep15 ! that shaken chin 🙁
    also in ep1 when he cries out of sorrow when his mom passed away !:(
    even my mom whos not a fan of JKS even k’drama cried and she said he is a genius. his acting skill is impressed me her even thinks that his real mom was died cuz it was so real crying as if his mom (jks’s mom) is really died!
    the 3rd one would be the scene in ep14 when he went to his mom’s grave ( does it called a grave ? 😀 ) :(. uri mate made us laughs & cry in this drama 🙁
    10- when he was carrying botong on he his shoulder. lol i didn’t think that our prince is that strong 😀 .
    11- hellllllllll no 😛 i want more 🙁
    12- if u r referring to the kiss. well, most of female eels were looking for a hot but romantice kiss
    that wasnt at all what they wanted. but to me i liked it 🙂 it was so cute and adorable
    actually i liked it when he start over without any help ! ^^
    he learnt everything so he Starts from scratch again with a confidence that he will sure success without any help ! ^^
    13- believe me even a million wont be enough ! he totally impressed me ♥
    14-i used to like maygul’s character but this one is about to takes the top 1 😀
    sukkie believes in this drama & in mate that’s why he was waiting for a 8 months for this drama and he refused all the offers. honestly speaking, i was worried ! yes i was. i thought it wouldnt be great and most of people wont watch it . but now i regret ! for not believeing in our prince choice :(. this drama is not ordinary at all ! though the law ratings but our prince didnt care at all and he keeps filming with a determination. cuz he believes in his choices ! he have the confidence ! 🙂 and look now ! oversea fans are totally into this drama ! ^^ so the drama & mate character is not ordinary ! it was totally diffrent, that doesnt mean jks’s previous characters was ordinary but this one is so so so diffrent !
    15- the PW. though i thought at the end he will found that the PW is not existed.
    16- kkk yes. it was very cute ^^
    17- in ep 5. the eskimo kiss (nose kiss) ! ^^ also in ep15 when he was painting her toes and ep 14 the skating scene 🙂
    18- of course mine would be ” am i that beautiful ?” kkkk yes u r 😀 the second one is ” if you watch the TV for 10 years, you will not see a good looking man like me” that was in ep 10 😀
    kkkk he is so confident just like prince J ^^, the 3rd” be aware of men. cuz they are a dangerous animals ” 😀
    19- kkkkk this one : http://im32.gulfup.com/RdjqT.jpg 😀
    20: so far my favorites jks’s drama is
    1-Marry me mary
    2-Beautiful man
    3-Love rain
    4-hong gil dong
    5-You are Beautiful

  4. #1 ep 14-15-16 because we see all the lessons learn coming together when the story really got a twist..such powerful acting from Sukkie but also IU and David..
    #2 Fairy kiss…so tantalising; demand of SS homeshopping…so undaunted and cool; skatingscene…so pure and fresh like the spring..
    #3 the legs, the beauty mask, the sticker and kicking car…but there are so many..policewoman..all the teasing of David..the louise junior scene..the aigoo scene with whi yi…
    #4 Mother…most and least favorite but the impact is undenialable..Jackhae for she taught him his first lesson; he was like a baby then..a very important one for money is a living thing but money does not equals love..and the fairy..because Mate became her button he got to learn her lesson..least fav is Mother; Yura and the networkqueen..
    #5 Money is a living thing…need to respect it and handle well; everybody has there backing..; justice
    #6 Mate of course…for he’s the one that always had been occupying her heart; he is the air she breaths…who wants to marry their copy anyway…
    #7 Openingscene…long hair..he was yummy hmmmm; his meeting up in the restaurant with the networkqueen…o wow when he appeared behind the newspaper…; and his hair swept to the back..esp with the glasses..
    #8 I liked all of them..but I think I love him in all dark suits the most; all the tailored coats…esp the green one while skating; the openingscene…so decadent…esp the shoes which I love
    #9 O my I guess I cried for episodes but certaintly the scenes with his mother and Bo Tong..
    #10 surprise? Well I was expecting fab acting but I was surprised with the whole of BM for Sukkies acting is beyond my high expectations…and the storyline…sooo interesting
    #11 NOOOOOOOOOOO 16 not enough…they could have made it at least 18
    #12 They could have elaborated a bit more for we witnessed the finale of a love from 10+ yrs come to a boiling point…
    #13 If I had an award for best acting or an excellent award to give I would have give it immediately no need to wait for a year because this is it!!! (my opinion..he puts some actors who got an award to shame)
    #14 The difference is Sukkie got to play 11 roles in just 16 episodes…with every woman he was different and then he had to be Mate for 16 ep…what an emotional journey for JKS; in between he had his concerts and still able to focus on all those roles..DAEBAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    #15 The ending part ofcourse…a bit of more kissing and a bit more of hugging…and maybe a wedding and see both of them having their own little happy family…a compleet one!!!
    #16 It was really sweet and appropriate in this drama; BT had been a fool for the passed 10 yrs and now since she is now MT’s button he gets to be the “fool” in love… In all 16 episodes there was no elaborate kissing and hugging…the most suggestive scenes were with Jackhae but that was because of the role he was projecting…that of playboy; but of course our eel’s heart wants more LOL
    #17 the fairy kissing, the nailpainting and the skating
    #19 hahaha…the socksking impression; the beautymask; the eating and speakingscene when he discovered he scolded the wrong person..I don’t want to remember the pained expressions from Mate…there where to many
    #20 yes…BM, LR, MMM,YAB,BV

    I think my head and heart is still in a turmoil…so not able to think straight yet..have to watch it for the n* time…for it to really sink in..
    Thanks to all eels who made it possible for us to understand and enjoy this drama more by providing all news and links en recaps…

  5. #1. Ep.14 – this must be everyone’s favorite, when DokGo MaTe realized he loves BoTong. I love his line “이젠, 내가 갈게”.

    #2. The skating scene — it was sweet and his song was played too. It was like 드디어!!!
    The scene where he apologized for being born to Na Hong Ran — it was so touching.

    #3. The scene where he’s putting a face mask on and talking on the phone..

