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  1. Before my mother’s fan account, I want to share a fan account here. And my mom also said he was sooooooooo great and she’s become more Mero-Mero to Sukkie!

    • Thank you very much Tenshi_akuma. What can i say? I was full of joy and full of smiles just reading the lines of the FA, I can imagine the excitement the attendees must have had there! If just people can realise that when he says : I am genius , it’s not out of arrogance, but that’s what he really is! he is a natural entertainer. Yes , its his natural mischievious thoughtfulness that makes us all young and old becoming mero mero to him!
      Looking forward for Mom’s account too! Thnks again!

    • Thank you Thank you Thank you so much! I am glad you were able to obtain permission from someone to repost an account. I knew it would be great. It is so nice to read the efforts he put in to get closer to his fans. A stadium is so much harder to do that than a simple hall. This just illustrates how much love he has for his fans and how much he appreciates their support. Oh my I am getting misty eyed again… oops actually tears fell. Anyway thank you *big beaming smile*

    • How rude of me , I forgot to thank Tomoe Shinbo-san for her amazing contribution! And I still want to thank you again Kaori-chan! thanks for you and all wonderful Japanese eels we get to experience something special like this even from afar.Thank you Thank you Thank you <3

    • Million thanks Kaori-chan and also please convey our sincere gratitude to your friend Tomoe Shinbo for allowing us a glimpse of the Tokyo Dome concert. I often wonder how Sukkie is so creative to make his performances become an experience that is so different from other entertainers’ shows. He manages to find ways to bring himself closer to his fans, he always thinks of his fans first by giving bits and pieces of tokens with so much love and affection. He certainly knows how to win his fans’ hearts. Even though there are still people with hearts of stone, always looking for opportunities to bring him down, he never let them stop his stride and I believe he will fulfill his promises. We all know he doesn’t make empty promises and on his part fulfilling those promises that he announced at such a public venue will be a huge task that he will take responsibility for. He certainly is not one who will let anybody say that he’s an ’empty gesture’ anymore. Sooner or later he will make those people see that he truly honours his words and let them bite on theirs of him.

      Once again thank you ever do much to you and Ms Tomoe Shinbo for this FA. Looking forward to your Momo’s FA 🙂

    • Kaori-chan, Thanks for the translation & also the sharing by Japanese eel Tomoe Shinbo.. It must be a wonderful experience & I’m so happy that your mum get to experience that show of a lifetime ^_^

  2. I can’t ever thank you enough Tenshi and Aphreal. That was so touching. Sukkie feeling proud of his achievements does not make him arrogant in any sense of the word.
    I wish people would understand that he’s someone who really didn’t have time to be a child and that he still carries those treats with him even though he’s quite smart and mature in other ways.
    When JKS does something new and people like it, he acts exactly like my students when they finally write a letter or draw a picture .. they just want to show it to everyone because they are happy they could achieve it and wants to share their happiness with others. When this child gives this drawing or paper as a present it’s like he’s giving you something really special because he’s sharing his happiness with you. He’s not looking down on you or saying he’s better than you. He’s truly and innocently just sharing his happiness of him finally achieving something he worked so hard for. And that’s how I see JKS. He may not say much but I can feel he went through very very very hard times. I can sense and feel that we he shared is not even the tip of the iceberg.
    This treat is what actually makes him so special. He has so many paradoxes to his personality.
    He’s smart and mature beyond his age in the sense that he can truly take hard blows one after another and still stand up again stronger with positive mindset. Yet he still has qualities of a child who wants to make everyone his best friends and wants to share everything new he learns with the world.
    He’s mischievous and naughty , yet still manage to be innocent in other matters and sometimes even a little clueless!
    He can be silly and funny and yet still manage to be serious and a leader when needs to be.
    He can act cute and lovely at times and at others he can be totally sexy and intimidating.
    He’s not one dimensional that’s for sure , nor can he be stereotyped. He’s just uniquely himself. He was shaped by what he has been through and what a brave and admirable man he had become.

    • well said cri J
      thank you aphrael and tensi for this blog…maybe that’s explain why his eels are more ahjumma rather than youngster coz they understand better and what ever he say will represent himself

    • Well said Cri-J. In a recent interview, Sukkie said he’s not afraid of failing/falling because he had gone through very bad time when he was much younger and nothing can be worse than that. My heart hurts to hear him say that, wondering what made him suffer so much at a time when he should be happy playing with friends. Am glad he is now happy.

      However, it was his bad experiences as a child which help shape him what he is today – he will never treat any one badly nor say bad things about others and he will always help others in need.

      • I wish in the coming generations. They would plan to make a movie of JGS. Have someone play his character and tell how he lived, how success grew, how he grew old with a family..

