[article] Jang Keun-suk “IU, hard to approach easily..different from Yoona”

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[OSEN=Park Jeong-sun] Actor Jang Keun-suk confessed the difference between Girls’ Generation Yoona and singer IU’s difference as his counter-part.

On 18th afternoon, Jang Keun-suk appeared in KBS 2TV new Wed/Thur drama ‘Pretty Boy’ press conference held at Dubhe hall of Imperial Palace in Nonhyun-dong Seoul and said “IU has a charisma which I can’t approach easily.” making everybody laugh.

He explained, “IU is beloved from everyone. I respect her as actress. I can’t tease her like I did to Yoona from drama ‘Love Rain’.”

He added “When I act with IU I felt a lot of connection even before practice. I think our acting point match well.”

jang Keun-suk will be starring as Dok Go-mate who captivates every women who he encounters. Dok Go-mate will be finding 10 women’s in super class and achieve their know-hows for his success.

IU will be starring as common visual girl Kim Bo-tong. She will be striving to seduce Dok Go-mate.

Meanwhile, ‘Pretty man’ story will center on Dok Go-mate’s success and growth as he encounter ten women in their super class. He will co-star with IU who will be playing ‘really normal girl’ and feature unpredictable romance together. The first episode will be aired on 20th afternoon.

Lee Dae-sun. sunday@osen.co.kr
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37 thoughts on “[article] Jang Keun-suk “IU, hard to approach easily..different from Yoona””

    • definitely, Jang keun suk and Yoona had a great chemistry.

      the reasons are …
      the beautiful things about Yoona is she very humble, cute and really down to earth person and her beauty can melt your heart. Even though Yoona is the most popular she doesn’t act arrogant and she doesn’t make the people around her treat her differently coz she is famous…Yoona has a very friendly personality and easy to get along eventhough she is very very beautiful for inside and out. Yoona is also very talent in acting, dance, sing, model, play instruments, idioms, etc she is professsional, but Yoona also is very intelligent, fun and super humble.

      ♠ Actor/Idol Seo in guk choose Yoona as his dream girl and said: “I was blown away by her personality-nothing fake, just genuine and true to herself. For someone so beautiful to have the inner beauty to match, that is just hard to find”.
      ♠then Actor/isol Seo in guk said: “… Truthfully, YoonA is so pretty. That is why the fact that she was involved in my first dating rumor made me feel really grateful and good, but it made me feel even more apologetic. YoonA is so kind-hearted that when I sent her a text message saying I was sorry, she responded pleasantly with ‘It would have been less depressing if we had actually been on a date and the rumor occurred.’ I was really grateful.”
      ♠ Heechul said: ‘The reason I’m close with YoonA: She’s definitely the prettiest girl. Although she’s pretty, she doesn’t pretend to be pretty. She’s always very bold, funny and destroys her own image and also she have a great personality”.
      ♠ kyuhyun said: I chose Yoona as the best personality, because her personal relations have always been good, because she can get close to people comfortably.

      ….many more …
      a lot of male and female celebrities fall in love with Yoona, not only for her perfect physical beauty, but also for her brilliant personal beauty, talent and intelligence.

      • i think actor Jang keun suk still love actress Yoona until now that is why he cannot forget her.
        or maybe actor Jang Keun Suk just put in other words cause he dont want to admit that actually he like yoona very much, not only working with her but he also like yoona personally.

        Wow! *______* Many celebrities love Yoona, because her perfect beauty + Her personality attract many people whether idol or celebrities to like her and choose her as their ideal type.


        i too wait for his new drama. ^^ fighting pretty man.

      • Actor Jang Keun Suk and Actress Yoona are returning with new dramas, almost simultaneously and also in the same company “KBS2”
        this is very curious, right 🙂 hehehe.

        Actor Jang keun suk with Pretty man (KBS2),20 nov(korea) and 4 dec (sub eng.).
        and Actress Yoona with The prime minister and I (KBS2) 9th Dec (kore and sub eng).