    #4. My favorite was BoTong of course, she stayed by her love until the end through ups and downs
    My least favorite was none really, each of them played important parts that shaped MaTe’s character too.

    #5. Understanding money and not being controlled by it, having deep interest with your connections, building one’s last impression, and unconditional love.

    #6. MaTe!! Because I understand him and that he needs love.

    #7. He can carry any hairstyle with confidence and charm. Though I like him with longer hair. But i also like his last hairstyle.

    #8. With tie and black coat, he looks cool, neat, and serious 🙂
    I also like the one where he wore gray shorter pants with the socks. 🙂

    #9. The hospital scene, when he held himself back from putting the ring on BoTong’s finger.
    The scene where he apologized for being born to Na Hong Ran.
    The funeral scene.
    — I rarely cry watching tv dramas but these scenes made me cry. It only shows how effective JKS’ acting is.

    #10. When it was revealed that MaTe is Na Hong Ran’s son.. I guess i was really expecting him to be the son of Chairman..

    #11. Nooo! It should have been a longer drama.. The last few episodes looks like they were shortened to fit in eventhough they were able to deliver it smoothly.

    #12. It was a really nice ending, everybody was happy. MaTe changed their hearts and in return MaTe also found happiness.

    %13. 100! Not because I’m bias. His acting showed his years of experience, they were all poured into this drama. No one could have pulled off MaTe better than JKS did. From the most subtle facial expression to the deepest emotions, he gave it all — it pulled the viewers and made them feel how MaTe is feeling. Dokgo Ma Te is truly JKS’ masterpiece.

    #14. MaTe has to adapt his image and behavior with each woman or person he meets in the drama. JKS showed extreme versatility as an actor. Also, though he knows the rating is not well, he did not get discouraged – it motivated him to keep on showing his best for each episode. It’s evident on how well the drama turned-out as a success.

    #15. Hmmm.. Though BM is unique in its own way, there are parts of the drama that still followed the Korean drama culture. Which is the antagonist has all the power and no one can stop his/her evilness.. Which I always think as too far-fetched.. 🙂

    #16. Yes, though a bit conservative it was a sweet and pure scene. It only shows respect on MaTe’s part for BoTong.

    #17. The skating scene of MaTe and BoTong
    The scene where David sang his song for BoTong
    These scenes gave my heart premature ventricular contraction.. Hahaha!

    #18. “일이니” expressions
    “이젠 내가 갈게” from the skating scene
    “맛지??!” on the phone with BoTong

    #19. Whenever he smirks at David as he competes for BoTong’s attention. He’s a pro at that! 🙂
    His grieved expression from the scene when Na Hong Ran told him he’s her son.
    When he first looked at BoTong with affection..

    #20. 예쁜 남자
    매리는 외박중
    나는 펫

    [예쁜 남자]의 성공을 축하합니다! 그것은 참으로 아름답게 만든 드라마입니다! 내가 본 것 중 최고의 드라마 중 하나!

  6. #1: can’t choose i love each and every episode
    #2: when he told Botong not to leave him till he knows what love is
    #3: the car scene with Louis jr.,under the rain waiting for Electric Fairy and all the scenes he’s gobbling up food kkkk
    #4: i love Jaek Hee most and hated the “connection lady”
    #5: saying sorry..
    #6: Mate of course coz she loved him for a long time….
    #7: episodes 1 (long hair) 9 and 15-16
    #9: when Mate’s mother died, when he told Botong to get out of his life and the scene with his real mother
    #10: when it turned out that her mother is Na Hong Ran
    #11: NO! not enough,i want more!!!
    #12: im quite satisfied with the ending…
    #13: mark 10 for his acting
    #16: yes! with how the story goes their simple kiss is only appropriate
    #17: when he bought the dress Botong liked,the hug scene at the ice rink and when he painted all her toenails
    #18: Yi Li Ni? and for some reason whenever he says “jamkkanman” (wait) my heart flutters kkkk
    #19: his smiling face that will forever be etched in my mind and expression he made when he saw the eggs Botong cooked for him
    #20: Bel Ami,Love Rain,MMM,BV and YAB

    i missed Bel Ami,so i started to rewatching it again…

  7. # 1 My favourite episodes are: 14, 15 and 16. 14 when he found his love, i.e. Kim Botong, 15 because it’s heartbreaking and 16 when finally everything came into a good end.

    #2 My favourite scene is MaTe and Na Hong Ran’s ‘reconciliation’ scene in Episode 16. Even when I think about it, I cry. We can also see how brilliant JKS delivered such an emotional acting in this scene

    #3 The funniest scene for me is the meeting with the president of the Four Limb Sock Company. MaTe was so hilarious with that short pant

    #4 My most favourite will be Na Hong Ran. Indeed… the world’s strongest woman: mother. The second favourite is Jaek Hee because she is so naive and funny. My least favourite is Kim In Joong. People like her is really scary. Na Hong Ran might be evil, but she is openly evil. Kim In Joong pretended to be nice but she can be really evil when she doesn’t get what she wants.

    #5 I think almost all lessons are applicable and important. I can’t really choose which one is the most important

    #6 David is a sweetheart, but I’ll go for MaTe. I’ll always go for the person I love.

    #7 I am a huge fan of his nerdy look (the one he had when he met the Prosecutor Lee Kim). He looks so smart, mature and of course, super handsome with that neat hairstyle and spectacles.

    #8 I like him wearing shirts and suits… he looks so handsome and neat

    #9 Of course the scene with Na Hong Ran (Ep 16), then the hospital scene (Ep 15) and when Botong ran to see him in his apartment and told him she couldn’t live without him (Ep 16)

    #10 the most surprising scene was when I found out that Botong was the password

    #11 I think a couple more episodes will do justice to the storyline development

    #12 Overall I am satisfied with the ending of the drama. All ends well. I’d love to see more actually, but this way is not disappointing either

    #13 I never doubt JKS’ acting skills… If only I could, I would give him an acting excellence award he deserves! 10 out of 10, it is.

    #14 Dokgo MaTe is the most ‘complicated’ role that JKS has played so far. A multilayered character that has to show the personality development all throughout the drama while staying true to some of his principles, it is. Those who claim that this is just another ‘flower boy’ character really don’t understand the essence of this drama.

