[ENG-SUB] Beautiful Man (Bel Ami) fan meeting evening stage_20140614

Translation: Hazy Lee, Jacqueline Tan & MuiMui Lim
Editing: tenshi_akuma
Timing and uploading : Pei Pei ; All from ECI

[ENG-SUB] Beautiful Man (Bel Ami) fan meeting evening stage_20140614

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27 thoughts on “[ENG-SUB] Beautiful Man (Bel Ami) fan meeting evening stage_20140614

  1. I almost fainted when I saw it was the first Bel Ami FM with english subs!!! 😀

    Sukkie was adorable like always.♥ Lucky Nagamune-chan! She even got a special hug from him. 😀 But he really sang much better on the Summer Festival. I understand now what he talked about when he mentioned it on the Nico Nico.

    Thank you so much, ECI-team. You are fantastic! 🙂

    • Hi Zoe! Yeah I agree that he sung better in the summer festival. Nevertheless, he still did his best to entertain the fans. He looks gorgeous on those floral pants. 😉

  2. Thanks to ECI team for the hardwork. Can not put in words how much I personally appreciated what you are doing to feed us things about JKS. You really are doing such a wonderful work. 😉

    The man in the floral pants looks so sexy! Haven’t seen any man wearing those kinds of pants as sexy as him. (I maybe sound bias!) 😉 The last two numbers performed by Sukkie were cool. The organizers saved the best for last for letting him sing at the last part. I’m quite sure it left so much impression to the fans. Thanks again for uploading the video, nice way to spend my last day of holiday. 😉

  3. Thanks for the sub.Hope you will sub the afternoon stage.

    JKS is an entertainer even LJW sing better then him but only JKS can make the audience mesmerize by his charm.

    • I also feel that LJW sings better than Suk on this particular stage but as Suk stands on stage… even if he is not at his best voice, his stage charm and aura will make all stand up for him.. that is what I experienced at the BM festival myself.. whatever he does on stage.. chatting, his wits, his humor, his cuteness, his little gestures.. his voice…everything about him just made us look at him only.. I was at the BM festival for 2 days and all the audience only stand up for him when he sings… the rest of the artistes, applause are given but to standup with lightstick, sing & dance together.. only JKS has the charm….

  4. i think sukkie is losing alot against LJW these days ?! i mean he is also very hansome and he sings better than sukkie and he was the second most loved male lead actor in japan now after sukkie and he is alot more close to IU than sukkie so sukkie need to be careful form him he is learning very fast though sukkie did a lot more good at the summer festival and sang better than him their so i guess they are even ,, the is a though raval for sure

    • I strongly disagree, Alex. LJW can never compete with JKS. Sukkie is one and only. He is charming, witty, smart, extremely handsome… you name it. QQ has said it right – when JKS is on stage people look only at him.

      • right.. there is something in Suk that many artistes (not only Korean artistes) can’t learn.. not singing, not acting.. but the X-factor…and unique personality.. I always find many artistes are very reserved and shy as they don’t want to offend the audience or MC… just like the drawing on stage.. the most unexpected drawing and thoughts come from Suk with step 1 and step 2.. but his explanation is the most convincing and real to me though that made me laugh so much even as I translate the part on the vid…
        Another example is one stage.. who is the only one who keeps teasing the MC, teasing and responding to the audience and also the other 2 guests and eels on stage… only Suk among the 3… and that keeps the stage alive.. if without Suk, I think it is quite a normal fanmeeting to me. Another I would like to stress about the singing is Suk can sing very well in different type of music.. both fast and slow music.. and when he sings.. it is not only the voice we are hearing.. we are looking at his facial expression and overall stage performance.
        I remember in the documentary in Korea and Japan, the entertainment analysts and media actually concluded that the reason why Suk can remain so popular in Japan.. his unusual personality (a child in him…his humor, his maturity in thoughts etc..) and talent (across acting, singing, MC, communication etc…).. it is very difficult to find one person with all this quality….

      • In other words..suk is a full package artist with a value added which no one can offer. If u have him..u wont need other artist.

    • actually only Mate need worried in Bel Ami drama.. Suk no need as he just need to challenge his own like he said many times… really…lol! ^_^

      • Omg QQ you are so lucky !? Can you plz share with us some fun things that happend in the summer festival and can you plz make a fan account maybe . Some of us are not as lucky as you hhehe can you tell made what happend in the evening stage 🙂

      • yes plz QQ can you make a fan account for the summer festival esp the evening stage ! even if you post it here , as randa said not every body is lucky as you to have attended both days for the SF

    • JKS by far much better than LJW. JKS is all round entertainer,that the reason Japanese love him.His stage charm and aura are very strong. He’s not like LJW who only show one side of him.

