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Original Source: Nate News
Photo credit: Topstarnews
Chinese translation from Korean: JKSLAND weibo
English translation from Chinese: Springsuk_USA

“Pretty Man” Jang Keun Suk and IU First Meet Revealed

Jang Keun Suk a man walks out from manga, with “National Treasure” beauty, first meet IU, their innocent look at each other is very cute.

In “Beautiful Man” Dokgo Ma Te a guy gives luxury visual enjoyment and Kim Bo Tong the overturn character first meet on a bus. Commoner Kim Bo Tong meet super handsome Ma Te, their story starts there.

Kim Bo Tong can’t get Dokgo Ma Te off her mind since she first meets him.

The high school girl Kim Bo Tong fall in love, she can’t control her young girl admiration and excitement towards Ma Te, she starts a different adolescence. Compare to others, she knows this Dokgo Ma Te makes her heart beat fast, makes her can not forget him. Since that day, she starts over 10 years pursuing to him.

Look at Ma Te and Kim Bo Tong 10 years ago in the drama, you can’t believe the perfect Ma Te and plain Bo Tong how they become lovers. Jang Keun Suk wears a white shirt. His hair is just like those in the shampoo commercial, silky elegant long hair.

On the contrary, IU wears school uniform with glasses, she just debut as a normal high school girl comes out of a innocent manga book. Her super size glasses, her dreamy eye expressions, she points her finger out as like ET. The first sight in love 3 steps, adds scores to her innocent sensitive girl acting.

After this strong impression first meeting, no matter where, when. There is always a girl names Kim Bo Tong appear besides Ma Te to make a existence. This common school girl’s love strategy is not common. No matter how many obstacles she encountered, it can not stop her pursuing gorgeous Ma Te. This is one reason the love story between Dokgo Ma Te and Kim Bo Tong gains lots of attention.

Besides, this drama was adapted from a manga which got thousands fans and also with the script writer from “Miracle from No 7 Cell” who gets favorable critics. And notable director, it will give strong visual impacts to the audiences.

The drama will be aired the first after “Secret Love” finishes on KBS2

33 thoughts on “[article+pics] Dokgo Ma Te And Kim Bo Tong’s First Meet_20131101”

  1. Jang Keun Suk, as Dokgo Mate, looks so sweet here.
    He looks awesome!

    IU looks so fragile… but somehow I think her delicate looks hide her true demeanor. LOL

  2. I could not control myself too if I met Sukkie, anytime, anywhere, even if only Sukkie wearing shirts and jeans like that! so Bo Tong .. I do like you! : D
    No matter what he looks like, whatever he wears, he always makes me dugeun dugeun… 😀 ♥

  3. Nice pics. It looks good so far 🙂

    As for IU, every time I look at her I just can’t shake the though (and a fact) that she’s totally faking her ‘innocent’ image.

    I mean, don’t get me wrong, she’s a grown up, she can do whatever she wants and I fully support that kind of behavior. As opposed to many Korean people and most of the crazed idol worshipers, who think that their precious oppas/unnies never had a girlfriend/boyfriend (which is really absurd), I think that 20 something old youngsters should go out clubbing, dancing, drinking, hooking up with boys/girls and having fun… But honey, don’t go around putting up this fragile innocent front afterwards. It’s just condescending and insulting.

    Anyways, peace out!

    • hahaha jazzy give the girl a break ?! she is really cute and i think she is really innocent and sweet despite whatever happened 🙂 , even if she dated who ever ? as long as she does her role right, we don’t need to know about her privet life . i really love her voice and plz know she is only doing her job 🙂 and even she said that she doesn’t stand a chance in front of JGS and lee jang woo

      • Agree. I only care if she does her role well. I think she looks cute from the stills and i am glad they seems to have good chemistry.

      • Sorry guys, I didn’t mean to sound too harsh. It’s just that I really dislike fakes… Too many of those around 🙁

        IU is certainly a great singer and a decent actress. I’m sure she will do a great job on the Beautiful Man… And like I mentioned (in my previous comment), I don’t mind anyone dating just don’t back-paddle afterwards. It’s dishonest.


      • I agree with you… I don’t care much about her personal life. The most important aspect is how she will breath life to Bo Tong, and her good chemistry with Sukkie. Idols, artists, actors are human beings like anyone of us. They committed mistakes at times, but they are also capable of doing the right things in life.

