[Pics] Amy Choco cafe, anyone?

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A cafe that Momo and Owner went to on 9 November, also popular with other stars.

More pics / directions,


강남구 신사동 512-8 준영빌딩 1층 에이미초코 카페
Gangnam-gu, Shinsa-dong 512-8, Joon-young Building, Level 1

* best to copy and print the Korean address for those who plan to go!

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  1. Oh my. Another pilgrimage sight for when I go to Seoul. I have a feeling driving around Korea won’t be very practical 🙁 Is Seoul really big? anyone know? I am going to have to figure out their public transportation system. Hope its not as complicated as Rome. And why aren’t there very many tour options for Americans! Okay, I have to calm down. I just finished cooking and preparing everything that can be done in advance for tomorrow’s feast day. Already messed up one of the side dishes and had to get creative so its edible tomorrow. 🙁

    • hi andrea, Seoul for me is really big..they have the Seoul Subway with almost 12 inter-connecting lines, but this is the most convenient way for travelers there..

      ..enjoy with the cooking ^_^!

      • But I just finished. I didn’t burn it. And it wasn’t quite me who made the mistake but its my responsibility to get all the food ready. I still have a lot to do tomorrow. My grandmother taught me how to cook creatively because she grew up during the American Depression when food variety wasn’t easily found so I learned to make do with what I find. Usually my food is edible 🙂

      • Oops I’m still trying to get used to my new phone. So ther typos you will see a lot. I love my new phone. It’s the phone that Sukkie endorsed. Sumsung Galaxy S II, an android phone. Highly recommand.

      • Haha. Yeah have same problem with typos. Funny thing about phones. I discovered Korean dramas AFTER I bought my smartphone. Actually my smart phone probably helped with my addiction which led me to discovering Sukkie and as a result I found this blog! Yay for my smartphone! Anyway, if I had discovered before I probably would have bought one of the Samsung models that were available at the time. All my cellphones up til recent have been LG models but I bought a Motorola cause I wanted a droid (I have the Droid X model) but than I discovered tablets shortly after but too cheap to buy a new phone. I’m not big on buying celebrity endorsed products LOL even for Sukkie but there has been a few things I wanted but not available in US like Nature Republic and Charlotte-i chocolates.

        I was wondering if Sukkie was likely to give a shoutout to his American Eels for our holiday. 🙁 Doesn’t matter as long as he’s traveling safe. I wonder if he’s in Japan now.

      • funny, i just finished looking at that Samsung Galaxy S II and planning on buying but i’m wondering if that new Samsung Galaxy Y is much better?

      • can you please educate me,*_*..does Samsung Galaxy s II can operate/download Sukkie’s application,because that is my first requirement before buying a new phone..Tnx!!

      • @charlotte, i believe the Galaxy S II is capable of downloading his app ‘coz the Galaxy Ace, which is a lower model, can.

        @mightyaissis, galaxy Y is quite OK but S II’s features are better. and if you’ll be downloading sukkie’s app, it might not be compatible with the Galaxy Y as the screen is small. that’s my problem with my LG, it has the same screen size as Galaxy Y, and i can’t download his app. 🙁

  2. Farina would love to go but i really dont have time to head back to Gangnam-gu unless JKS invites me himself lol

    Andrea not sure if you have been to Japan but its similar not too hard to work out the train system although looking for addressesight be challenging!

  3. Would love go to SK for my first overseas trip hehehe….need to take notes now hahaha….might be sooner than I think….hahahaha *wishful thinking*

    • I have even gone as far as checking the available jobs in SK, just in case I can find a suitable job there, just for the sake of seeing JKS (think about leaving my work just to see JKS, hello, reality check please…) I’ll just wait till he comes over and do a CRI show here, really hope it will be soon.

      • lol.. I did the same thing wondering what the job market was like in Korea but found that I just don’t have the skills to qualify for any jobs available to foreigners. Plus I can’t just leave me Mom. It was just a thought.

      • I’m just planning a trip. Relocation would be nearly impossible for me. South Korea seems to have some of the toughest immigration rules I’ve ever seen and I’m practically at the bottom of the list because of nationality and ethnicity *sigh*.

  4. hmm… i guess if the train system is in English too I can figure it out. I like public transportation believe it or not. Never been further from home than Rome. But when I go to Asia planning on going to Japan and Korea as well as whichever other country Sukkie holds his Cri show where we can all meet up.

    • Andrea, when I visited SKorea back in 2004, its was a Winter Sonata inspired theme tour. Due to the drama’s huge popularity, many ppl started chosing S Korea as a holiday destination. I dont even watch any drama series, Korean or otherwise and I just followed my friends there due to majority decision. Now I undertand why we eels are so eager to visit Korea now that that I myself have become an ardent though much overaged fan of Sukkie. I believe my hubby thought I am crazy and improper to have crush over much younger celebrity from my past preference to books over movies/dramas. He dont understand my sudden interest in Sukkie when I have never been a fangirl my whole life. So now this site is the only venue where ppl like me are not deem crazy or improper. I am glad.

