[Video] Shuffling at TBC CF making

Credits: infinitySui

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78 thoughts on “[Video] Shuffling at TBC CF making”

  1. he’s soooo cute! i noticed that when he works, especially for indoor photo shoots, there’s almost always loud music in the background. it seems he’s more comfortable working that way. i remember KHN saying something about it in one of their interviews, that he always plays loud music on the set. πŸ˜€

    • That’s because she didn’t walk the red carpet. But she tweeted about it the same day. She supported YMP with passion and said that she loved it because JKS has filmed it with so much passion and affection.
      There was also the famous tweet where she supported our prince with a very nice tweet about him being a great person (Just days before JKS left twitter) and that YMP is an amazing movie. JKS replay was “μ‚¬λž‘ν•΄” ^_^

      • Cri-J, please enlighten me on what is μ‚¬λž‘ν•΄? excuse me…for Korean words, I only can recongnise “μž₯근석” ^_^
        Since the recent Code Combine interview with Sukkie, I notice PSH has grown to be a matured young lady as she used to tease Sukkie a lot like a little playful sister during YAB period

      • @cri-j and QQ. I think it means love you. Right?
        Cri-j, could you tell me pls. how I could write Korean letters on computer , if this is an easy thing to explain. Thanks.

      • Its romanized as “saranghae” so I love you πŸ™‚ I’m teaching myself to read Korean characters but having a hard time with pronunciation (mild speech disorder) but its fun to write it out.

      • @Andrea, yay, I am teaching myself too, and believe me you’re not the only one having difficulties with pronunciation, but I agree it’s fun to write it out.

      • Yes , it means “I love you” “saranghea” ^_^ If anyone is intrested here is print screen of the tweets:
        here is the full translation:
        [11/12 @ssinz and @AsiaPrince_JKS]
        Shin Hye: You’re My Pet premiere!! Keun-suk oppa really put in a lot of affection into filming the movie… Although oppa is always driven crazy by crazy moments, he is a really great oppa.. Hmm.. You’re My Pet daebak>___<?

        JKS: Perfect!!!! μ™„μ „!!!!

      • Sahar.. I’m quite proud of myself when I figure it out although on twitter Sukkie and others tend to use a lot of slang or abbreviations so loose what they are trying to say but still when i get it right I get a real kick out of it. Of course I recognize his name immediately LOL

      • weird , for some reason some words are being omitted … my last try…. sorry aphreal for the repeated posts.
        [11/12 @ssinz and @AsiaPrince_JKS]
        Shin Hye: You’re My Pet premiere!! Keun-suk oppa really put in a lot of affection into filming the movie… Although oppa is always driven crazy by crazy comments, he is still a great oppa.. Hmm.. You’re My Pet daebak>___<?
        JKS: Perfect!!!! μ™„μ „!!!!

      • There is really something weird!I will write it without the haguel JKS said “I love you” then PSH said “what I did was great right!” and he then answered “perfect!!”

    • Sorry , some parts got omitted by mistake:

      [11/12 @ssinz and @AsiaPrince_JKS]
      Shin Hye: You’re My Pet premiere!! Keun-suk oppa really put in a lot of affection into filming the movie… Although oppa is always driven crazy by crazy comments, he is still a great oppa.. Hmm.. You’re My Pet daebak>___<?

      JKS: Perfect!!!! μ™„μ „!!!!

  2. i always noticed that he almost always have his background music on especially if he’s working on a photo shoot.Must have to set the mood to trap the eels…hehehhehehe.Btw, love the fact the he enjoy and love what he’s doing and is passionate of his job.

  3. Off topic but thought I would share this.. I found myself explaining Pigrabbit to someone today and they got a glazed look in their eyes. LOL. I really need to live or be around more people that understand my obsession for Prince Sukkie. They did smile politely though.

      • Same here! @QQeyes007, i noticed at the video you posted that they already have YMP translated to english and german….. hope they could start selling dvd’s of it . . . . hohohohoho!!!!!