        ^^ I guess prince Jang keun suk and goddess Yoona must be finding sometimes in the corridors of KBS-company.

  1. i remember he once have the same difficulties with his co-partner too..kim ha neul in YMP.but he get along really well after that..dont know about IU personality..maybe she’s someone who need time to get along with someone.i believe suk will try every way to approach her.kkkk..fighting keun suk!!! BM FIGHTING!!!

  2. yes he seems to really likes iu , i mean she is just so close to his ideal type and everything he loves in girls . you can really see that he is neurvous around her and iu seem the type of girls that doesn’t comes easily and i’m sure that he would love that as a challange

  3. Oh now I miss my Love Rain couple… haha… anyway I’m expecting JKS & IU’s chemistry, too… can’t wait for Beautiful Man! 🙂

    • me too miss love rain couple! they were perfect match!
      love rain had low rantings just in korea, by 2 factors:
      1º the first chapters were soft.
      2º because their fans were jealous. Even the general public was jealous of this couple and their good chemistry. I read that almost 80% of korea’s army even were dying of jealousy, because most of soldiers in the armed forces of Korea fell in love Yoona.

      i hope pretty man have a big success. of course i’ll too watch his new drama “pretty man” for sure.

  4. Keep in mind IU is really young, barely 20 and stated somewhere recently that she still feels 13. Glad to see he knows when to exercise some healthy caution. Looking forward to seeing the onscreen chemistry.

    • Hehehehe… Love your comment: “Glad to see he knows when to exercise some healthy caution.”…

      He’s very smart and has an excellent judgment… He knows exactly how far he can go with different people. Good common sense in our JKS.


    • You’ve got a point there. Sometimes a big age gap also influences how we interact with others. Yoona is only 3 years younger than JKS and in addition, they have Heechul as a mutual close friend, hence no wonder that they could get along much better. Onscreen chemistry is indeed more important for the drama itself and I think IU can do it just fine as his lead female from the teasers and the trailer that I have seen so far :).

    • i think she is scared and shy to approach jgs . she is young and he is older and more famous than her . if i was in her place i would do the same thing .
      Like · Reply · a few seconds ago

    • i think she is scared and shy to approach jgs . she is young and he is older and more famous than her . if i was in her place i would do the same thing .

      • iu?? shy?? innocent?? I dont believe. i’m sorry.
        but iu is not shy and innocent, she is arrogant. if she were shy had not taken pictures with a man half naked in his house or bedroom.
        She is hipocrite, she knows to hide behind her little face of good girl (I do not think that’s a good girl) she always feels superior to others
        To me a shy and innocent girl would be: Moon geun young or Seohyun, they are innocent, shy and ladies. iu is not lady nor innocent nor shy.

      • Kelly Suk omg why are you so mad ?!! 🙂 i dont like her either but , you don’t know what type of person she is unless you live with her , and i didn’t say innocent , i said scared , and if she is really arrogant , and indeed have been with other guys so what ??!!! as long as she does her role right ,we dont have to care about her personnel life ? and i think she is a great singer and good actress and i really love her voice . so who cares if she is a little rough ? i think jgs will see this a a challenge to him to show his best work 🙂 and she said so many times and the press that she was amazed and shocked by JGS acting skills and said that she has no chance to shine with both JGS AND LJW

  5. I think people easily mislead by some the title, here I understand that Sukkie was being funny and since IU is very young and is called “Nation’s little sister” he was trying to make it that he is gonna protect her too. Is a funny but also a nice message here. And also people have to realize IU and Sukkie have not worked together before, they are from fresh start. For “Love Rain” since it was started shooting a way earlier in September for the 70s, and then they went to Hadoka in Japan to shoot snow scenes. So before presscon, both of them have spent quite long time together working. I don’t think we should judge IU. Sukkie respects her talent very much.

    • I agree with you. The title is a bit misleading…. Press, these days, eh?

