[DVD] You’re my Pet – JKS Filming Diary ~ You can only look at me!!

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This DVD set comprises 3 discs which contain behind-the-scenes filming footage of JKS while he was filming “You’re my Pet”.

Pre-order: 2 Dec to 11 Dec 2011
Estimated release date: Feb 2012
Price: 9,240 yen (excluding delivery)

This is the Japanese website but again not able to explain any pre-order or purchase process as yet.

The last scene is really hilarious – instead of dog chasing man, we have man chasing dog … … πŸ˜€

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  1. As an eel friend puts it aptly, eels have no doubt contributed much to JKS’ first building and now we are marching towards his second building … … ^^

  2. Wow.. thanks. Another video I can look at over and over again. He doesn’t speak much so I just get to enjoy the view. I hope he releases to the international market soon. I really need to find more of his collection of work (outside the dramas and movies I mean). I only have his 2010 Asia Tour DVD (4 disc one not sure if there are others). Even though it feels like I’ve been a fan for a long time its actually been less than 6 months since I discovered him, 5 months since I was trapped, and 4 months since I drowned. I’ve only watched 3 of his dramas fully (YAB twice before I bought it) and none of his movies. I became an EEL because of other fans and his direct interaction with fans as well as because of him of course. So looking forward to finding more and more of his documentaries and BTS. It seems as though is 2011 body of work has been out for awhile but its been such a short time. I just hope Tree J releases more to the international marketplace with English Subs instead of just Japan.

    • Andrea seconds your thoughts!! Let’s petition for Three J to release all JKS’ products for international market with English-Sub. Sukkie have so many fans overseas, more so than his own country. In addition, the international version is the BEST strategy to stop the illegal copies right and to become World Prince sooner than later.

      • I’m going to try to write them a letter. I know its not a simple thing to release internationally because there is licensing and other things involved (one of the reasons for the region codes is to control licensing and distribution). I’m not sure but I believe that they distribute their own work or need to partner with other media distributors which is why they are able to distribute so easily in Japan because they already have connections. Maybe they aren’t sure yet of the success or still testing the waters. It will be a huge investment.

        Regardless, I’m going to try and compose a letter letting them know the interest and mail it off to Tree J. I would love to send Sukkie a fan letter but I have a feeling his receives so many of those and I think it will just become one of so many. Anyone have any idea which department at Tree J handles their media distribution?

      • I agree. Sometimes I feel guilty for wishing some of his work like Budapest or his Asian Tour will get into youtube or something with english subs. But Sukkie will burst with anger if that happens. Lol. Sooo @Andrea hopefully you’ll spread our word to Tree-J πŸ™‚

      • @andrea, go girl! i support you 100%. we have to at least let TreeJ and Sukkie know that he is very big outside of Korea, China and Japan and that international eels are so eager to get a hold of JKS DVDs and products.

      • I’m started writing the letter. Trying to keep it simple and personal but avoiding gushing over Sukkie (that’s the hardest part). I’m planning on handwriting it and also going to put it in the google translator and handwrite the Korean too since I’ve been practicing when I’ve been trying to interpret his APP messages. Anyway, figure it couldn’t hurt.

    • @andrea, i know what you mean. itβ€˜s pretty hard not to gush when it comes to sukkie. handwriting it is a great idea, itβ€˜s more personal. is google translate reliable? i mean, i tried using it before to translate english to korean so i could tweet sukkie in korean, but when i copied the korean characs that google gave and translated them back to english, the message wasnβ€˜t the same… something kinda got lost in the translation. hahaha! so i ended up tweeting in english. πŸ™‚

  3. I have someone help me buy a couple of his movies in Taiwan and they come with duel English and Chinese subs so you can choose to watch it with either Eng or Chinese sub. I suspect the agent company in Taiwan did the subbing. I have been looking for Asia Tour 2010 with Eng sub but still cannot find it. I think it’s released by Japanese company so maybe that’s why they only did Jap sub. Yes, someone should write to TreeJ asking them to include Eng sub or request its agent companies to do so. Taiwan is a smaller market than Japan and if Taiwan can provide Eng sub, surely it should be piece of cake for Japanese agent?!