    • andrea & ione, you can say that again! a lot of people don’t get my craze over sukkie. well, they don’t really know what they’re missing, right? πŸ˜‰

      that’s why i’m very grateful to aphrael for this blog. it’s my haven for all things JKS, and i’m very glad to have found new friends in all of you here. *hugs*

    • Lol! Andrea, I have since learnt to bulldoze my obsession to whomever is within earshot! Just as long as there’s an opening I will rattle on & on abt Sukkie. I’ve had a polite audience so far! Hubby included πŸ™‚

      • Cute! I am too shy to do that! My father looks at me weird every time he finds me watching one of sukkie’s dramas , movies and video’s.

      • Cri-J… my mom is jealous of my Sukkie (and drama) obsession so I try to control myself around her. I got an opening when that someone was looking at my phone charm of Pigrabbit. I started to explain it to her. I don’t think she will ask anything again.

        I showed my mom the wet pick of Sukkie I have on my cellphone. She said he looked like a teenage *head thump* so I pulled out another picture and he was more manly in it and she agreed he was good looking. I blame it on her being legally blind. She can’t see him that well.

      • Lol! Andrea! When i showed his wet pic to my friend, she said that he looked like a girl! Oh, i don’t know what she would say, if i’d shown her JKS’ pic with long hair from MMM!!….

      • hehehehe explaining pig rabbit … well it’s not the same if she didn’t see the drama .. I mean who wouldn’t love dweji tokki!?
        I think our mom’s are used to rough looking guys. Since you are from USA and I’m from the middle east.Men that are so pretty they can pass for a girl are rare in our countries.But rest assured that seeing him in a tux will change their mind.

      • I know.. before finding Sukkie (as well as Korean dramas and Korean Men) my taste in men were a whole lot different (search Joe Manganiello sometime and he was who I was going gaga over for awhile, even nicknamed him “Monkey Bars” because I joked I could play on him all day). My mom likes men like Antonio Banderras and Harrison Ford. I did get her to concede that Daniel Dae Kim from the show Lost was a good looking man. Oh and I love Naveen Andrews too (British Indian actor). If you search any of them you get a pretty good idea how my preferences went until I was trapped and drowned by Sukkie.

  4. ooopppps! sori they were talking abt the manga…. hehehehehehe! but i do wish they could have sukkie’s movie translated also asap so that we all can enjoy it! ^_^

      • Its from a sitcom Orange way before nonstop…it was the drama he starred together with Rain!!!!so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Will save this to my phone. Thanks a lot, Farina….soooooooo cute!!! Where did you find this, huh???
      Sukkie was happily whining and oh luv that” i’m gonna kill u” expression when the pacifier was stuffed into his mouth. Come to mama…my cute baby. I’ll make you smile and laugh again!!! Hahahahahaaaaa!!!

    • I hv to apologise to the appropriate uploader. I can’t remember where I got that gif from. I think from JKS Arab fc on FB…. If the uploader ever comes across this post, my sincere apologies and all credits to you. Peace πŸ™‚

  5. annyeong haseyo from Seoul to all eels πŸ™‚

    I’ve been here for a few days now its very cold over here! Everywhere I look JKS is staring back at me smiling… Tonight my cousin and I was planning to attend the Korea culture & arts award but its too cold so my cousin pull out so I didnt end up going but today i manage to visit tree j company i only manage to speak to JKS staff and left him a present! I was wondering if JKS could of been upstairs… After that made my way to Lotte World Jamsil OMG love this place feels like i have die and gone to heaven πŸ™‚

    just went to the cinema to ask about You’re my Pet doesnt screen until 2335 abit too late for me as I m heading to Busan tomorrow morning maybe when i come back… Also if only i was travelling here last month i could of seen JKS as i m staying right at Haeundae beach πŸ™

    • hi wifey~!

      thanks for updating on your whereabouts~! yes, I’m also waiting to go to “jks heaven” too ^^ u must have bought lots of jks stuff!

    • @thewifey, so sukkie’s face is all over the place, huh? i’m so excited for you! and you went to treeJ already… that’s so great! have a grand time! πŸ™‚

    • wow,,you’ve been to Tree J!! Have fun girl and when you’re not busy can you please share to us a picture of you standing in front of Tree J Bldg(i’m sure you did not miss that)hahaha..Thank you!!!

