3 thoughts on “[23.02.2013] jksjapan twitter”

  1. A wild & fun night with eels.
    Team H just wanna have fun with eels!
    Yes Team H, eels can Feel your beat!
    Can’t stop the party….Gotta Getcha the energy from Team H again tonite!
    Japan… Rock & Roll, shake it.. shake it…..shake it… say oeo oeoh!
    remember The Time you hv spent with Team H…
    Yeah Team H….you guys rock the house!
    Team H torn T Shirts…oh sooo sexy….Eels caught in his net…and some got the love shot!!
    Ohhh, what a party… not even the Liquor Shots (wine in mineral water bottle) can stop us (get drunk).
    This is the Team H Party! Uniquely Team H! Yeah!


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