    • Hi! I understand you are a fan of Sukkie, but I do not appreciate they way you bash IU, whatever is her personal life, that is hers. Whatever she is doing outside her persona as an idol, that is her personal indiscretion. We are out of it. We are here to appreciate her work. As what Sukkie would always say, he is human before he is an artist.

    • gorogoro,

      I know you’re a fan of JKS, but we would appreciate you very much if you do not write bashing and negative comments about IU or any other STARs here.

      I am NOT trying to defend IU’s characters here… I just don’t want to see a FAN of Sukkie saying negative and hurtful things about other star….. just as well, I don’t want to read other people say Negative and hurtful things about Sukkie. Please be respectful.

      We, eels, have suffered so many negative NEWs about JKS…….and I always feel BAD when I read Negative news about Sukkie. I would say, same goes with IU’s fans, they would feel so very BAD to read someone bashing about their STARs, even the stories might be truth or not.

      Even though, you don’t like IU or even feeling of being tricked-off seeing someone portraying innocence look which is opposite to what you believe…..That is her life…..nothing to do with you.

      There are many ways to write to make your points across, you don’t need to write negative and bashful words.

      Please…. lets not fight among ourselves about other STARs here. Please please respect this BLOG and respect many Sukkie’s royal fans here. We have tried our very best to be respectful whoever comments on this blog…even their point of views are different from us. So Please NO more writing the bashful comments here. Thank you so much!!!

    • Wow gorogoro, what’s with the language?!? I’m not a huge fan of IU either but there’s really no need for such harsh words.

      She’s no angel and maybe they did not choose the best actress for the role of innocent/average girl in Pretty Man but just because some of her private life is ‘out there’, it doesn’t mean she deserves the bashing.

      Be sure, there are idols/actresses/actors that had probably done and are doing much worse things than IU but they’re just better in hiding and covering things up.

      I don’t care what she’s doing in her life… I just don’t like how she handles things afterwards, continuing to act all cute and innocent, keeping the famous title ‘Nations Little Sister’ (whatever that means) nonchalantly. But I’m not gonna call her names because she doesn’t deserve that. She ought to do whatever she wants.

      I’d totally respect her and even loved her if she just went out and said: ‘You know what folks, it’s none of your damn business! I’m gonna do whatever I want!’.

      But please, stop bashing IU with cheap talk and gossip facts.


    • I doubt it if this person is a true fan of Jang Keun Suk. We are hurting when we see Sukkie being bashed, so if you have respect for Jang Keun Suk you must not do this. What can we get out of all the bad things that you are saying… don’t you know it might even affect the drama by trying to rekindle all those malicious & unfounded rumors about IU… think about it. So if you are a true eel please respect Jang Keun Suk’s co-stars.

      I’m asking Ms. Tenshi, Spring Suk usa please delete all these bad comments in respect to IU’s fans. We as eels must support his upcoming drama whether we like his co-star or not. Thank You.

  4. OMG!!!!! my heart almost pop-out with Ma te’s innocent look,what will happen to me when i see the playboy look of him?? ottoke?

  5. “no matter what you wears, Oppa you just simply take my breath away! Prince JKS and IU, they look pretty good, they had the chemistry! So goodluck and FIGHTING!

  6. hahaha…sweet promise!!!
    These are the stills of the two playing their “innocent” schooldays…
    Sukkie is as expected…looking like an angel…so delicate, pure and beautifully handsome
    But IU is also doing a very good job acting the 15 yr old Bo Tong when she first set eyes on Mate and felt head over heels in love with him…
    If the feel she gives gets people to comment on it…she really is doing a good job..so it will even be more trilling to see how these two will act when they are no more innocent 10 yrs down the line…
    Can’t wait….

  7. Did I really read Sukkie being called ” National beauty ” by news on Nate? Those ” National something ” names are only given into celebs that people of Korea are proud of. Hope that with time Korea will know more and more how hard he works to promote Korea and how much he goes out of his way to work for his country.He makes sure that Even his merchandise are manufactured in Korea even though it will make them more expensive.

    • Cri-J, I think, “National beauty” is meant for IU, she is also called “National Little Sister”. I guess Koreans love her.

      Even though our Sukkie is not national of anything in Korea, it’s alright. We, eels, are soooo proud of him anyway!!!