    #15 It’s a difficult question to answer… I would certainly give some more time for the story to develop optimally if I were the PD.

    #16 Kiss scene? It could’ve been better, of course, not the steamy one like JKS’ previous drama, but maybe a bit more intimacy. I like this kiss, though, it looks warm and sweet and I love how both smile on this scene.

    #17 Skating rink scene, of course, and the final scene

    #18 Besides the famous ‘yi li ni’, I like the line he said to Kim In Joong: “You shouldn’t torture others simply because you’re lonely”

    #19 His dorky expressions and also his sad expressions

    #20 My top 5 JKS Drama: 1. Bel Ami/ Beautiful Man; 2) Love Rain; 3) Beethoven Virus; 4) Hwang Jin Yi; 5) You Are Beautiful

  8. First of all thank you for this page for us eels to share our faves! omo still can’t get enough of re-runs 🙂
    here goes my list!

    1. FAVE Episode/s
    Top 3 – Ep1 because it already had all the elements to keep one hooked- the characters were described well, acting was already superb, and the story already intrigued you; Top2 – Ep14 because who would not love the Skating Rink scene?; Top1 – Ep15 because it was jam-packed with so many element- Sukkie’s modelling, showing love, feeling anger and losing hope

    2. FAVE Scene/s
    Top 3 – Mate kneeling with picture frame! my heart was never the same after this! ; Top 2 – Tie between Mate entering the bus! how could an angel be riding the bus?! ^^ and Eskimo kiss with electric fairy – it took me a while to recover from this scene; Top 1 – Mate forgiving NHR – so raw and pure and deserving of an award for both actors

    3. FUNNIEST Scene/s
    Top 3 – An angel devouring Kalbi! ; Top 2 – Mate giving Botong the prize of taking his pictures!! ; Top 1- Mate with gross hand massage!! hohoho his face!

    4. Fave Lady to conquer
    Jackhae!! i miss her huhuhu! I feel that Sukkie learned the most from her. I have no least fave Lady though – everyone played important roles

    5. Most applicable lesson
    Tie betwen “money is a living thing” and “connections are people who share a common interest”

    6. MaTe/David
    MaTe without a doubt- when you love someone you just do without reason ^^

    Hair with Myomi- omo Vampire Suk!!! love love love! ❤

    When Mate accepted Jackhae’s proposal – there was a certain cuteness behind his polished look!
    And of course all parts when Sukkie was in red ^^

    I am listing 3 aside from the award- winning Mother scenes! hohoho one can tell I cried a lot in this drama! ^^
    Top 3 – Mate told Botong that he is getting married; Top 2 – Mate lifeless upon finding out that he is not his mother’s son ; Top 1- Mate with engagement ring and realizing he had to give up Botong!!! I cried a bucket here!

    10. SURPRISING Moment
    When Sukkie went to Botong instead of to MyoMi after their own confessions! This totally caught me off-guard that he will confront her! Love has begun! ^^

    11. Is 16 enough
    SO NOT ENOUGH!! at least 2 more episodes could have given a cleaner and less-rushed ending!

    12. Thoughts on the Ending
    They did their best with the time left for the drama. Hats off to everyone!

    13. RATING JKS
    Undeniably a 100! because even just the eyes are already a 10! ^^

    14. DIFFERENCE in Sukkie’s acting
    The complexity of the roles required swift shifting of emotions and Sukkie did not fall short of performance in each scene! Also one can tell his acting has truly matured with this drama!

    I would add some personal growth on Botong too, seemed like everyone became better people in the drama except for Botong who just got better at expressing her love for our Mate. She did not even at least finish learning to play the guitar.

    16. KISS SCENE Comment
    It wasn’t like any kiss that would come from peely Botong at all! kkk! but still sweet though ❤

    17. MOST ROMANTIC Moments
    Top 3 – Eskimo Kiss!!! one with me please Sukkie? ^^ ; Top 2 – Sukkie carrying Botong over his shoulder!!! ; Top 1 – Skating rink realization of love and hug!!! super heart-melt ^^ ❤

    18. MATE Lines
    Top 3 – “Am I really that beautiful?”; Top 2 – “Ain’t I just crazy?”; Top 1 – Yi li ni!!!

    19. MATE Expressions/Movements
    Top 3 – Mate wearing coat! – so dashing! ; Top 2 – Mate eating home-cooked meals; Top 1 – When Mate posed for the electric fairy!!! heart-attack! ❤

    20. TOP 3 Dramas (sorry I know I have to watch everything else still, just newb eel ^^)
    Top 3 – You’re Beautiful; Top 2 – Love Rain; Top 1 – Beautiful Man
    *Note – I wish he makes more short films like Budapest Diary!

    Thank you!

  9. This was first drama I followed along as viewers in Korea did – instead of once it was completed. My week won’t be the same without Bel Ami. Sorry, wiping aways tears. Hard to type. I’ll have to do this later. Please understand and wait a bit. Thank you for this, really.

    • Me too as I’m still watching Bel Ami on TV [KBSWorld] last 4 episodes, can’t resist reading the comments above…spoilers for me hahaha

  10. #1 Ep 14, 15, 16.
    #2 the scene when Mate walks alone on the road after MG’s party. The scene when he monologized “I finally figure out what love is” and David monologized “I know this is a love I need to set it free”. And …of course the skating scene.
    #3 the fake legs on his face…the scene when he gets a new car…, and Botong takes tomato ketchup to him…
    #4 I like: mother, whose love and hate is powerful that can influence a child’s life. And Yeo Min, another abandoned child, plays a parallel to Mate. Justice, which teaches Mate a correct attitude toward life.
    #5 All lessons are important and connected for Mate’s growth and recovery, but I will choose caring (button), confession (Kim R J) and true confidence (Mu mi) as the most 3 important ones.
    #6 Mate, I will definitely go for one I love.
    #7 &8 I love all!
    #9 the scene Mate visited his birth mother, expressed his feelings, he also reconciles his pain.
    #10 the passcode is Kim Botong!
    #12 This is an outstanding K drama, why do Koreans dislike it? A man who grows to become a true man with determination, confidence, ability to love, just, and wise.
    #13 10 for sure!
    #14 Hmmm..this is a BIG question. Every roles are different. I totally don’t agree that ppl think JKS always choose similar roles. In fact, all roles are challenging but JKS can differentiate and act terrifically good!
    #15 good enough.
    #16 the light kiss is OK for me.
    #17 skating, hugs and kiss.
    #18 ” I want Botong stay by my side…she is my button, but I don’t want to control my heart.” He has really learned what love is.
    1.YAB (I guess this will never change)
    5.Baby and me