      • Yeah. I understand. I haven’t been a fangirl most of my adult life either. I was when I was younger but when Kurt Cobain died I was devastated and still mourn his passing. I like Sukkie for so many reasons but his mental health and attitude in life are very important to me because I dont think I could go thru what I went thru all those years ago again.

      • I used to collect pix & make a scrapbook on Duran2 & Pierce Brosnan but this is my only obsession ever. I never bothered to go after celebs for autographs or whatever when I was working at the airport. I saw Julio Iglesias, David Soul, some Liverpool footballers(I accompanied my friend to get the autographs of John Barnes & Ian Rush), a few friends escorted MJ and I wasn’t interested to get his auto/photo either… I really can’t explain what power Suk has over me…

      • i can relate to that,just today I fill up a membership form and I will send it to JKS Phils later.Another thing is,I called my friend in the Philippines and ask her to buy me N.R products just to get JKS freebies and his mini standee.She asked me,who is that guy?Why are you so excited and willing to spend money then she laughed at me!! I don’t have the time,just get me those products before its gone,Ok!!,then she said,ok fine!,hahaha.. I need to do that before its too late because my vacation will be Summer of 2012,so those freebies might not be available that time,right?

      • same here. i haven’t really followed any celebrity before, much less collect photos, get autographs, etc. i do admire some but that’s the extent of it. that’s why i’m puzzled by why Sukkie has this effect on me… i don’t know, it’s just unexplainable. 🙂

      • Farina.. I had just turned 21 and I was just about to up and scrap my life to become a groupy to follow Nirvana around the country. I had just bought my first car and had thousands of dollars saved up. When I found out that Kurt Cobain died I got in a really bad car accident I was so distraught. Its been 17 years and I still to this day get a little weepy when I hear him singing. This is the reason I haven’t become dedicated to anyone before Sukkie. Fortunately Sukkie seems to be a happy and free person with little or no artifice about him. I won’t go for dark and broading ever again.

  5. i am actually staying right in Gangnam area, and my office is in Gangnam, just a pity i have to work during the day and can’t be outside….was trying to search for Tree-J building last night in the cold (minus 3 degrees) but cannot find…will continue the search today after work…..hmmm..maybe i should ask my local colleague to bring me to this cafe 🙂

    And the good news…I am watching YMP this Saturday!!! Yeah!!! The show is ending this weekend, so fewer cinemas are showing (and at odd hours), but am glad i managed to advance book the ticket!!! So looking fwd…

    • really??!!! please share to us how good the movie is… give your review after watching it!! its lucky of you.. 🙂

      • Ok i will 🙂 i dun understand Korean nor Japanese (i think there is Jap subtitles) but i am just gonna enjoy every moment of the show!! 🙂

    • hi hazy,

      if u can share your review with us, it’d be wonderful but if not, no stress. I’ve sent an email to u.

      Happy watching YMP~!

    • If you are taking the subway, go to Gangnam-gu Office station.
      Get out at exit 4.
      After you’ve climbed the stairs out of the station, turn 180 degree to your left (ie turn back).
      Walk about 10 steps, then turn right (basically take the first right turn).
      Go straight for about 100m.
      TreeJ is on your right.

    • Hazy From train stop 730 (sorry cant remember what line)you need to walk down a main road on the ground floor is a suit shop(for wedding) and florist i was searching for it and was strolling pass when my cousin told me were’re here!

      Lucky you to get tickeys for YMP went to the cinema before and was told its finish… Might have to go in Myeongdong or something… Have you just started working in Korea?! 🙂

      • Thanks Samaritan and thewifey 🙂 I am actually going there during lunch later, my wonderful Korean staff offered to bring me to Tree J, and have lunch in that area. They also tell me that this cafe is located in Sinsa area, which is a popular place for young people and its cafes…a nice place to go too (so i may go there for coffee tomorrow too)

        And…I am watching the movie tonight!! (managed to change the tickets, again with help of local colleagues)…can’t wait

        Wifey: i am actually watching in Megabox in Gangnam. I know it’s still showing in Maxmovie (at Sinsa station, line 3) and they have seats for Sat 1020 and 12nn shows…i am sure Myeongdong area there are movie theatres still showing too, hope you got to watch YMP too? I am actually on business trip here and i am very thankful i do get to travel to Tokyo/Seoul at least twice a year 🙂

  6. i think lots of us here want to go to South Korea because of Sukkie.. he is really a great ambassador for his country.. he can attract lots of foreigner.. 🙂

  7. @migrap26, yeah you’re right, Korea took a great decision choosing him as the ambassador of tourism. Imagine how many Eels around the world who’re dying to go to Korea just to feel the the weather of prince’s hometown…

  8. Off topic- Is there any1 who download files 4m asia torrents?? I need some points over there. I didn’t knw about the strict rules of this site, n now I’m banned 4m downloading file 4m there……:( Its keeping me away 4m kdramas….Should have continued seeding.


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