15 thoughts on “[28.01.2012] Updates from Lotte fan-meeting”

  1. Amidst the excitement, I think I’ll be going broke soon in 2012 …. T.T ….. got to choose carefully where I attend the LH Zepp tour and Asia tour …..

    • Wow!! Aphrael…got another LH Zepp to attend!!

      Asia Tour is on tis year!!

      Any news coming to Spore & Malaysia? Too happy to hear tat ^^

  2. I wanna go also. Aphrael, let’s go together and yes, I’m gonna be broke this year. Not to mention about my house renovation, plus wedding. Broken broke broke. Good news is, I’m planning my pre-wedding shoot in Korea this year. Love Korea too much! I have to admit, one of the many reasons is definitely Sukkie! Let’s hope that I’ll be lucky again on this year that he is going to held concert or fans meet while I’m there. Like last year! Hahaha…

    • Rose, congrats~!! wedding shoot in Korea~! sounds wonderful, and the pics will be lovely ^^

      erm… don’t spend too much on Sukkie this year! 🙂

      • Aphrael, it’s so hard not to spend so much on Sukkie. But I bet this year, the fight is gonna be even much more tougher than last year. I am lucky to be able to meet him in person twice last year. I hope I will be as lucky again this year.

        Regarding the photo shoot in Korea, yes, I’m very excited. I hope it will turn out beautiful and lovely. Thanks for your good wishes, Aphrael.

  3. omo!!! I do hope Philippines is included on this year’s asia tour. Cri show last year was one of the best nights of my eel life.


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