    • Dear Cri-J, you have said it all and perfectly described the real JKS. Too sad though… not everybody sees him as Eels seeing him. Hope someday his sincerity would be able to reach some of the cold-hearted people. If not like, I pray that those people stay neutral and be indifferent instead of outright hate him.

    • WOW!! what else can I say,you said it all Cri J,,I wish Sukkie can read the things that you said about his wonderful personality..I want to extend my gratitude to Blue Eels for always supporting and loving Prince,you have given Sukkie the love that we all wanted to give him.

      ” Doumo arigatou gozaimasu” …

  3. Must give you a good hand shake and big hug to both of you, tenshi and Tomoe Shinbo coz thank you is just not enough to show my appreciation. Its a great FA for eels like me lives far away from our prince and unable to attend this amazing concert even though yearn to be a part to make his dream comes true. My eyes were drowning with tears of joy too and so full of our prince, salute him on this awesome achievement of his. This idol of ours has such wonderful caring nature that makes us so proud to be his blue eels. We adore you and YES, you will become world prince in no time at all. A standing ovation for such an outstanding one of a kind performance, Keun-chan you are definitely the greatest entertainer of all!!

  4. I think when he says “I’m a genius” my way of viewing this is he is happy that all of his actions and doings came to this (Bringing all his fans to the tokyo dome) or just say being really successful. That every action he made was smart and he wouldn’t regret anything because he made the people happy. So Sukkie,, YOU ARE A GENIUS… Thanks for every move that made us love you. And thank you for the FA…! Reading it always makes me speechless. *Tear tear*

    • agree. it‘s like he‘s patting himself on the back for a job well done – because he‘s given it his best and the outcome was great. 🙂

  5. Thank you tenshi-chan and Tomoe Shinbo. I’m so happy for this FA and sooo happy to hear that Tokyo Dome concert ended successfully and beautifully. Japanese Eels are so lucky to be able to share and experience with Sukkie on this magical and historical of Sukkie’s dream come true event. I can truly feel love and admiration of the author in every words written, and she is so touched by Sukkie’s magical charms. I bet she’ll become eel for life now!! Every time I read Fan Account, my eyes always end up with tears of happiness. Lol… what can I say! I love Sukkie beyond words can describe. Sukkie is truly an amazing and blessed person.

  6. Thanx a lot to FA writers, translators, commenters and special thanx to the owner of this blog !
    I totally agree with what u’ve written above! For me, Sukkie is a priceless breakthrough that I’ve discovered through my life! He never fails to amaze me by his spontaneity, creativity, honesty, sensitivity, maturity, courage, kindheartedness, optimistic personality and especially his devotion to his fans!!!!! I can’t say so much about him cuz I’m still on the way of discovering his new and unfound qualities! Nevertheless, He’s my inspiration in each piece of my life! He has achieved a lot despite his young age, and I hope and I believe that he will achieve more success and worldwide recognition in future!!! And as his loyal eel I’ll always be happy to support and love him on his way to achieving global fame and to building blissful and peaceful family as well!!!

  7. Thank you, Tenshi, thank you to your friend, Tomoe Shinbo, thanks Aphreal. What a joy of reading it and what a happiness we got from reading it. And Sukkie, I think Cri-J comment was perfectly expressed how he was.

    I just love love love him more and more everyday.

  8. OMO… I really hope someday he will come to Indonesia and perform at GeloraBungKarno haha!!! *ok it’s only a dream … indonesian eels can it be happen for real ??????

  9. good morning girls (bahrain time),I’m offline 2 for days imagine how hard that is for me..What is the latest news about our Prince Jang,I will read the fan account later co’z I have no enough time now,gssshh,,I’m shaking!!

  10. everybody has expressed what’s in my mind and heart. i am so proud and happy for Sukkie for everything he has achieved through his hard work, determination, and perseverance. and i admire his efforts in trying to get as close as possible and reach out to his eels and make them feel so appreciated. they are truly very blessed to have the opportunity to experience it firsthand.

    @cri-j, very well said! i agree with you 100%. Sukkie is like a child in a grown man’s body. actually, that’s one of the things that endears him to me ‘coz he always brings out the child in me.

    thanks, tenshi! and please extend our gratitude to your friend tomoe shinbo for letting you post her FA here. and again, thank you aphrael for this blog, where we can share our happy, sad, crazy, naughty (and everything else in between) thoughts about sukkie.

  11. Thank you so much Tenshi & also to your friend Tomoe Shinbo who shared her Tokyo Dome experience with us. 🙂
    Although i am not there, but by reading this fan account it really transports me there virtually!! 😀
    Really happy that so many eels get to celebrate JKS’s dream and making it into a reality for him. So so happy for our Prince! 🙂
    I cannot stop smiling both outside & inside, my mouth & my heart. Really feel so happy.