  11. 1-2, 4: Like them all, can’t choose at all.
    3. Hand lotion scene, I LMAOed.
    5. All of them except for the mysterious lady (sorry forgot her name). We get that she was not into the “position” as the chairman’s wife, she just wanted to protect her husband and daughter and therefore she engaged in all those conspiracy. But if she really loves him and their daughter she should have accepted the proposal to marry to same guy again. Perhaps she is scared of NHR?
    6. Ma-Te (sound and loud!)
    7. I like his hair in the ice-skating rink scene the most, it makes him looks so young and refreshing. My second best hairdo will be the one when he met the prosecutor. My third most preferred hair will be the one when he asked Jackhee “am I that beautiful?”
    8. The outfit he wore in the ice-skating rink scene. So dashing.
    9. When his step-mum died, when he broke up with Butong, when NHR threatened him with Butong and when he apologized to his biological mum. And all other scenes in which he cried.
    10. When I found out that Mate is NHR’s son but not the chairman’s.
    11. Definitely not, better to have a 30-episode drama instead~
    12. There were some people wondering how come a ruthless mum like NHR forgave Mate when he apologized about coming into existence. It made sense because she might not have realized that she was not mad at Mate himself, she just could not get over the fact that both her best friend and bf betrayed her and therefore channeled her anger to Mate, who underscored her failure. BuTong’s mum did an eloquent explanation on how a mum would not really be mad at one’s children. But if there were more time allocated between Mate vis-à-vis NHR it will be great.
    13. 100000
    14. Mate is so much more difficult to play – look the most obvious thing is he has to interact with 10 women, who are so different in personality and are from different walks of lives. And in order for him to successfully win their hearts, he has to come up with so many different strategies and portray different characters. Further, Mate was abandoned by his own biological mum and therefore BM has so much more depth than just a lead character of a romantic comedy. It is impossible to play Mate just by acting cool and cartoony. I am fairly impressed with this assiduous actor, you can see he put in a lot of effort in thinking the role and to avoid having the same facial expression again and again, there are also a lot of gestures or facial expression that I have never seen before (just giving two easy examples here: he banged his head against the column and stumped his foot when NHR called her in the hospital to show that he is frustrated that he can do nothing to protect Butong; he had Eskimo kiss with the Electric fairy)
    15. I love the plot, but sometimes there is not enough time to build up the characters and elucidate the story development better. I understand they have to reduce a manhwa into a 16-episode drama, and there are a LOT going on. I am already impressed with the excellent story plot, especially in the sense that I have never come across any story like this before. Perhaps it will be better to lengthen it, or split it into two parts. MORE importantly, they should star more well-known actresses/actors and not letting JKS to shoulder the burden. You know what I am talking about if you have watched the other drama which was aired in the similar time slot. The ingenious marketing strategy they deployed is they employed a lot of famous actors and actresses (be it a 5 second exposure ), so different fanbase was drawn to watch it (even though some of them told me they were only watching it to support the artistes they fancy. The promotional campaign should be done on a vaster scale and ample time should be reserved for this purpose.
    16. It’s properly done. But if you have watched LR then you will be expecting more. Still, it was nice and sweet.
    17.The final scene in which Botong and Mate finally got some rabu-rabu thingy going on~ pedicure scene, ice-skating rink scene, and when he was with Myomi in the greenhouse
    18. Elini! I will come to you! Also the lines he said when Jackhee chose $ over him.
    19. Satisfied, contented, happy, sad, confused, cartoony, winsome… you name it there is just too much to choose from as JKS is an assiduous actor
    20. BM is my favourite so far (I think I have watched almost all of his more recent drama/movies)

  12. It so sad that Bel Ami is over. 🙁 I enjoyed every episode.

    1. My fovorite episode er no. 1 becouse jeg was så happy when I find out that I could watch it online. I think I have seen it 3 times in a short time.

    2. Ending sceen is my favorite, so cute and funny.
    I love the sceen when Mate says that he loves Botong, and right after that it was a lie. No.3 must be Mate and Botong on skates when he is saing: “I will come to you from now one.” ♥

    3.The funniest sceen is when Mate is sick, and Botong feeds him. JKS is such a good actor. But I like him most when he is funny.

    4. Botong is my favorit because he tought Mate what love is.♥
    I don´t like Kim In Joong. She really wanted to use and hurt him.

    5.All of them were important for Mate to grow and to be a better mann.

    6. Mate of course. ♥ (What kind of question is that? She couldn´t possibly choose someone else when JKS plays Mate. :))

    7.Long hair , episodes 1, 2 and 3. is my favorite. Jks is handsom with short hair too (episode 16 for instans), but I still like better long hair.

    8. I like him best in black – black shirt and tie. I like him too in black turtleneck sweater and black skin jacket when he tells Botong that he don´t want her in his life, I think it is ep.15. Very stillish and elegant.

    9. Crying sceen no.1 is when Mate realised that he must sendt away Botong.

    10. The most suprise was sceen when his real mother says that he is her son, and that he wants him to leave country. It was so cruel and unexpected. I expected her to say I am sorry.

  13. I am still in the phase of analysis and study … I took it from the beginning and got to Ep.4. This series began near my birthday and it was like a gift to me.
    All I can say for now is that Beautiful Man I liked very much and I am very sad that it’s over.
    Since the first episode I laughed, I cried, I enjoyed and suffered along with Mate and other characters.
    Everything was so intense that I did not know when the end approached.
    Thanks everyone for all shared.

  14. I think JKS’s acting was just superb when his birth mother wanted him to leave the country and said that she had no love for him. He projected absolute despair! He was stunning in that scene. Dena, a U.S.A. fan from Seattle.

