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    • I’m little jealous actually, seing them often working together. But I’m agree with Mai4Luv the last shoot is adorable and so mysterious just like Miracle said….

  1. I heard that he donated 1 million usd to his university, is it true? Can you provide any further information? Thanks in advance aphrael end tenshi πŸ™‚

      • Thanks! I wondered what the money was earmarked for but hadn’t really looked for the article (been lazy today). I was hoping that is what it would be for.

        Sorry if I seem vague just figure people want to read the article without me spoiling a few key details πŸ™‚

      • Also, there was a recent article that his donation is the largest donation that Hanyang University ever recieved.! For sure more men who are in the college course of theater or filiming will appreciate JGS’s thoughtful actions and look deeper into his personality. But I was really touched how he wanted to donate the money quietly, which meant he didn’t want to show off or grab attention from the public. Such a man. @Andrea (USA) Hope you’re doing fine. I wish Sukkie finds out how much impact he can make in eel’s lives. I too went through sad emotions a few months ago, but Sukkie seriously knew how to bring a smile to my face. This blog filled with loving eels will surely give effort to try and make you feel better πŸ™‚ Stay positive! πŸ˜€

  2. This is off topic. Since I am fairly new fan, thought that this article might interest those newbies like me. I am really awed by the fans gesture here. I came to know abt JKS thru YAB drama a couple of mths ago and have been digging up the net on the drama. Read thru the drama recaps and the comments made me understand appreciate JKS better.



    • I feel the same way. Not only did Jang Keun Suk draw me in with his devotion to his fans but the also the loyalty and devotion fans show him. I think it is evident by our very presense and participation on this blog as well as other fan sites and pages that our fellow Eels and fans are JKS’s true strength. He’s even inspired me to learn Korean. I have just started but I’m learning to interpret Korean letters for form words and sentences and attempting to translate them. I’m not very good but he is the reason that I feel compelled to learn. Anyway, I think just about everyone would agree that its always nice to share information whether is be video, article, or simple anecdotes because eventually everything get buried in older content so it becomes fresh and new for anyone that missed the original posting.

  3. Oy! I actually watched it several times already. Another video I will be coming to for a short burst of energy. Like Eels do for Sukkie.. Sukkie does for me. He gave me so much comfort today just by his existance and the wonderful people that I have met here. I can’t really explain how I felt today. Its not something that could be put into words. Something that happened brought back a lot of sorrowful memories and caused me to go into a deep depression today on top of coming up with a sudden illness. Sukkie was like a shining beacon for me. I had just reached rock bottom in my feelings when suddenly I recieved an APP notice that there was a new message. I don’t know how much is able to shared about the APP contents but there was a picture the just melted my heart. It was as if he knew. I know this is fantasy but it was exactly at the right moment. A 2nd APP notice quickly followed the 1st and when I opened the message there was a series of pictures and a message that again felt as though it were directed at me.

    On top of the APP messages there was also a few on the FB Eels club page that were kind enough to offer me support without even knowing what was going thru my mind and made me laugh with the usual pervyness. So I just want to thank everyone here for making JKSForever such a haven and a comfort. This blog has been the kindest and most supportive place.

    • Andrea, we don’t know what you have been thru now …….
      No matter how sad and depressed it was, it will go off one day
      As what JKS said, “For sure there is a way out”
      Take it easy ……on health matter, maybe can seek our doctor eel, Maya for advice

      @ Maya, can you help ???

      • i agree “there is always a way” Sukkie inspires me to overcome my sorrows and insecurities and become a better person like him..Everyday I’m always excited to wake up because I’ll be seeing his face and will be reading wonderful article about his good deeds..

    • hi andrea, what ever you’re going through right now, it’s good to know that we eels were able to lighten up your load a bit. and of course, we’re not just eels ..we’re also friends the moment we encountered each other here in this blog. our warm hugs for you..\(^_^)/..

    • Love is always what we find in this blog, either we give it (to Sukkie and eels) or receive it (from Sukkie, and definitely from fellow eels). It’s always here to stay, so keep fighting!!!!..never-ending thanks to Aphrael πŸ™‚

    • @ andrea… life do get tough,and when it get tough..you know you can turn to someone you trust. But still, if you feel like talking…eels here are more than willing to listen. But hey, Sukkie and this blog will sure bring smiles to your face everyday just like it does to me everyday !!! I can only say that when there’s hardship, we’ll just have to be strong to face it. With the comfort of love ones , it’ll be better eventually… *hugs*

      *falling of chair* hahahha …oh my…the video…the last frame….that intense look….totally rock my day@and world… GO GO PRINCE OF WORLD!!!