    Tenshi, i can’t wait to read your mum’s Fan account too! It must have been a great experience and even your mum went Mero-Mero over Sukkie now! hehehe! Your mum is such a sweet lady like you too! 🙂

  12. Hello eels

    i cant remember whether i have posted my fav parts for YMP here as my iphone keeps dying just check out eels club or get better preview from hazy 🙂

    just wanted to let you all know 2day i had abit of time so i drop by Amy Choco but it was closed i might try again on Thursday 🙂

  13. all words to be said has already been said.. just want to say thank you and thank you to all of you here who love sukkie so much and to you aphrael who made this blog and tenshi who help aphrael to give us news of our dear sukkie and of course to the owner of the FA, Tomoe Shinbo.. and to you SUKKIE.. CONGRATULATIONS!!!

  14. For hundred times I like to say my deepest gratitude to @tenshi who had given us ( many times ) such a ‘experience-description’ beautifully ( not to forget a great contribution from Ms Tomoe Shinbo, arigato gozaimasu…)
    But everything here will not happen and and well showed without the The coziest home of aphrael, million thanks to you @apharael…
    @cri-J, salute to you, teacher!! I can’t say more, coz you’ve succesfully pictured sukkie as the real sukkie well ( ..I personally love it much and being touched by your sincere opinion, it reflected your deep love to sukkie…) And I believe NO Eels disagree with you, coz you’re 100% correct!
    Prince, once again congratulation,you did it! Keep fighting! Eels fighting!!

  15. Hi eels here, I’m also happy to share this FA with you. This time I couldn’t attend the show, either. I hope I can share my FA next time!

    I added the translation of her FA here and above. She tweeted a few hours ago.
    Hearing JKS’ message yesterday brought me a lot of power to make my each day more happily than ever. JKS told us at his most sweetest smile, “I’ve made efforts to make my dreams come true. And today you made my dream come true. So I want you to keep your dreams till the day when they comes true.” Why he gave us such precious words every moment??

    • This Sukkie’s message made me cry and cry … (T_T) (T_T) (T_T) (T_T)
      I bet this is one of the most precious messages from Sukkie.

      • yeah it was,,he is so sweet..I have no worries now,bacause he said the he will make my dream come true and that is to see him soon!!!

  16. All that need to be said have been said and well said by eels here.Thanks tenshi and Tomeo for the heartwarming FA. I got teary eyes as I’m reading the FA. It still amazes me how when it comes to Sukkie, yet he still manage to leave me speechless sometimes. I found myself to be so thankful and grateful ( if that’s not too much ! ) that God has sent his angel from above in the form of Jang Keun Suk exactly 24 years ago. The more i learn about him, the more i adore him. Guess I’m in the same boat as eels here who love him for his determination and perseverance. For the last 20 years since he started , he have went through a lot and we can clearly see that he have grown into a fine young man. He went through changes and he became such an inspiration for people especially eels. Honestly, i can never be more proud of him of where he is today. Seeing how hardworking he is in his journey through life makes me want to be a better person in life. In many years to come, i wish that he’ll be bless with much more happiness, joy and all the beautiful things that life have to offer. He deserved all the good things in life as he’s been keeping people around him happy all this while. I’m so proud of him!!!

      • tnx…i love this blog very much..I just read these few hours ago theirs a bad comment on shin hye fan site about sukkie..it’s about scandal etc.. It was a joke why they didn’t understand?…the most important thing is we EELs support and love our Prince Sukkie…

      • Ah. don’t worry about bad comments. Shin Hye and Sukkie are close friends. Its well known they are friends so don’t know why the fans would get upset. Either way its best to be happy for them regardless if they are friends or more. Personally I might just smile thru my tears the day that we find out who Sukkie loves.

    • Welcome cia12 to this wonderful blog. Don’t worry too much about bad comments. All eels here love Sukkie so much. No matter whom he chooses to be his GF or future wife, we will also love that person. Just pray the woman he choose is worthy of his love.

  17. Hi everyone,

    Joining in the celebration mood of everyone here in the success of our Prince’s concert in Tokyo! I guess what needs to be said have been expressed fantastically by everyone, so what can I say?? =)

    Let’s cheer for Sukkie! Hip Hip Hooray!

    ***Thanks to everyone for their posts on the big and little bit and pieces of Sukkie here…

  18. Million claps to him!His lovely smile and precious words comes together from his deep heart , can see from his sincere eyes and face, it’s him!

    • Thanks, QQ
      I translated the vid, but I can’t subtitle it directly now (because in Canada I didn’t bring my laptop…). I asked aphrael to complete it.

      • Thank you so much Tenshi-san. You and aphreal give so much to us. Hope one day we can give back <3

        @everyone :
        I am glad you agree with me on our prince ^_^

    • thankd QQeyes foroYY sharing. and thank you so much tenshi & aphrael for the translation & subbing. looking forward to it being posted here. 🙂


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