  15. the funniest episode for me is episode 8 where kim botong ask dukseng how can mate love her. instead of giving him cold water, she give catsup since she is more focused on how to act. it turns out a disaster for her. hahahah! very funny indeed!

  16. Wahhahaha……such a long LIST.!!! Try my best to answer them all, maybe….kkk

    1. Fav Episodes – like all… can’t chose……kkk

    2. Most Favorite scenes….

    Skate rings, Botong takes picture of Mate, Mate told Botong to wait for him while he is searching for the meaning of LOVE, Botong told Mate, she can’t live without him…and many more….LOLL

    3.Funniest scenes……
    The evil mask,
    The mistaken button,
    The toothbush,
    The running away thief of the night, trying to steal “baby on board stickers”..lolll

    4. Favorite Female
    * Botong – who represents all EELs….kkkk
    * Hong Na Run – total complex person, nothing seems to be in the middle for her, “all or nothing”……but I love to hate HER character, but I always have soft spot for her. 3

    * Spoil Princess, Kwi Ji – totally dislike her character, but I love to see when a person changes from BAD to good more, then GOOD to BAD.

    Least Female favorite:

    Kim In Joong, the evil spider-web master. There are so many of these type of people, the Goody Two Faces people..……can’t stand them. These people seem to really well in professional life, but terrible in personal one.

    5.Lessons learned

    Every episodes are lessons learned for me in this Drama….!!!

    6.MaTe or David?!!

    No question for me…… I’m MaTongie all the way. I like imperfect guy turns good. I like guy who is not always catering to my every needs and wants. I like guy who can stand up to me …saying I’m wrong if I’m wrong…..and not afraid to fight with me if required.

    David is just too sweet man, like existing in a dream fairytale world……if I’m Botong and chose David as my life partner, I would always feel so guilty for using his love…..and how long can’t I be super NICE and good person like David…… to be short…I would NEVER measure up with this person’s goodness….!!!! Ayahhhh….how boring my life would be……..kkkkk

    7. Hairstyles…….
    1st Myomi’s boyfriend hairstyle,
    2nd Ramen Noodle style,
    3rd I love all MaTe’s hairstyles……LOLL

    8. Outfits……. Like all, even the Pajama outfit he wore to go date with Electric Fairy…..LOLL

    9.Tears Up scenes –

    I cried with every Crying Scenes, Mate’s, Hong Na Run’s, Botong’s…..but the most TEARs up scenes for me are …….. MaTe wishing his mother health and beautiful life…..and the Husband and Wife crying and hugging scenes…… How can a man still loves a woman who is soooooo cold, even to the point of being evil. When a Man Loves a Woman sooo unconditionally… this concept Totally amazes me….…??!!!

    10. Mistaken button – gay scene

    11. MORE MORE, 20 episodes, maybe….

    12. Ending is CUTE, but kissing is flat…..no sparks….. but I’m OK I guess since it’s happy ending. In fact, I love David ending by meeting his possible True Love MORE than MaTongie’s scene……ROFLLLL. Sweet David, you see, some girls would take you up any time.

    13. Never doubt, no ever, about JKS’ acting skills. He seems so natural with his acting. Always give him 10000% as a fan!! But as a drama watcher…I give him 9 % because I think Sukkie needs that missing 1% room for improvement… (becoz in some scenes….I still can sense little JKS presence show up…especially the bragging scenes…kkkk..!!!)

    14. Don’t know how to answer this question in a fair ways…… SKIP….

    15. SKIP, Too. Have no idea how be a PD….….loll.

    16. Kisses scene

    The worst kissing scene by JKS. Even in Hong Gil Dong…when Prince Chang Hui touches his lips to Yura’s lips….is more sweet and touched kiss than this kiss. Am I sad and not happy for this…?? Heck….NOOOOOOOO!!!! It’s CUTE kiss…..and Happy Ending, all I need. (I used to Watching Thai Dramas too much, the Main Actors and Actresses hardly ever kiss….even a touch of real lips to Lips kisses. Most kisses’ scenes are FAKE. Sure……I still like the dramas……kkkkk)

    17. Romantic scenes
    – The Skating scene
    – The scene when Botong came back to Mate, crying and hugging tight and saying that she can’t live without him. Awwwww…. Botongies can’t go better than this scene to express her TRUE feelings…..

    18. Dokgo Mate’s LINES – Many of them are sooo meaningful….but my MOST favorite would be…….

    MaTe to Kwi Ji…….”Being born into rich family was not something you chose. I don’t know much, but perhaps one’s life may be pre-destined. While we may have no control over the FIRST impression of us, the LAST impression we leave is of our own MAKING.”

    “Money is a living being. If you bring it up with care, money too will grow to an unimagined amount. But if it grows too BIG, it will eat me up. In the end, a person like me disappears, and only money remains.”

    19. Favorite Mate’s expressions are when he eats…..smiling happy…and his TRIUMP smiling sighs….Totally Awesome!!!!

    20. Order of JKS’ dramas and movies…

    1. Beautiful Man

    (BM, I love you because you are soooo imperfect beautiful. I love you because you make me think and see things beyond its cover. I love you becoz you are sooo misunderstood. I love you because you make me know the real meaning of being Beautiful…..not all on the surface…!!! Thank you for NEVER give up or give in under the pressures, Beautiful Man!! Making the right choice might not be GOOD all the time…..but making your OWN right choices are somethings you can be PROUD of……)

    2. You’re Beautiful

    ( YAB, finally for more than 4 years, you become my 2nd best in my heart, but you are still so special drama in my heart, though. Nothing change a bit there…..kkk)

    3.Love Rain
    4.Baby and Me

  17. #10 – putting mask on her face. that is so funny. i watched that scene while working in office and i smiled & my office mate thought i was silly. haha.
    #20 – 1) YAB 2) Love Rain 3) Baby & me 4)Bel Ami 5) murder in itaewon

  18. jang keun suk koreans is always be the best..actor or not,singer or not,a kind pretty man flower boy is the best..fighting jang keun suk koreans..

