[News] JKS plans a different production at Tokyo Dome

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JKS succeeded to be sold out his additional tickets of arena tour in Japan held at Tokyo Dome on Nov. 26, 2011. The number is about 50,000! That means he succeeded to sell about 100,000 tickets for his fan meeting held during two months. It’s so amazing!!!! Unfortunately I can’t go there, but my mom will attend it instead of me. She is also his eel now 🙂

According to the news announced recently, the opening will start with 3D film and the audience will enjoy glancing the Prince World such as his bed room and his stage. JKS will invite some guests to this show. They are Big Brother Kurt, Park Shin Hye, Verbal Jint and JOOSUC. Even though the audience went to his arena tour in October, they’ll enjoy this show differently and completely. This show will include his arena tour DVD.

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  1. wow tenshi_akuma , your mom will attend to Tokyo Dome show? i dont know why, but i’m so happy to her (and envy her ;)) , wish she can enjoy all the performance and i think she must learn how to shuffling hehehe
    fyi, i’m in a mission to make my mom become an eel too hahaahaha

    • Yes, you are lucky your mom understands. Mine doesn’t and is actually jealous of the time I spend worshipping Sukkie. I hope your mom has an awesome time. Can she guest Fan Account for us?? Please?

    • Even if I can’t go, I want to celebrate the day when his dream comes true. So I asked my mom to enjoy herself fully for me. I’ll ask her to share her feeling after that.

  2. Wow.. tenshi-chan, your mom is one of lucky eels to be able to attend Sukkie’s concert. This concert sounds super fantastic. I wish I can go!! I’m soo happy for your Mom and envious of her too. Lol… not in a million years would my Mom attend any K-stars’ concerts, coz she is into Chinese and Thai’s dramas more.

    As an eel, my one wish is to see Sukkie in person just one in my life time, I would be soooo happy. sweet dream…..

  3. Wowwww! It has been posted here! Yes, Hacci will be at Sukkie’s concert!!! Of course, the Prince has to have his Princess, and that means Park Shin Hye!!! Can’t wait for the posts about this concert!!!! So excited!!!! 🙂

  4. Wow! 50,000 is phenomenal !! I admire the enthusiasm and loyalty of the Japanese eels.
    So to our Prince: stay healthy and peaceful for the sake of these eels.

    THANK YOU tenshi_akuma for sharing

  5. I know this site recently…. and I am a new eel of Prince J’s world… although i am far away from Eel Country … but i feel near because of Jang’s special Eels….. i really like this site … and i really glad to read ur post and comments…. i proud of myself knowing this amazing Prince J and his beloved Eels…..
    I want to be there in Tokyo….^^

  6. Tenshi_akuma! Can u tell the secret of how to turn moms into jks eel moms?? Even though my mom likes korean dramas, she is into only “bakery and family” dramas, and Kim takgu is one of her favourites!!! …hehehe… Once when i was watching YAB, she accidentally saw JKS, and u know what she said? “Oh, is it that pervy guy from Frozen Flower”?? Oh, smtimes she has problem of remembering faces of Korean actors and actresses! Lol!!

    • Actually she has recognized Sukkie’s charm as an actor and his looks, but after she watched the drama “Hwang Jin-i”, she was hooked on him. And as the same as my case, she’s been watching YouTube and enjoyed his interview. I hope her case will work for your mom, too.

      • Thanx, tenshi! I’ll try the way u adviced! From now on “mission” is started! First step is to find HJY DVD! I myself haven’t watched it yet! Seems we gonna watch it together with my mom! Lol!!

      • Miracle, before watching it, I have to tell you… you must cry a lot… (T_T) Be prepared, but enjoy his performance!

      • @QQeyes, i haven’t seen Hwang Jin Yi but that MV convinced me!!! found it in mysoju. quite a long one… 24 episodes! O.O

        is this the drama where sukkie’s casting was questioned? he was so great in it!!!

