[News] Jang Geun Suk Donates $1.2 Million USD to His College

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Jang Geun Suk has donated $1.2 million USD to his college, Hanyang University, it was revealed on November 23. The news was first shared on Hanyang University’s donation site, and students started spreading the word, which resulted in the school confirming the contribution.

“Jang Geun Suk made the donation without notifying the school in advance. But his name was revealed on the school’s donation list and his contribution was made public,” Hanyang University said.

On November 22, Jang Geun Suk’s name was first revealed on their donation site under the name, “Theater Major Jang Geun Suk,” with the amount $1.2 million USD mentioned on the side. But his name was deleted on November 23, raising speculation over the validity of his endowment.

This donation turns out to be the highest ever amount by any Hanyang University student or alumni. Two Hanyang University alumni donated $1 million USD each in the past.

Jang Geun Suk is well-known for his love for his school. Even during a leave of absence, he showed up at the school’s festival and concerts, and often stopped by with pizza and drinks for his friends.

“I wanted to make this donation without letting others know, but it’s a bit frustrating how it was made public. I hope this helps my juniors who are struggling through rough times,” Jang Geun Suk said.

Hanyang University said they will create a “Jang Geun Suk Scholarship Fund” with today’s donation and will be spent on helping theater-major students.



42 thoughts on “[News] Jang Geun Suk Donates $1.2 Million USD to His College”

  1. this is already day-old news that most of you know 🙂
    i was too busy with work today, and any number bigger than 1 million puzzles me, so work out the zeroes~!

    a truly generous and selfless act from dear Sukkie …

      • think 6….wah our generous sukkie…mayb i can ask him to sponsor me an i phone or android phone…sukkie am also a poor student 🙂 …though am not a theatre major 🙁

      • Hmmmm how many zeroes????
        So should be how many zeroes LOL

        Surely a very big amount to me.
        Sukkie for sure you will receive back more than u give :-*

      • our prince wil help ly student eels sis not working eels kekeke!! but since u allowed that we both can kiss him i shall put in a good word for you!!!

      • Thanx, Meg! U sure don’t forget good deeds, huh?! ^_~
        U know what, i’m thinking of becoming Hanyang’s student!! Then i could see our Prince every day (and get his scholarship as well….kekeke)! Lol! What a great idea!

      • But heard sukkie completes his education this year?am i right?so i dont think we can see him but we can get his scholarship though!!

    • Aphrael, it is great that you repost this article here even though some eels may have seen it elsewhere. It deserves a place here to commemorate the mammoth generosity from our prince! It is also easier to find after it is archived and new eels in future can read it too. So thanks Aphrael.

      I think Korea should award Sukkie a youth entrepreneur, youth achievement award or something. He is a role model for young people. He already owns a multi-million dollar company at a young age. He has been in the industry for 20 years and experienced in modelling, acting, MC-ing, DJ-ing. He acts, sings, directs, produces, writes scripts. He is an artiste, a businessman and a Hallyu wave star a the young age of 24. And despite all this, he still continues his university studies. An impressive young man indeed!

      • I so agree with you wen, and the fact that he wants to give without being noticed is such a humble act.

        BTW, i noticed that there aren’t any news re: keun suk on the Nov. 21 awarding of the Minister of Culture..

        last, off-topic: gosh, 2 days to go and it’s Tokyo Dome already.

      • oh.. thats sad he couldn’t make it. That explains why I couldn’t find pictures anymore. Does that mean he didn’t receive the award or did someone accept it in his honor?

    • Your right.. that picture displays his beautiful lips quite nicely but thats beside the point (what? am I crazy? of course I notice the lips *head thumps desk*). Anyway, yes its a very generous donation which he probably didn’t realize would get publicized. He was probably trying to avoid the ceremony/banquet hooplah and didn’t expect his name to get out there. Must be very frustrating for him at times.

