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  1. Wowww….thank you tenshi-chan. I’m so surprised and also impress with your speedy sub. Sukkie finally meets his match with Mana-chan. She is super cute and so talented child. Sukkie is sooo sweet when he kneeled down to Mana-chan level to greet her. Ohhh…I’m so loving him! Who would not love his thoughtful and wonderful gesture here!!

    When Sukkie is with a children, he acts like a child himself….no wonder they love to play with him and feel comfortable being with him. Lol…. I remember the Baby and Me days…and the Video where he went to visit the disabled children….priceless!! I truly believe that Sukkie has a pure heart, and its shines through everyone who comes in contact with him. Sukkie is very very special person!!!

    • You noticed that he kneeled down to Mana-chan level to greet her? Yes, he’s so thoughtful! This program is one of the best which describes his real nature. So smart and mischievous and sincere! 🙂
      I think he chose when he should use his mother tongue, Korean. He’s already been good at handling Japanese, but still he’s careful to tell how he really feels. So he spoke Korean when he commented about Mana-chan’s question and the taste of coffee.

  2. Thanks, tenshi!

    love to see his interaction with children and animals~!
    the chameleon climbing to the top of a Korean star’s head must be the most, er, bizarre news of 2012~!

      • Kaori-chan…so happy to see the Eng sub for this vid as it is the best interview I have seen for 2012 ^_^ really wonderful to see Keun chan with a cute & talented Mana chan here with all the adorable animals.. and I like the part of the real chameleon crawling on the screen chameleon.. really great!!! We can see the nature of Sukkie here.. kind & sincere, adorable, adaptable.. and the recent discovery “Super S” lol!

  3. thanks Tenshi!! ^^ this vid is so precious, and is now on my phone and added as one of the vids i will watch when i am stress or sad. i was LOL on the train throughout my whole journey as i watched this without the eng sub, and i appreciate the conversations even more now with the subbing ^^
    Suk was so sincere and humble throughout the whole program, and i like how he was so at ease, being him, and all his expressions are just so candid (eg. the dog that kept jumping even though it was not commanded to do so, Suk was so amused; when the snake was taken out, he didn’t hide the fact that he was indeed frightened)

  4. Mana-Chan is very sweet and smart little kiddo. And Sukkie knows how to behave properly wherever he may be! He can be sweet, funny, serious and dangerous at the same time.

    thank u tenshi for the sub=)

  5. Thx Kaori – chan for the Eng sub^^

    Both Keun chan & Mana chan r so cute!!

    So envy the chiwawa dog tat can licked his fingers & the chameleon climbed over his shoulder & head….

  6. Thank you for posting this, it was totally adorable. I loved the part where they went to the pet shop. And my favorite part was where JKS played with the Chihuahua puppy in the cage, since I owned that kind of dog for many years. Just goes to show, he notices even the small things!

    Loved how he interacted with others and as other eels have noted he seemed to be really showing his “true self.”

    Personally I think he had a lot of fun filming that!

  7. Hi… i am quite new here. Like to check something… when u post as Eng=subbed, why is it that when i played the video, its just Jap subbed?

    • Hi Jolene,

      When you play the video, at the bottom right-hand corner is a red “CC” button.
      Please click on it and the English subs should show.

      • Hi Aphrael

        Thanks so much!!!

        I hope Singapore be part of Sykkie’s Asia Tour this year!

        Thanks again. Love this website and appreciate ur effort.

  8. A very nice video. He is so cute here. He is so suited to appear in variety show. Such a fun and nice guy. Btw, I would prefer him with a lighter makeup.

  9. thanks for the subs^^! sukkie is so playful! haha and the chameleon on his head! i wonder if anyone went to that store and bought it after that. has anyone else seen the variety show running man? i think sukkie should go on that show! he would be awesome^^

    • Mari, yes Running Man is a very interesting & funny variety show ….. lots of actors & actresses were invited as guest

      Hope Sukkie will have the time to participate one day ^^

  10. thank you so much for the subs, tenshi! i was really hoping you would sub it ‘coz i think it’s one interview that captures sukkie’s “natural” self. like most of you here, i find him really very thoughtful when he knelt down to be on Mana-chan’s eye level. and i can’t forget his facial expressions at the zoo, they were so priceless! he looks excited just like a kid.

    i am so looking forward to the hard-subbed version aphrael mentioned. thanks again, tenshi and aphrael! 🙂

  11. I love love this vid, I have watched so many times. It brings such joy to me when I see him interact with that little girl. The pet shop part is so much fun. I hate snake, I was scream, when they let him hold snake. Poor Sukkie, he must not like that too but go along so well, so brave.

    I have a question, Tenshi, the later part of the program when they were in that coffee shop, the two ladies, They look like comedians. Did one of them said some dirty word? Could be part of the program, sometimes comedians trying to be funny. I heard that some people think Sukkie got offended and that’s why he was a bit serious at the end of program when he saying to ask people watch YMP. What do you think of it?

    The little girl is very cute but I can tell that she has been in the show business for sometime. I wonder if Sukkie would find a bit reminder from her for his childhood age to being in front of camera.

    No matter what, Sukkie is always show his beautiful nature in front of us. Inside and out. We feel so much and the love for him just keep growing.

    • hmmm I noticed that too Sarah…was also wondering abt that. Anyways, over all it was a fun show and it’s nice to see Sukkie enjoying himself.


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