      • Ok! I will be ready to cry!….oh, but i don’t want him to die!!!….
        Anyway i’m gonna enjoy his awesome acting!……

    • I recall reading some comments in another blog that Sukkie looks a bit like Jo In Sung, the guy from Frozen Flower … they commented that he is JIS’ younger version and both of them should act together in a drama someday.

      • Jo in sung is a fantastic actor and gorgeous too! Andrea, remember I recommended Dirty Carnival? This guy won Best Actor award for it. In fact he won awards for a lot of dramas & movies it was said whatever he appears in, it will be a definite box office. He just served his 2 yr military service a few months ago. This is one of the scenes that left me in awe: watch around 4.12 onwards-

      • Whoa! What a sad story! I also think that Jo InSung is a very good actor! i haven’t watched most of his films, though….. (except Spring Days and Frozen Flower)….

      • You MUST watch Memories in Bali! Though I’m not sure where…try Mysoju.com or Dramafever etc. The ending left me feeling gutted. It was SO UNEXPECTED that after i saw it, I was reeling from disbelief! Beautiful drama…I just don’t know how to describe it. The other movie that he gave stellar performance is Frozen Flower(anybody knows where I can get the uncensored version?) though it will leave you wondering HOW he risked his reputation acting as a homosexual. Guys, you MUST check this guy out! I sometimes feel envious that such good script was not given to Sukkie. But, I have a feeling he’s on his way there…

      • @farina,, i watched ” Memories in Bali” it was broacsted in our Country,,but I could not remember most of it anymore..I like the “tall guy” because I can remember his face right now and he has a beautiful eyes.And the ending was really unexpected..

      • i’m not familiar with Jo In Sung but was curious so i “googled” him. hehe! and he does look like sukkie… almost there but not quite. the smile is different, among other things. but yeah, JKS could be a younger version of him. they can actually act as brothers in a movie or drama. 🙂

  7. thank you for sharing, kaori-chan! oh my, i so envy your mom… and you, too, ‘coz you have someone to share your craze over sukkie with.

    as for our Prince, he is on his way to becoming the World Prince, a step at a time. i wanna see him realize that dream because he truly deserves it. i admire the Japanese eels’ loyalty. they are so lucky, and sukkie is too, because Japanese eels support and love him so much!!!

    i am looking forward to your mom’s FA. LOL!

  8. lucky you tenshi.. you and your mom has the same taste.. i tried to introduce JKS to my mom and aunt ‘coz they too love watching korean drama too but unfortunately they like Lee Min Ho than JKS.. they love watching BOF over and over again 🙂 .. all they say to sukkie was oh, he’s handsome.. thats it.. 🙂

  9. I wonder what PSH will do at the show. Will she sing duet or dance with JGS? Or will she perform on her own? Knowing JGS, I suspect it must be something romantic! I can’t wait to see pictures and fan accounts!

  10. I wonder if anyone can put these 2 Youtube clips on ‘mediafire’ so I can download to my computer? I don’t know how to provide the url but the clip titles are:

    070831 Jang Geun Suk & Happy Life Cast – Live Volcano

    정진영 & 김윤석 & 김상호 & 장근석 – 한동안 뜸했었지 (070831, Live)

    Many thanks! To anyone who hasn’t seen these clips before, it’s a must see!

    • @wen, you can use a video downloader. that’s how i save sukkie’s videos so i can watch them over and over again. what browser do you use, IE or Firefox? send me an e-mail (euxine88@ymail.com), i’ll send you links and how to’s.

      aphrael, if this comment is somehow compromising your blog, feel free to remove it. peace! 🙂

      • @browneyes,,i have a question,the quality of the video is it nice when you used a down loader?

        @wen, this is how I download videos in YT..try if it’ll work..

        1. Copy URL
        2. Go to google – type “keepvid.com”
        3.Paste the “URL” to the download box
        -Then the video will appear with various format.