    • Dear Andrea, I hope you feel better and get well soon. Isn’t this blog the best!! We are all here for common denominator, JKS, but we are also here for friendship, always feel supportive and welcome by everyone in this blog. When I feel down or sad about life in general, I always seek this blog and Sukkie’s daily vitamin of course.

      Happy Thanks’ Giving everyone in USA. Enjoy life to the fullest and enjoy spend time with your previous family.

      • LOL …typo again. I meant to say enjoy spending time with your PRECIOUS (not previous) family. Again, Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

    • Thanks. I just love the people I’ve met on this blog. It was just a rough day. Although my grandmother passed away 12 years ago I was very close with her and an author that both she and I admired and shared books passed away yesterday. It brought back a lot of memories and I really started to miss her yesterday. I usually have ways to cope with things like that but kinda got food poisoning from something I ate.

      Sukkie’s sudden APP message after days of silence couldn’t have come at a better time. It helped me with the depression. LOL but nothing could help with the food poisoning. I’m feeling better this morning but probably going to take it easy.

      • Just want to drop a short to you Andrea and other eels here in the US, Happy Thanksgiving! I’m thankful for the world has Sukkie such a brilliant person, I’m thankful for this blogs that bring us, the eels closer.

      • @andrea, read this only now. i hope you’re feeling better…

        whatever it is you’re going through, remember that you have us eels here to turn to… and sukkie, he will never fail to make you smile and feel better. that’s what he does for me. when things get a little tough, i either listen to his songs or watch his funny videos. sometimes, i just stare at his photos for a long while and i start to feel lighter and happier.

        hang in there, girl! πŸ™‚

  4. totally love the last frame! that intense stare just makes me feel like he’s looking into my very soul… or undressing me. hahahaha! πŸ˜€

  5. Hi all,

    I was looking through some funny behind the scenes and found this video. Although it’s mainly for “Jeremy”, but there is a short 3-4 seconds scene (at t=0.25s) where I think JKS expression is very funny. Think he was trying to control his laughter and finally broke out when Jeremy NG first… Quite funny video. For your viewing pleasure…

    Thanks for the wonderful updates and messages on this blog… =)

    • Awesome! Thanks for sharing. I really need to crack open the YAB DVD I bought. The entire main cast of YAB is probably the best ensemble I’ve come across in the small handful to dramas I’ve seen so far. Forgive me for saying this but I think Lee Hong Ki has the purest voice of the group.

      • In my opinion, Suk owns the pure voice! Lee hong ki’s voice is kinda “noisy” but is really strong! I think some songs of Ftisland worth to listen to! I do listen very often!

    • I think they each has their own distinct strengths where voices are concerned. Without a doubt Hongki has the strongest voice and Jung Yonghwa has the most pleasant but I feel Sukkie has this unique voice, a rich timbre that is velvety, deep, warm, sexy, melting, soothing, romantic all in one. The only thing he lacks is formal vocal training. And I’m confident if he wants to pursue it professionally, he will be a success in no time.

      • Oh.. Sukkie has the richest voice definately. Kinda reminds me of this glass of wine I’m drinking; very smooth and with a hint of dark cherry. I like to compare his voice to dark chocolate velvet. I didn’t mean to start anything (oops). I recognize him anywhere. I made a comment recently that I heard a song playing randomly on my MP3 (I have so many songs I set it at random otherwise I would never hear them all) and Goodbye came on. At the time I had downloaded (from dramabeans because they post links to songs from dramas sometimes) it I was just mildly interested in him because of YAB but was cooing over Gong Yoo (this was probably in May). When I encountered the song over the summer I had thought to myself that sounded like JKS but I was already trapped. Since then I’ve drowned in his pool of Eels (I would say July or August) and wouldn’t hesitate if I heard his voice. I even grew to like Gotta Getcha and its one of my motivation songs.

      • is it just me, or do sukkie and ken hirai sound alike? it seems as if i’m listening to sukkie…

      • Nice song. Still prefer Sukkie. Ken Hirai is a really good singer but not exactly my style (although Sukkie wasn’t my style until I fell for him). Let Me Cry is closer to my style but still a little too pop music. But my taste in music has changed a bit since I became trapped and drowned.

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