[Pic] Someone Bumped Into Jang Keun Suk on “Beautiful Man” Shooting Site_20131031

credit: CFATC-培训中心 weibo

Some people from a Fashion Training Center is visiting Korea for fashion research, they bumped into Jang Keun Suk when he was shooting “Beautiful Man”. Meet Dokgo Mate from shooting site.

9 thoughts on “[Pic] Someone Bumped Into Jang Keun Suk on “Beautiful Man” Shooting Site_20131031”

  1. Suk has more and more eel fans in Japan and China now….when I was at Zikzin Festival at Osaka, I see male fans both at his solo concert as well as TeamH concert….even in recent FM in China, there are some who follow him to different cities..

  2. I wonder how many hair styles will Dokgo Mate have through out the Drama? This style and color are definitely different from the anime (the cartoon)

    I hope Anime fans not disappointing too much that the production choose this style instead following the image in the cartoon to the T.T. Blonde hair just doesn’t good with Sukkie!! He had tried blonde in his Cri Show…not favorable to some fans much. But fans are fans, we will support our STAR, no matter what!!!!!

  3. Blonde, brown, mousy, that does not matter. It is that smile and bright eyes that are killing!!! Just simply love him, an ordinary extraordinary love, mwahhhhh!!!


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