    • I’m happy that some eels (thewifey, Hazy) r one by one realizing our dreams by reaching Seoul and buying JKS stuff, trying his favourite food, taking pics, etc!!! My dream will b totally realized when i myself meet Sukkie, talk to him face to face, take pic with him, kiss him…on his cheeks (aww…)! And surely attend his show together with u, my dear friends – members of our eels club!!! Ah!…what a sweet dream!! I believe dreams come true!…but when??? …

    • Maybe one day all of us will get together and fly to Seoul!How I wish I can meet everyone! Take care of your self thewifey ^_^ have fun for all of us!

    • Wow! I so envy you. I’m hoping to go to Asia sometime in the next year or so. Ideally when Sukkie does another tour (hoping for early to mid 2013.. I know sounds a long time but really time goes fast) throughout Asia and does stops in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Phillipines, etc.. any of those place so more likely to speak English in order for a bunch of us to get together and go to the show together. And then I’m planning on going to Japan and Korea for some touring. Its a dream but still dreams are good and I like to have goals for motivation to save the money.

    • hi thewifey07! so glad that you’re enjoying your trip..i wonder how freezing cold it is in Seoul right now. So happy for you as you are having the time-of-your-life-in-Seoul! hehe..let alone stepping on TreeJ’s office and seeing keun suk’s face all over the city..what’s more fun with that?? Enjoy the rest of your trip!

    • thewifey, as excited as I told you in Seoul ???
      Managed to grap as much as you can from Lotte Duty Free Jamsil ???
      I have been to the “heaven” & back to earth LOL
      Enjoy heavenly there ….

      • Carol i did find alot of things i could of purchase but there’s only so much calendars that i need so i’ll get them next week when i m back in Seoul… I saw heaps of poster, pencil case, fans, socks, notebook but i cant get these things as i dont have my own desk at work we share desk and anything else my husband would burn them lol its true i asked him if i was to win/get the lawsons lifesize pillow what would he do he told me he was going to burn it… So although there’s heaps to buy here i have to limit myself!

        ione its zero degrees in Seoul too cold πŸ™ but its worth it to see JKS everywhere πŸ™‚ yup manage to leave the bottle of red and a small gift for him @ treej!

        Ladies if you have request to follow me on twitter you just have to wait abit until i have acess to computer/laptop as my iphone wont let me accept the request but i have follow you instead πŸ™‚ if you have added me on fb i have recently added some JKS pics ;P but after i come back from Korea i m going to add everyone from the eel club πŸ™‚

        i m Busan at the moment my hotel view is Haeundae Beach if only i was here last month JKS would of been out there with a guitar!!!

      • thewifey, LOL
        If so, go to NR to purchase to get JKS freebies that no need a working desk πŸ˜‰
        Hope yr hubby will b fine with tat

      • Farina cant get the life-size pillow but they do sell pillow case wont get it though hubby might get jealous lol

        Carol yup will be getting items of JKS will take a photo when i have done my shopping πŸ™‚

  6. aphrael77 – browneyes88 you must come to JKS heaven everywhere you go his on CF boards, human size cutout on street, calendar & posters sold everywhere! At the moment have only manage to purchase his Let me cry album & a cute pigrabbit after jeju island i m going to buy everything JKS lol

    Miracle when i was in front of tree j building i was so nervous as i wasnt sure where JKS would be but if i saw him i would of kiss & hug him for sure lol

    as i wont be back to Australia for at least two weeks if anyone wants to add me on fb (let me know your from this blog as i have posted some pics) if your on twitter just add thewifey_07 and i’ll follow back πŸ™‚

    • wifey, if u hug n kiss JKS, i’m sure we’ll see it on internet news within an hour – possible heading: JKS “molested” by passionate Aussie eel πŸ™‚
      …. but hey, hugging is a social courtesy in the West, right? I’m all for hugs~! * wink *

    • Wow.. your in Seoul right now? Ah, I envy you so much. I want to find the Tree J building too and get a picture in front of it. But I think I would be too much in shock if I actually saw Prince Sukkie come out. I’m pretty shy about those kind of things (you wouldn’t think so from the way I am online LOL)

  7. aphrael true true lol wouldnt care if i got charged at least i got to kiss/hug him right?! Do you like fb pics?!?

    Somehow cant upload on twitter πŸ™ add me on fb ltran_t@yahoo.com

    momofoon lol if i was to meet JKS i dont think i would of taken any photos more shock in the moment and steal a kiss or hug rather lol faibt even to get CPR!


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