  19. Thanks ss Sarah,
    I like your topic so much.

    2- Mate can find his password, he is very happy at the moment.
    3- Mate with the mask, so cute and funny
    5- The lesson is Good timing.
    9- I cry many time, Ep 1: Mate cried.
    The scene Mate knows his mother is Na Hong Ran, he cried when he talks to Botong…
    Ep 16: Mate said sorry to his mother…
    11- I think not enough, I want 18 or 20 Ep.
    12- I feel good way the writer arrange in the last Ep.
    13- I love Suk’s acting, so wonderful.
    14- Mate can show his learning and step by step become a good man.
    16- Not at all, I want more kiss ^^
    17- Mate and Botong skating.
    19- Mate smiles so cute.
    20- My list:
    1*Bel Ami
    2*Love Rain
    3*Baby and Me
    4*You are beautiful
    5*Hong Gil Dong

  20. It’s such a wonderful feeling, reading all these answers. I miss the series, prolly because when it was showing, I felt like I was going on a date. I will be writing my answers as soon as I get time, ^^

  21. I love the series so much, I wish our prince will be a part of the The Vampire Diaries series he he he he, just thinking out loud. It would so nice and exciting watching him play a hot vampire alongside with Damon, Elena and Stefan!

  22. I will do in poem form:
    1)Beautiful Man/Bel Ami
    is the perfect drama for me
    my favorite episode is the nine,
    but also the fifteen and the sixteen
    if you ask me why?
    because i almost lose my mind
    the intensity in there was a crime.

    2)If you ask me about my favorites scenes
    i have a lot,let me think,
    the first is when Ma Te cried
    lying on the floor,oh my poor eyes
    then the scene in the bus
    when Botong focus her glasses
    like a camera lens to his face
    the third is when he was standing
    with that sexy Bermuda pants.

    3)My favorite funny scenes?
    there a lot but i choose three
    first the six legs mannequin
    trying enter in MaTe car,
    but not fit in
    second the jingle song
    i laughed a lot
    and third when Mate tried
    put out the letters in David car.

    To be continued……

    • Hi, the next three questions:
      4)My favorite women was Botong
      because her love was very strong
      The iron lady was the worse
      because she reject her own son.

      5)All the lessons he learned were good
      but if i really have to choose
      i prefer the Yu Ra rules
      to protect the love ones,so true.

      6)If i were Botong
      i stay with Ma te
      because it was fate
      for them be in love.

      • 7)About my favorite hair style
        in all of them he looks divine
        But if i have to choose one
        was the one in the final
        another was with the hair up
        and the third when was long.

        8)My favorite suits were
        the red suit he used
        in the MG event
        The black one when Botong
        Imagine he propose to her,
        The one when he went with Botong
        to the party of SS
        , the other, the geen jacket
        he used when go to skate
        and the last the red jacket
        in the end.
        and the red

  23. I like your questionnaire. And I like reading the answers. 🙂

    20. My most favorite JKS drama are still “Mary stayed out all night.” Have seen it several times. I like everything… the music, especially JKS-songs, the story, and i love Kang Mu-Kyul.♥

    In the second place are: Beautiful Man, You are beautiful and Love rain. Can´t really say which I like best.

    No.5 is You´re my pet.

    I miss BM. I want to watch it again. 🙂

  24. no.1 Me gusto el episodio cuando descubrio su Amor por Bo Ton en la pista de Patinaje.

    no. 2 Mi escena favorita cuando BoTon lo imagina dandole el anillo de compromiso

    no.3 La escena mas divertida para Mi fue cuando salio con las mascarillas y la forma en que se reia jajajaa

    no.4 de las 10 mujeres mi favorita es BoTon por el amor incondicional que le entrego siempre a Ma Te y la que menos me agrado fue la Mujer de las conecciones.

    no. 5 Pienso que todas las lecciones que aprendio Ma Te a traves de las 10 mujeres son excelentes y aplican a muchas etapas en la vida

    no. 9 La escena que mas me hizo llorar fue murio la mama d Ma Te

    no. 10 La Escena que mas me sorprendio fue verlo comer tan rapido jajajajaja

    no. 11 No definitivamente NO, debio ser mas capitulos, deberia haber una segunda temporada

    no. 12 El final me gusto porque Ma Te entrego la Cia a Bo Ton y David y empezo de nuevo.

    no. 13 Yo le doy la Maxima Calificacion, Excelente actuacion!

    no. 14 Ma Te encarnaba un hombre Hermoso el sueño de toda mujer, sus otros personajes son enfocados de forma diferente aunque igualmente son bellos.

    no. 15 Le aumentaria mas capitulos al drama

    no. 16 Si el beso fue el indicado para el romance que tenian Ma Te y Bo Ton

    no. 17 definitivamente me gusto mas cuando estubieron patinando y Ma Te abrazo a Bo Ton

    no. 19 Me encantaba verlo cuando ponia su perfil para impresionar jejjee

    no. 20 Amo TODos sus trabajos actorales, pero solamente considerando los dramas mis favoritos son Marry me Mary, Beautiful Man, Love Rain, You Are Beautiful Hong Gil Dong.

  25. Thank you Sis for making this but actually this is shouldn’t have been posted since you’re like asking us to make our own post-like. Just kidding 🙂

    I know it’s so much too late, I couldn’t help but to respond the questionnaire as well.

    Well, before I go to the business, I’d like to share that I am not Kdrama viewer but not classified as an addict. Curious of JKS after watching Love Rain so I followed Bel Ami then. Bel Ami was the first Kdrama that I watched during its original airing in SK. Had to be waiting for new ep week by week was really ‘something’ kekeke. Sad that the drama has ended, glad that no need to camp Thurs-Fri in streaming sites from now on.

    Now, off to the business:
    #1 Fav episodes
    Like all of them. Why? Each of ep has its own magnet that you could nt leave behind. Every scene in every ep holds important role in building the story line to the end. Each ep created different nuance, message, and lesson, I must say. However, how we got into the train was derived from ep 1. Ep 1 was THE introduction of the journey of Dokgo Mate as a truly beautiful man, the key of why we should spend 2 months of our lives watching this drama. In addition, the PASSWORD, the significant of this point that led Ma Te’s realization of what is the most important in his life.