    • As to compare Jang Woo to JKS……….please do not.!!! I am saying this not to disrespect Jang Woo, whom I also like and find him very nice and down to earth guy.

      But to compare Jang Woo to JKS’ success, look, talents (singing or acting or even talking skills) or whatever…..etc. There is really no comparison.!! The simple answer is this………. JKS is already a lead of his own..!! Case closed.

      As for singing skills, agree with sis QQ’s statement, good singer is not always measure by a person who can sing with perfect musical notes…… it’s involved with overall performance, especially emotions are BIG part of convey music to the audiences.

      • Yes totally agree.. Suk can’t be compared..not that other are less or better…
        It’s about THE X-factor which can’t be copied nor acted..
        It is just part of that person and Suk X factor is so big..it’s even there when he does nothing.. just sit still and watch us 🙂

  5. well i watched the summer festival that was aired on nico nico and i think sukkie sang really great ! truly he sang better than lee jang woo their . though LJW sang good too but in the second and third song he cracked and messed up alot and sukkie was great ! so i guess its just sukkie was not completly prepared for this stage and omg yes if it wasn’t for him the hole fm will be supper boring ! he was the star of the night here and at the summer festival and you can clearly see that he over shadowed both IU and LJW even though he tried his best to let them shine but NO ! the fans only went crazy for him and only him ! they can never compete with sukkie esp in his largest fan base country japan lol …

    • Agree with every things you said here….!!!

      When I watched this FM, I thought to myself, wowww….JKS really being patient to IU and Jang Woo..to lets them shine. IU did very good job with this FM, she was funny and lovely…plus she can communicate in Japanese that the plus in Japan Market. As for Jang Woo, maybe becoz of language barrier, he just seemed not confident and awkward at times at this FM.

      So to sum up, JKS, (or Dogko Ma Te) saves the day (or show) again….LOLLL

    • And now you can imagen why most of so called “popular” korean actresses don’t wanne work with him just because of what comes after.. when they go promoting there the difference can be seen. Like in the case of I’m your pet; she is a decorated actres and very cute too in her own right but going on promotion with our Suk all attention goes to him..he can’t help it..He is handsome…to the point of being more beautiful than the women; he is outgoing and really fun to be with..

      He can’t help it..Suk always reaches out with his heart and people can feel that and are attracted to him even the haters/bashers; they can’t ignore him

      • agree. Suk’s beauty is beyond words. I have just watched the FM video. He is just so so so so extremely beautiful. If I were the eel he touched on stage, may be I would faint or just became aggressive and hugged him. LOL

  6. oh yes and i heard the fans here were 12.000 and were over than 32.000 fans at the summer festival and i’m sure they all came for jang geun suk mostly cuz even IU is also a popular singer she could never bring the much fans and i sure only few people came for LJW

    • yes… the BM event is organised partly by Suk’s own company.. so definitely almost all fans are Suk’s eels… I personally see this event as Suk introducing his colleagues in entertainment to his eels in Japan to make them know more about them ^_^
      In fact, I see both IU and LJW enjoys themselves in Suk’s company very much throughout and must be amazed and happy to see his popularity in Japan.

      • QQeyes, reading your comments really enabled me to learn so much more about our prince as an all-round entertainer. Thanks~! I have yet to attend any of his events unlike lucky you :). Could you please write a fan account of the Bel Ami Summer Fest? I’m curious about his looks and personality. I’ve read eels’ comments of the Beijing Zikzin Radio FM and they all said that he actually looks much better and more handsome in person than in photos. Is that true?

  7. What a great FM. Even the MC is adorable. But the magnet is none other than JKS himself. He really shines and looks so handsome with this hairstyle and outfit. The floral pants looks good with the white shirt, which makes him so sexy

  8. Wow…so many interesting & informative observations & comments! I learned a lot about Sukkie from all of you. Thank you Tenshi, QQeyes, and everyone. Sukkie has a special charm & so many admirable qualities that make him very interesting, special, & unique. God bless him!

  9. I can’t help but smile all the time seeing JKS. His smile is so contagious. ^_^ hoping to see more of videos like this. 🙂 Bel-Ami will be aired in ABS-CBN. However, I can’t wait any longer so I went ahead and finished the series even before it was aired on tv. Bel-ami is really a one of a kind story and having Oppa as the lead character makes it perfecto! 🙂 kudos!

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