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Final rehearsal at Tokyo Dome. Today’s Tokyo Dome, please burn with more passion ^^

Final rehearsal ended! Today, heart palpitating
最终彩排结束!今天 心扑通扑通的(激动)

SMAP sent flowers and fruit basket to actor Jang’s Tokyo Dome concert. Thanks very much
smap组合 给张演员的东京巨蛋演唱会宋来了 鲜花蓝和水果篮 非常感谢

Thanks to seniors SMAP for their flowers and fruits
感谢smap组合前辈们的 花及水果

Actor Jang’s Tokyo Dome performance! Eels, let your loud screams and cheers ignite the passion at Tokyo Dome … let’s enjoy the performance together, eels. Starting now…
배우 장근석의 도쿄돔공연! 장어분들의 크나큰 응원과 함성으로 도쿄돔을 뜨겁게 달궈주세요^^ 장어분들과 함께 즐기는 공연! 곧 시작합니다..!

The Tokyo Dome performance with eels has ended. Touched by 45,000 people. Thanks to eels for your true love to actor Jang ^^

Performance ended, 25 year old actor Jang!

These autographed balls contain actor Jang’s kind intentions. Thinking that it’ll be good if even one more person can get this ball, actor Jang continued autographing until the start of the concert. To all the eels who came today, thanks once again..!
这是充满张演员心意的签名球。想着多一人也好能得到这个球,张演员一直签到公演开始前为止。今天来到现场的全部鳗鱼 再一次谢谢你们..!

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  1. Wow. I just woke up to find show is over. I was thinking that Aphreal would be kept busy with all the activity. Thanks so much for your hard work. Can’t wait for more stories!

  2. Thank you, thank you so much @aphrael!! Even SmapxSmap sent flowers and fruit for him. Congratulation, Prince!! You did it! You dit it again!

      • They are a Japanese group and he appeared their TV show “BISTRO SMAP (SMAP x SMAP)” before. Sukkie was very happy meeting his idol at the show.

      • @Andrea, SMAPxSMAP is a very famous group band in Japan. Few months ago they invited sukkie to their variety show who regularly invited some well known celebrity such as Lady Gaga, Tom Cruise, Nicholas Cage, Rain,etc. Here is the link for this show, but not full version http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aQvbvKFXISk

      • Thanks for the reply! I really didn’t know. Access to Japanese (well most Asian) programming isn’t exactly available where I am. Just proves how popular he is to be invited. I will watch the video later. LOL My mom decided she prefers to nap in my bed instead of her own so had to turn the volume off my computer.

  3. Just awesome <3 I am really jealous..I wish I was there myself, But It can't be helped.. I'm glad for all of the EELs' who are there.. Sukkie Oppa looks awesome.. as always. I wonder what songs he performed.. Let me Cry is a must Ofcourse..

    Ganbatte ne, Oppa <3 :3

  4. I heard he performed 20 songs.That picture with him autographing the balls is just touching. Just like he said before … he feels love of any kind should be returned by love. This is how he repay your eels!


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