    #2 Fav scenes
    It’s hard to choose actually as just like #1, every scene was important and able to be fav ones. During watching, if I had missed or less focused then I missed, almost, the whole point of the show. That’s why in every week I had to catch up with Bel Ami recap and thought here and Rika’s blog only to ensure that I had understood the story line. But then if I hv to pick the 3 most memorable, which maybe not so many pick them, they were:
    – Mate gave Kwi Ji meaningful lesson
    – Ma Te’s reaction of Botong’s spoon feeding him. The stick tongue out was he cutest.
    – Mate & Myo Mi convo in Botong Company after love confession. They were like old buddies without boundaries sharing their thought. It was natural acting from both actors.
    – David held “You’re the man” sign and showed it to Mate. Though many did not point this out I keep thinking that it was just brilliant whatever david’s intention was.
    – Mate’s first meeting with Louis Jr, the perfomer. That was just epic.
    – Ma Te trusted CD to take care Bo Tong , ep 16

    3. Funny Scenes ( more than 3)
    – Botong’s should be mineral water bottle turned out to be ketchup. Should I blame Dae Sung for this?
    – Ma Te eating Galbi like crazy
    – The tooth brush accident
    – Erotic chicken
    – David’s “You’re the man” and Bo Tong T-T sign and print out of Mate-Myo Mi dating articles on Ma Te’s office window.
    – CD didn’t want to take a shower so he moved a bit backward, ep 15
    – Mate’s first meeting with Louis Jr, the performer. That was just epic and funny.
    – Ma te’s lying on his couch pose in his apartment while waiting Jaek Hee appearance.

    #4 Fav Lady
    Lady #10, though Na Hong Ran is such devilish mother and person, but she IS a mother anyway. A mother really THE most powerful person that is now I can see why at the first was introduced as the iron lady. I could not believe myself either that this kind of mother character exists in dramaland. She was the last Lady that her heart should be stolen. The last lady means the most important one in Ma Te’s journey of gaining wisdom and richness in his life.

    the least was Lady #7, dont dislike the character but her appearance was so in a rush that I had hard time to understand the lesson she brought.

    Abt Kim In Jung, I am not saying that her action was right but she did that after Ma Te’s offer. If he didn’t make the offer, then the rest wouldn’t be happened anyway. But if it didn’t happen, then there wouldn’t be the rest of the episodes 🙂

    #5 The most applicable lesson:
    IMO, the one what Mate said to Kwi Ji. I paraphrase it as I couldn’t recall the line perfectly.
    ” to be born in a rich family is not a choice but to live with good impression, it is. in the end, people will mostly remember others by looking of their latest images in their life.”

    There is a saying in my native language that can be rough translated into
    ” A dead elephant leaves ivory, A dead tiger leaves the stripe, A dead man leaves the name”

    With/out money, position, luxury environment, and all said wealth, we have to live to the fullest. Treat ourselves and everybody around us nicely. Help each other. Share happiness. Show empathy. Act wisely. Be mature, no need to depend on the real age. In the end, those are the tools in order to have others remember our name in positive way. No one wants to leave negative image in his or her life, right?

    #6 I don’t want to be Bo Tong. Therefore, I choose no one. However, a couple is like two person completing each other. The opposite sex is the half soul that is intended as the partner in life. Therefore, I guess it’s answered implicitly.

    #7 Most Fav hairstyle
    – The first two episodes where he tied up his hair, thought he looked more manly.
    – Myo Mi episode.
    I did expect Ma Te to sport idol-like hairstyle, 15-16 eps, but then I don’t think it fits Sukkie’s persona.

    #8 Most likeable outfit
    – his wearing long sleeve shirt. It was looked refreshing and casual as he wore too many suits in the drama
    – his leather jacket that he wore in ep 2, the first NHR meeting.
    – his long coats
    – his covering body with blanket, ep 4 I think.

    #9 Which scene makes you cry the most?
    In every scene that awakening mother’s power/heart, like Elec Fairy threatening HYR of her child short life, HYR catched a glimpse of her daughter in her birthday party, last scene of Mate-NHR,

    Surprisingly I did not cry in every Sukkie’s crying scene while watching the full ep. I did cry with him in his trying to insert the ring to Bo Tong’s finger and his apology to his mother. Nevertheless, when I watched short clips in YouTube of his crying scenes, I cried.

    All in all, ep 14-16 made me cried a lot.

    #10 The most surprised scene
    That the so called password is the dearest Bo Tong. In addition, the revelation of the password was directed nicely in between HYR-DC and MT-BT scene.

    #11 THE DRAMA IS SUPPOSED TO BE AT LEAST 18 EPISODES. The last two eps could have been expanded to 2-4 more eps. It was just too bad that – the unwritten rule in Kdrama production -given the low acceptance drama would get 16 eps fixed. There were too many things unrevealed or too fast to reveal in the end.

    #12 The ending of the drama was exactly as expected. The end of the 10-lady journey that led to the happy ending of Ma Te (himself)and Mate – Bo Tong.

    #13 Let’s say 10 points in most scenes and less than that in some. I am sorry but I have to be fair.

    # 14 I have only watched full eps of Love Rain, YAB, and Bel Ami. From all those characters, the difference is that Dokgo Mate is such a dumb grownup man, having beautiful face but disowned leadership & soft skills, who does not know how to live his true life. Hwang Tae Kyung and Seo Joon had steady jobs and vision on their lives. But Ma Te, he needs guidance from surrounding in how to become the real beautiful man, inside and outside. Before his maturing days, sometimes I felt like I want to shout and tell him how to suppose to act. *Sigh*. It’s a proof that Sukkie delivered those moments nicely. Great acting chop.

    #15 I would say that the drama is over then nothing should be changed. However, if I have the chance to meet the cartoon writer, drama writer, KBS, producer, and PD, I want to ask many questions. Why they made the fatal misleading synopsis, the choosing of sock selling, the premise of 10 ladies to gain wisdom, it looked like Mate had less long screen time in each scene than the others, standing lamp in Bo Tong’s kidnapping room, FERRINO replacing BOTONG COMPANY written sign, Ma Te’s changing hairstyle, HYR & NHR slow walking habit, less character building in Bo Tong, less romantic building scenes for the leading pair, the 3rd&7th lady sent off didn’t exist, PGS closure of him abandoning CD’s mom, why they could not extend the eps for the sake of smoother ending, just disregard the unwritten rule of Kdrama production for once.