      No matter what their off-screen relationship is like (people are different and we can’t be close with everyone at work, right!), I’m sure they’ll have a great chemistry on-screen and that is the only important thing here…

      So, I’m keeping my fingers crossed real hard for PM and the good ratings! The story looks great and I believe that it’s gonna be a major hit!

      Peace out!

    • Yes I agree…Sukkie had more chances meeting SNSD (yoona) before (inkigayo,awardshows etc) and he is a sort of fan too…with IU it’s different..
      The way he said when acting with IU he felt a lot of connection even before practice saids it all…he himself felt chemistry and he respects her ..and of course as a real oppa he can’t permit himself the same “freedom” as with PSH(which he kissed the first time they met for a CM shooting) or Yoona…hahaha
      I’m sure IU is a total different kind of artist; a girl who says she would end her career when she’s getting married and marriage will give her a stable warm family life and it will teach her to be less egocentric…well; gives me an idea she is not just a girl..
      (somehow she reminds me of Jang mama…she is cute and lively)

    • And yes, IU is a great singer and a good actress. I’m sure she will do a great job on PM…

      I just wish that her interest, from the start really, regarding this project, would be a bit more uplifting… I mean, she did pretty much say that she’d accepted a role in PM because some of her initial plans had changed and she had some free time so she decided to do it (because she didn’t wanna have a gap in her working projects)… It was kind of off-putting…

      Also, yesterday at the Press Conference, she didn’t look very enthusiastic either. She barely smiled a few times during the 3 hours of Press Conf and was answering her questions blandly and passionlessly… But they were all tired, so let’s say it was because of that…

      Like I said before, I do like her work but, from the start, it felt like she’s not really interested in being there at all and like she left JKS to carry the drama on his own…

      I might be wrong, I don’t know… It’s just the vibe that I keep getting from her from the get go…

      Anyways, let’s wait for the show to begin. I wish it’ll be a huge hit!!!


      • This is exactly what I felt. Her Smile was fake and most of the time she looked disinterested . Most of the questions were directed to JGS than others .

    • IU??? “Nation’s little sister”??? NOT, dear. I read that the “Nation’s little sister” is Moon Geun Young 2013.
      We all know that IU lost the title with the lowest voting in all nation of Korea due to her sexual scandal with a member of super junior.
      koreans do not believe that she is so “innocent”, for the reasons of her sexual scandal.

      Acting, i think that IU is not good actress, she needs improve.

      I would have preferred that Uee was his co-star for pretty man. Uee is better actress than ui. ..
      All actresses-idols are better acting than iu.
      iu is just overrated.

  6. i will watch this drama only for ACTOR JANG KEUN SUK!, he is the best, i’m so proud of him

    I know this drama will be a great success, because after a descent always comes an ascent!.

  7. Wow, people! Why do you have to turn everything into a bashing and trashing every time a girl or girls are mentioned in any JKS related article?

    I am a MAJOR YoonSuk fan and I love Yoona and her personality but I’m certainly not gonna spit (so to say) on other artists, no matter what they did or are doing in their personal lives. IU is a big girl and can do whatever she wants. If I mind something about her it’s gonna be about her professional behavior, not personal…

    Please, refrain from posting bad mannered comments on this website. It will do no good to anyone, especially to JKS.

    Thank you all for understanding.

    Peace out!

  8. Please keep supporting his new drama and couple.
    I am a fan of Yoonsuk couple, I love Actress/idol Yoona and Actor/Idol Jang keun suk, both are amazing artists and persons, i always support actor or idol jang keun suk, even many Yoonaddicts (Yoona fans) want to support Pretty Man/Beautiful Man. pls, everyone’s focus only at supporting PRETTTY MAN drama at 100%, in a few hours will be issued the first episode.

