[31.10.2013] Tree-J twitter

Those who are planning to go and see Ma-te on the shooting site~~, please refrain from visiting. It’s a place where Actor Jang works. As long as we fans keep manners and order, actors can shine. See what I mean? Thank you for your understanding and cooperation~^^
당첨자가 넘쳐나는 이와중에 촬영현장에 마테얼굴 보겠다고 찾아오시는 분들~~자제 좀 부탁드릴께요. 장배우님이 일하는 현장입니다. 매너와 질서,우리 팬분들이 지켜주셔야 배우가 빛난다는거 알고 계시죠? 부탁드려요~^^

The eels in the set, plz mind your manners. This is his workplace. You DONOT want to interfere with his work. Thanks.

2 thoughts on “[31.10.2013] Tree-J twitter”

  1. Wonder if anything “unpleasant” happened since they ask not to interfere with his work…hope passerby will keep good distance and order..I’m sure real eels will do…don’t give others reason to bash our prince…

  2. Yeahhh…I hope eels follow order!!! Please please behave eels!!!!

    I hope EELs are being courteous not to cause distraction to Sukkie and his CO-workers!!!!

    As for passerby’s distraction, nothing the production can do to prevent that!!! People are curious by nature…kkkk


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