    • hi Wen…where are you from? I just bought Asia Tour 2010 with English sub which was released by Taiwan company last week. I’m from Malaysia ^_^

    • @wen, are the English translations in the ones coming from Taiwan good? i’ve seen some that are pretty absurd (not Sukkie movies or dramas though) because they were translated literally, and considering the differences in the sentence construction and grammar rules, the subs were hard to understand. O.o

      • Hi Browneyes, I’ve only watched the Chinese subs and it is good quality. I have lent the DVDs to other people who watched the Eng sub but I haven’t heard anyone complain so I expect it must be ok. (I buy only originals, not pirated copies.)

      • thanks, wen! at least now i know that those from taiwan are ok. i was about to buy a DVD from an online website before but hesitated as i wasnβ€˜t sure if the translations are ok.

  4. out of topic , i put this comment to the president of mole hunting Farina.
    it seems that you gives up on your search or did you get cured from your obsession?
    anyway , seeing as i was bored without internet connection i watched another time YAB and i noticed that he had only a mole under his chin , so where did the second one cames from ?
    from my studies i know that we born with our moles , they may change in form or color by time passing but never in number .
    we also know that a long exposure to the sun and the old age can provoke the apperance of marks (taches) wich seems similar to the moles but they are not .
    i zoomed on the pic with the 2 moles and they where identical so i made this two possibilities :
    *it’s a new fashion in the showbiz world to add moles and he’s leadind this wave .
    *he somehow noticed this blog and of course must have seen all Farina’s and other eels comment about his moles and now he’s as his usuel knowingly pranking you by adding moles on his body to disorientate you .
    what do you think , can this be real?

    • Maya, all the mole-hunting action are spilling over on FB! Girls, two-thirds of the members are on FB expressing naughty thoughts (ehemmm… and dreams, lucky gal you!). It’s an extension to this blog and we hope you can join us πŸ™‚

      • Yes.. still blushing about that dream πŸ™‚ If only the cat had left me alone *deep deep sigh* who knows what would have happened next. LOL

      • Andrea, I have to THANK your cat! Now I have to THANK your Mom too for letting me feel a little less jealous! LOL!!

  5. @andrea, I’ve also my simple effort, like tweeting several times to treeJ asking them to release the english version. Petition is indeed a great idea and if you can mobilize others overseas fans especially those who come from western countries to get sukkie and tree J produce their international version then it will be better, we owe you so much πŸ™‚ hope it doesn’t take long time, i want the English version of budapest diary badly πŸ™

  6. Ladies so you all know that i went to see YMP last night if you havent seen eels club on fb let’s just say it was amazing watching JKS everytime he was on screen i find myself smiling… My fav part was when he was home alone pumping the music and dancing around the house and my sec fav part is when he was suppose to performing on stage the scene change him dancing with a group of dancers at a park! Really enjoyed the movie cant wait to see it again wit eng sub πŸ™‚

    i have some free time 2mrw so i might head to Amy choco!!!!

      • I wrote my fav part last night after the movie didnt go into alot of details coz my iphone is running low all the time!!!!

    • OMG, @thewifey could you please give us a hint what is the next scene after Momo following the master ( the BTS cut was posted here yesterday )??
      I really wanna know it,curious! please,please….

  7. I havent been able to watch any clips from this blog somehow internet wont load! What i can tell you is that the movie is very cute and funny i dont understand korean but had a great time πŸ™‚

    • Ya it was!!!suni has this habit of always running away..she even ran away in gotta getcha mv bts!!lol!!
      also i remembr once when suk asked her to give his hand she dint behave well..also he dragged her using her back legs!!!guess there is someone naughtier than sukkie kekeke πŸ™‚ and mayb thats y he is used to dealing with us Naughty eels!! wahahahah!! πŸ˜‰

      • *rofl* i keep on repeating the last part almost over and over again!! it was just too cuteeeeee……..hahahahahah

    • Thank you for sharing! Its nice to know what he says. LOL I hope they release it to the international market. My heart melts every time and he seems to know that we like to see him naughty (like with the icecream bar).

      • Oooh yes! Couldn’t keep my mind innocent with that ice-cream bar scene….! Andrea, between you and me, we are about par on getting the Dirty Old Woman award!

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