    Please let’s stop jealousy

    the jealousy only cause low rantings, this will happened to “love rain” drama on last year in just TV-korea 🙁 , please, Please we do not repeat us the same mistake of “the jealousy” that just cause low ratings like as last year , now we will support his new drama and couple, because this is just work, we need not be jealous, it’s just job..
    peace ^^

    ☆ ☆ ♥ ☆ ☆ I wish God bless Pretty Man, Actor Jang Keun Suk and All cast ☆ ☆ ♥ ☆ ☆

    ★★★ tenshi always making a good job.

    • Yes, we always support him no matter who the female leads are :). To us, eels, it’s Jang Keun Suk’s drama. Of course each eel will have a different preference for the female leads, but it’s Jang Keun Suk who matters the most to us in the end :). Let’s go support ‘Beautiful man’ with all our (eels’) heart! 😉

  9. Yes NoonaEel…you said it all…
    it’s all about JANG KEUN SUK…fan or not we can only accept the female leads who ever they are or will be…comes with the package…
    If they have good chemistry..the better but Sukkie will always act his own socks off…and that always shows…

    To all eels who get to watch the premiere with him….have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. I love all those leading ladies Keun Suk had. But Love Rain has special effect on me that YoonSuk partnership is my great bias. In the same way I like IU for accepting the role of Kim Botong.No great drama will prosper without the other cast who will make the team. This is a great come back of Sukkie as a drama actor, and I don’t want this opportunity for Suk to be was wasted. I’m sorry to be blunt at times saying that I’m so disgusted will people who will say garbage words towards other leading ladies of Sukkie. There is no difference of these people to antis of Sukkie who will say all the worst even if he did not do anything. In few hours the first episode will be aired, and these people who be will be bad mouthing about the other cast of Bel Ami, will just contribute some bad effects of this drama. I hope the admin will delete the posts of these unwanted people here. Sorry for my rant, but I cannot stand for their bad behavior.

    • Honestly I’m also a big Love Rain fan and a YoonSuk shipper, Daryl Lade :). Maybe it’s because of my age that I fell deeper for the simply romantic drama… And both looked perfect as ‘close to real life’ lovers :). I even swore to myself that if they could finally be a real life couple, I would cheer them with all my poor eel heart :)). Yay, Suk’s got to ve with the ‘KPop’ goddess! See, haters? lol. Anyway, I enjoyed YAB for it has made me laugh so much and Park Shin Hye is just a perfect Go Mi Nam. For MSOAN, though I skipped a lot of scenes, I couldn’t resist the adorable ‘Merry Christmas’ and ‘Happy New Year’ shouts of Suk and Geun Young. This time, I’m excited to see how IU can portray the quirkiness of Kim Butong. I have a pretty much good feeling about her regardless of any bad news. Well, our Prince is the one with a lot of bashers, just like what you have mentioned even when he stood still and did nothing, antis would prey on him, still. I am kinda resistant now as I decided to do what he’s done: covering ears. Bad mouthed people will always exist and I don’t want to waste my precious life caring about them. This blog is an amazing ‘pond’ for eels & hopefully also a more neutral place to get to know JKS for everybody else… I really hope that visitors would respect it 🙂

  11. I love JKS n I will support him.all the way.I love his amazing acting ability n his excellent teamwiork in whatever drama he is acting.He is a good sport n caring to all his team.Love him n will support him.

  12. After reading all this old comments, I want to watch Love Rain again. I don’t even know how many times I have watched it so far. It’s so so so good ?. I can’t believe it was not a huge success in Korea.

  13. Dear Adriane, i have the same feelings as you 。Love Rain is one of my favorite too, watched many many times already, all the actors are good and i like the story very much 。 may be during that period of time the media was a kind of don’t like him, bcx our Prince is a outspoken and honest star ! , and cannot pleased the way they want . But any way he has all our support and showed them and all his country people Korean how successful he is now ,! ????❤️??

  14. Anyone? It’s 2024…I am still here always rewatching this unforgettable Love Rain..Almost 12 years passed..Can’t they make another Love Rain2😅


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