    And Sukkie said that in the middle the drama story line had sudden turn. I wonder in which part and why that happened. I don’t know the original/cartoon storyline.

    Note: if any of you who read this knows something about those things in #15, please share here.

    # 16 The kiss was fine. Less kissing doesn’t mean not romantic.

    #17 The romantic scenes :
    Between Mate – Botong :
    – The ice skating scene
    – The password realization hug
    – No scar in the left hand scene
    – Ma te propose Bo Tong imagination
    – Ma Te gave Botong medication after ice skating and of course the painting toes
    – I love the leading pair bickering each other. Those moments were also the romantic for me.

    Between Mate – CD:
    – It’s maybe weird but I found Ma Te – Choi David like a couple as well. At first, they were so childish in reacting each other but later on, they were more mature in handling their existence. Their scenes many times made me giggles. Yes, at first they were like rival but CD continuously supported Ma Te in everything, particularly as their part as CEO-Team Leader in running the business and later personal life. The sleep over, CD asking Ma Te to be the model, Ma Te copying CD laugh, CD asking Ma Te after the baby botong car alarm, the bathroom, the CD could not keep his promise, and still-many-that-I – couldn’t-remember scenes were left so much impression on me.

    # 18. Which line of Dokgo Mate you like most?
    “ Am I that beautiful?”
    “ KIM BO TONG” with high tone
    “ Yi li ni?”

    19. Which facial expression or move from Dokgo Mate you remember most?
    – His being bossy to Bo Tong, irritating yet so memorable
    – The stick out tongue. The cutest ever
    – The crying scenes: at mom’s funeral, Ma Te banged his head on the column in the hospital, wanted to put the ring but he couldn’t, his apology to NHR the bio mom
    – tried to be mean to Kim Bo Tong
    – happy eating face
    – happy to unhappy eating face in Ma Te- Bo Tong’s mom lecturing scene

    20. Bel Ami, Love Rain, YAB

    • Aaaahhh that very famous Indonesian saying that you quote! :p by the way, yay to MaTe-CD ‘bromance’ scenes that you pointed out :). I somehow glad that the ‘rivalry’ didn’t turn worse. They both are sweet :).

      • Noona, apa kabar. It has been a while, hasn’t it.

        After re-read my thought above, I pointed out that I didnt express my though well, lots of typo and grammar error. Guess we are typo queens. still hoping the readers could catch what I meant easily :).

        #6 need to add that completing each other means like yin-yang, lock-key, north-south magnetic poles, water-fire analogy

        MT-CD bromance, they were cute, full of (dis)respect at uncountable times. I thought CD was going to be evil after MG party, thankfully it didnt.

        The native saying, when I was watching that scene, it suddenly came to my mind as the lesson’s value is the same.

  26. I enjoyed JKS in Beautiful Man. He truly is a beautiful person and wonderful actor.

    I have so many favorite scenes. One that comes to mind is when Botong and Mate are in his apartment and he is feeding her chestnuts. He touches her cheeks (while smearing them with his chestnut hands) and says he loves her than takes it back saying he needs to learn what love is first but she should stay by his side until then. Mate is so sincere and sweet in this scene, which gives Botong hope. But I also like the humor, like smearing her face and complaining of her breath at the end.

    I also loved the scene at the skating rink. His realization of what love is and that he
    loves Botong. JKS, with one look, expresses this realization so well. I love the smile on his face and that one line, I’ll come to you now. Such a simple line that means so much and was said so well.

    The scene that made me cry was when Mate apologized for being born. Those tears were heartbreaking.

    Keun Sukssi is truly an amazing actor!!! I look forward to seeing him show off his acting skills in the near future. ZikZin!! USA EEl from Louisiana

  27. Hi,more answers to the questionary,in poem form.

    9)About the crying scences
    i choose my top three
    first when his mom died
    and he was on the floor lying
    second when he went to saw his mom
    and the iron lady denied his son
    and third was with Botong
    when Mate let her go.

    10}Scenes that surprised me?
    when Botong hit Kwi J
    I didnt expected that
    but that girl deserved,
    sorry, she was too much.

    11)If i was happy with 16 episodes?
    the answer is no
    i wanted at least two more
    for organized better all.

    12)I wanted a happy ending
    Mate happy with Botong
    but that kiss at the end
    didnt satisfy me,no,i wanted
    a deep kiss,i wanted more.

  28. This is the drama that show prince acting is superb…and to think of it it was he s first time to act a mature role.I really don’t understand the others why they don’t appreciate the drama that has a lesson,a heart.

    • Completely agreed sis..
      It’s so irritating that he put so much efforts for a drama, transforming himself in every episode with a new get up even we can say he played a new character in every episode.. Still there were so low national ratings.. It was a superb drama with a very good story n full of comic..
      Really No one can act a role like Matte, nor a drama like pretty man can b made again..

      I m very very happy it was a big hit outside Korea.. I was amazed when so many ppl attended PM fan meeting even after 1 yr & lots in China too..

      Even my non-eel friend also said this is the best K-drama she has seen.. 🙂

      A perfect drama.. ❤❤

  29. Totally agreed I saw this drama many times it touch my heart when he melt his real mom and listen to those words said by his mom I feel so sorry for him , and our Prince acted so well and my eyes are full of tears . There are so many chapters that make viewers poured tears .This is a very good drama May be in Korea viewers are different from the others outside the country .JKS is really a good actor ,he just fitted in any character he acted .please keep up your good work you are still very young we eels are looking forward to your future dramas and movies Zikzin our Prince we will support you till the end. Love you always ❤️❤️????????????????

  30. I love the drama, watched it like 3 times already and still find it interesting. It teaches some life lessons so it’s not for the entertainment value alone but educative for those who watch it.

    And JKS looks really good in this drama esp.with long hair. Really sexy! No wonder all the ladies were crazy about him! He’s the kind of guy you can lose your head over.


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