      Oh and Farina remember I said I share. Sukkie’s lips are for everyone

  2. I read the news that many Korean netizen, including who had criticized Sukkie before, began to praise him after knowing the news. I was simply happy to hear that, because they understood Sukkie was a kind of person who really wanted to be of service to other young people, not a pretentious guy at all. As he said in BIFF, I’m sure he will carry out to make a law to help child actors in the near future.
    I’m really proud of being his eel and he makes me feel so at every moment. He’s always doing his best to make his dream come true. Luckily many people now understand he carries his words, so there’ll be more and more his supporters to help his dream together. Of course, we eels must be a part of it.
    Can’t stop loving him more and more… *sigh*

    • that is great news!! Sukkie is really a man of his words,,I believed in him and will always be proud of him..More to come My Prince!!

    • good to hear about that! sukkie will be blessed beyond his expectations because he knows how to appreciate what he has & knows how to give back.

  3. He is such a nice and caring guy…. eve if enemies also can turn into friend as he has a kind heart that can make ppl’s heart melt for him~!

  4. @ TheWifey: Have you watched YMP? Please please give us a review with lots of spoilers 🙂 It will be months before they release a DVD version of it… I don’t have the patience to wait that long….

  5. I was very touched, perhaps this is the main reason suddenly I fell interest in Jang Suk who previously never happened to me ..Sukkie go .. go .. wish you lots of luck in future … your parents are so lucky to have son like you

  6. Proud to be an eel.! Usually when I become a fan of an actor or actress, 3 years later their popularity or their doings aren’t as powering as the beginning. BUT JGS, i think his love for other people will come a LONGG wayyyy.

  7. JKS’ sharing of his blessings will be rewarded a hundredfold. Someday he will look back and say that he has lived a meaningful life,with no regrets because he had chosen a path where only the brave few dared to go and he came out a winner. He has lived a life that he wanted and not what others want him to be. There are those who threw stones at him by writing bad publicity, but I hope that they will also be fair to JKS by giving JKS the credit he deserves. I heard there’s a lot of them getting converted now after hearing the news. Welcome! Time to get a life of meaningful existence and have fun along the way.That’s what we have – the PROUD EEL’S OF JKS. We have this special bond with JKS, “Kizuna” as he says. We are proud of our love, support and most importantly our loyalty to JKS and how we care for other eel’s too. This is something only an a true blue eel can understand.
    I guess now, he is busy preparing for his concert, I pray for his safety, good health and success of his show.
    Andrea girl, I know it’s probably late, but better late than never, I hope you are feeling alright now.
    To Aphrael, Tenshi_akuma and to Farina thank you for the updates, ‘love the videos.

  8. the first time i know JKS i started to watch the video he is in and came across to the video when he still a radio DJ, at that time i felt that this boy is so passionate and sincere of what he is doing so i said to myself i want to know more about this artist and spend a lot of time infront of computer and even got lack of sleep.. but i think its not wasted because he is a wonderful person.. JKS, wish you lots of blessings to come so that you can give and share more.. so proud of you just like a family!!

    thanks to this blog that i can share all my thoughts about my most love artist.. more power and praying for your health, aphrael and tenshi and of course to all eels here that makes my day great!!! 🙂

  9. @ happy thanksgiving day to all usa eels @ hi everyone to all of eels here . i just wanted to introduce myself ‘coz i think im the only one eels from Nepal . actually i watched baby and me film before YAB .(this was coincident tt my fren insisted me to go cd shop with her n there i found baby and me cd when i saw cute>3 boy i decided to buy this cd) i hav also YAB incident my fren brother insisted me to watch YAB and forcefully gave me YAB cd. Now im bocome his eels. then i search jks here and there .
    i found this blog 3 or 4 month ago n i read all ur article and comment n im happy tt i found this blog n know more abt sukkie . now he is one and only my fev koren actor (although i watch other actor flim) .

    after reading this news im so so so proud to be his eels ….. wish he did more n more charity works……hav a happy life prince

  10. So proud of our Prince! He really has a big heart! Very few artistes do this kind of big donations and wanted not to be known by the public. JKS is really a one of a kind! I can’t think of anyone else who is like him. I’m a very proud eel! Drowning more to his pond…

    @Farina, did you receive my email (info) about the eels’ blog? I didn’t get an acknowledgement from you… Thanks!

  11. Well Done! Keun Suk as always. Becoming even more of a Leader of Men everyday with his big heart, generousity and quiet consideration.


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