[Tree-J Notice] April Fools’ joke

===== Translation of Notice =====

Hi everyone, this is Tree-J.

In the midst of his busy schedule, actor Jang who is thinking of his eels has also prepared a surprise April Fools’ gift for everyone. Thanks to eels who have expressed their worry. Hope that in the spring of 2011, everyone will become happier together with actor Jang. Thank you.

JKS: “Eels, you can only look at me. cri~❤”

===== END =====

Chinese translation: KeunSukChina
English translation: Aphrael77
Credits: www.jangkeunsuk.co.kr

张根硕全球中文网:[公告]11.04.02[大惊喜!]张根硕官网最新弹出公告 原帖地址:http://t.cn/hBXYd3大家好.这是树公司.即使是在忙碌的日程中 想着鳗鱼们的张演员也给大家准备了突然的愚人节礼物 感谢为此担心的鳗鱼们 希望在2011年春天能和张演员一起更加幸福 谢谢 张根硕对白:鳗鱼们,只能看我cri~❤

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[CF] Seoul makkori poster

Credits: hama_una
Shared by: KeunSukChina

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[Magazine] Fans – April 2011 issue

Credits: mandy880514 @ Suk Baidu Bar
English translation: Aphrael77


The most beautiful male Korean idol Jang Keun Suk, with his slender figure and unique style, attracted the attention of fashion line Codes Combine who specially invited JKS to be their brand ambassador for 2011. Codes Combine has launched their latest Spring trendy collection. Appearing in comfortable clothes amidst ever-changing styles, JKS demonstrates the “in” look for this season!

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CY pics in Europe from JKS’ photographer

Credits: KeunSukChina

Sigh, this is the actual size uploaded by the photographer ….

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[Tree-J notice] April Fools’ joke?

Visitors to JKS’ old (but still operational) website (www.jangkeunsuk.co.kr) get to see this pop-up notice from Tree-J.
After 1 April is past in Korean time, I’m not sure whether you’ll get to see this pop-up notice anymore, but the screencap is as above.
English translation below.

I strongly believe (99.99%) that it is an April Fools’ joke, and the majority of eels believes that it is a joke too. After all, we are talking about wacky JKS who also released a joke on April Fools’ Day last year when he released information saying that he was about to cut an album. Given JKS’ professionalism and diligence, he will never ever postpone his scheduled performances. Even when he had a cold and lost his voice last November during one of his Japan FMs, he still proceeded with the performance.

Nevertheless, some eels are appealing to him not to make his health the subject of a joke …. we cannot bear anything bad to befall him!

For English translation,

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Singapore FM autograph / photo-taking passes

Credits: Colored Rhythms

It’s count-down time: 21 days until we see Jang Keun Suk in Singapore * happy happy *
And today is the first collection of the autograph and photo-taking passes.
The autograph pass is the rectangular-shaped fan and the other design is the photo-taking pass; we get to keep that as a souvenir.

I’m past the stage of bashing-my-head-against-the-wall for not being able to get the autograph pass, but there is still a lingering regret that I’m not able to get closer to JKS during the autograph session : (
Am consoling myself that at least I’ll get to see him at the fan-meeting, I’m super sure that will be the happiest 2 hours in my life ^^

For more pics,

Read moreSingapore FM autograph / photo-taking passes

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Jang Keun Suk – as cute as the baby? ^^

Please click the pic to enlarge.

Credits as tagged

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47th PaekSang Arts Awards in Korea

According to Sukbar news, the 47th PaekSang Arts Awards will be held in Korea on 26 May 2011, at 8.00 pm Korean time. The Awards is an annual movies and television drama awards somewhat akin to Oscars. Jang Keun Suk is nominated for “Television Drama Popularity” award. Voting for this will start from 1 April but is only limited to Korean voters by way of mobile sms, and each vote costs 500 won.

As JKS’ fan-meeting in Bangkok is on 28 May, it remains a question whether he will attend the PaekSang Arts Awards. The nomination lists are out, and the heat is on. Looks like fierce competition amongst the long list of nominees!

Read more47th PaekSang Arts Awards in Korea

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[News] JKS on ANAN cover, setting amazing sales record of 280,000 in 1 week

Actor Jang Keun Suk was on the cover of reputed Japanese ANAN magazine on 23 March, which set an amazing sales record of 280,000 copies for ANAN in one week.

Japanese reputed magazine ANAN is known for only using top stars on their cover and has much popularity amongst young women. Selecting popular JKS as their cover model has also gained lots of support from their female readers.

The magazine editors, who also love “You are Beautiful”, had been looking forward to the collaboration with JKS. When JKS appeared at the filming venue,

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Codes Combine autograph session (English subtitles)

Credits: KeunSukChina
English subtitles: Aphrael77

JKS is simply too irresistible! Gentle and charming to boot!
And how could he pat that fan’s hair? * faints * …. He’s too cute!

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[Magazine] Japanese ぴあ

Credits: okap0804jks
Shared by: tdedie @ Suk Baidu Bar

This Japanese magazine will be released on 31 March 2011.

For more pics,

Read more[Magazine] Japanese ぴあ

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[Just for fun] Time for tea break!

Credits: indigo_ai_0626
Shared by: JKS-zoey @ Sina

A Japanese eel bought 45 pieces of JKS chocolates for around US$45. So sweet …. (and not just the chocolates!)

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[News] “Let me cry” album to be released on 27 April 2011

Credits: KeunSukChina
Source: Pony Canyon Japan

Finally! Jang Keun Suk’s “Let me cry” album will be released on 27 April 2011!

I look forward to getting his album! 🙂

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[Magazine] Cri-J Issue No. 1 – cover page

Credits: DC
Shared by: KeunSukChina

Remember the Japanese Cri-J magazine that’s totally devoted to Jang Keun Suk and comes in 4 issues over a year? This is the cover page of issue no. 1 which will be released on 10 April 2011. Methinks there should be more pages circulated online later due to the generosity of eels’ sharing ^^

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[Magazine] Kiss No. 7 with English translation

Updated 30 Mar 2011
Pic credit: tinachiou @ KSDG
Special thanks to Sweety for English translation!
At least we know what the comic strip is talking about ^^

Translation of page on the right

1st picture (Japanese manga so from up-right to down-left)

Manager(?): Momo’s part is the popular rising young star JGS; he played “Tae-Kyung” part in “YAB” which aired in Japan
Momo: Yikes he’s really hot/cool!!
Ogawa sensei: That’s why I came to analyze the camera work that had just started
(Translator: Well I’m really happy Ogawa sensei is involved makes me feel better!)
Manager(?): Roke/Loke place is a very beautiful park in Hong Kong

2nd picture
Scene where he talks with a friend…

Ogawa sensei: JGS totally has that Momo feeling/atmosphere

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