      Sukkie makes his country PROUD help spreading more of the Korean Waves all over the world. Jang Keun Suk said, he made in Korea, product of Korea, no matter they want him or not.

      • @ Everyone thanks for correcting me about “National beauty” Anyway , even if Korea didn’t come to appreciate him like he deserves it wouldn’t matter. It’s what he’s doing for his country that matters and for people no matter how small in numbers will pray for him and thank him and wish him luck. I am one of them ^_^

      • @ gorogoro,

        This is a place for loving JKS. Please don’t post offensive words about other idols. You can say you don’t like her but please try not to use the words ” idiot , sl*t , b**ch , monkey …ect )When you know someone has a bad habit of doing something you should try to advice them and then try not spread it around. Because that someone , one day , might become a much better person than even me or you. We try our best. Non of us are angles. We all commit wrongs and mistakes.

        You think it’s okay to call her names because she faked her persona? Well , I don’t really blame her. Look at JKS , he is so honest most of the time and all he got was names and hate from most of the people in his country. Some fans of JKS don’t even dare say they are fans of him. You are calling the fans who still support IU stupid then what about us who still support JKS even though Korean people think he’s a disgrace? Are we stupid too?
        In Korea being honest will make you hated. So some celebrities try to hide their real life. Who said they own us their lives to share anyway? All they own us is sing when they have to or act when they have to. You and me have no right to judge them because we don’t really live with them and know them 100%.They don’t own us anything beside their work.

        IU is not the only artist who tried to give Korean people the picture THEY want and not her real self. I don’t blame her. Korean people are harsh. I am sure Korean people are not perfect nor any other country in this world is perfect. Let’s stop spreading bad words about someone who might one day try to change because all you are doing is making it difficult for her to be accepted again if she truly wanted to change.

    • i think the article is correct..dont know if its mistranslated but from what i saw in many interviews or korean programs..he’s always been called gominam. i think maybe many korean cant accept his personality or style but they still cant deny his beauty and talent. or…maybe the article refer to his role in the drama.

    • Cri-J: Dokgo Mate is a manga character which possesses a super gorgeous face amounting to “national beauty”. If JKS is to play Dokgo Mate in Pretty Man, then it makes sense for the press/PR to praise JKS’s beauty. Since Pretty Man is not even aired yet, it is quite unlikely for JKS’s countrymen to praise JKS at this stage. Of course as an eel I certainly hope that JKS will be given that title very soon. IU is well accoladed as “National Sister” but as far as I know it has nothing to do beauty directly.

    • To clarify “National Treasure” beauty is the manga character for Dokgo Ma Te. Is not for Jang Keun Suk, even in my eyes, he is very beautiful. And in my words, Jang Keun Suk is National Treasure for Korea, since he has helped so many people in the word to know and want to know about Korea. He is a great ambassador of Korea.

      • Farina! Oh how I miss the old days!!! Maybe “BM” will unite the old gang again. Life took us away for a long while but that doesn’t mean I love this place and its people any less <3 ^_^

        JKS sonny , good luck!!!!! I am rooting for you boy! Praying you will find peace with yourself and the people you care about!Love you!!

    • Cri-J. I get to know about Korea through Suk’s promotion.. and even at Zikzin shop & AP shop at Shibuya in Japan, I can see Suk is promoting all the local Korean made goods.. To me, he is really proud of his country ^_^

      • Sis QQ I completely agree with you. I knew nothing about Korea till I met Sukkie. Even my very first Korean drama was YAB. Since then I can never watch any drama that has no Sukkie in it. I tried but still lost interest after two or three episodes. I only watch Sukkie’s drama and I only know about Korea through him.I only hear his songs and I don’t even care about K-pop.

  8. All lovely Eels…stay calm and respectful to each other…

    Think we should never mention any names of other stars in this blog unless we have something possitive to say…and no name calling…please please please…
    Even if we have a point it will damage the eelpond and give our dear prince a bad name…we love him toooo much for that.
    Let’s all give others at least the benefit of the doubt and let us look forward to seeing Sukkie in his new drama and do our best to promote his new work…


  9. oooo….seems i missed out on d juicy parts! nontheless, people who likes hurting others are really unhappy themselves. so, gorogoro …. if that’s ur ugly nick, get a life ya?! leave IU alone. are u a saint? hmmm….

    let’s all hope for d very best for BM cast & crew! zikzin!


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