        5.Select which one will work for you but I always choose “3G” something like that because the other format are not working.

      • @charlotte, yes the video quality is very close to the original. i can only speak for orbit and net video hunter though, not sure about the others.

  11. wow,that was super wonderful,,I’m so happy for Prince Jang,last night I watched him over and over again thanks to @ione..Just the way I expected him to be,,full of life,sincere,humble,sweet,etc..Can’t wait to watch the DVD of his JAPAN TOUR,I’m hoping it will be available worldwide,lol..!!!

  12. @farina, definitely both of them have the same features, found him few months ago, kept comparing, final conclusion is JIS is taller, sukkie’s smile is of course sweeter and sweeteset as ever, no need to compare with others! Off topic, ’48th Dae Jong Film Awards’ is on air now at KBSW, Malaysian eels, watch2!. Patiently to wait KHN and our sukkie on the stage!

    • I’ve watched the 48th Dae Jong Film Awards on KBS World,too. I waited for KHN’s best actress announcement, and yes! JKS definitely stole the show…:)

  13. Ren & Charlotte, yes JIS is another rare find.

    Btw, wanted to share with you all something funny; last Friday I called one of my colleagues ‘Sukkie’!!! Lol!!! Thank God he didn’t notice!

      • Just want to share an incident that happened to me!
        Well, once i also was in an awkward situation becoz of JKS name. I was showing JKS pix which i always have in my phone, to my Russian friend saying that he’s my favourite celeb. After some time she stopped, looked at me with a surprise and pointed to his name “SUK” which was written under the pic! Everyone knows that we call jks by different names such as keunsuk, sukkie, suk etc. But in russian there is a word look like “suk” which has very bad, rude meaning and is used when scolding smb! Ah! Just imagine, what would u think when u see smb showing his/her favourite celeb pic with scolding expression written under it! At that time i was really embarrassed and started to explain her that it’s shortened korean name! Then she just burst into laugh, and since that time whenever recalls that incident she starts teasing me! But what is good is she can never forget my idol’s name!…kekeke….

    • hahahaha,I have not experience that but my friends call me “Jang Geun Suk” sumx,co’z everytime they see me editing his pictures and watching him over & over again..I don’t care even if my co-worker will see me smiling to myself because I always remember his face and his witty answers to his interview during office hours..It’s 12:57 noon here and look what I’m doing,kekeke..We go to work on sunday coz “friday” is our non-working day here in bahrain..

  14. PSH is there ….. love it !! Hope can see some of the parts from YouTube (QQeyes, my Youtube Queen …. count on you)
    Sure Sukkie’s mum will be very happy 🙂

    • @carol, where did you see PSH? ha3!@charlotte and farina, looks like you are in our sukkie’s liver! Not heart ah! medical term referred to d maya, all the blood, O2, CO2 pump in and out fluently, and must be your smiles will become sweeter and sweeter like our prince! and you will look younger and prettier! my colleges call me ‘peminat si jambu, sure you know @ carol and farina.. 😉

      • I think in future Sukkie may be in such event too as previously in 2009, both Sukkie (main) & PSH (co-MC) are MC for music award event.. I prefer to see Sukkie as MC as he is throughout the event ^_^ below is the vid for eels who have not seen Sukkie as MC for music award.. he is great as MC as he himself has passion for music too besides being a lively MC

      • QQeye, the news mentioned PSh was invited as guest for the Tokyo Dome, right??? Or is it another person??? LOL

      • Carol, I read news that PSH is invited as guest for Sukkie’s concert at Tokyo Dome & also she will be one of the MCs for 2011 Mnet music awards in S’pore ^_^

      • But now sure the news is still true for PSH as one of the awards presenters for 2011 Mnet as need to confirm from official site..
        Better for PSH to be a guest for Sukkie’s Tokyo Dome as the 2 dates are quite close by ^_^

      • browneyes88, you’re right that there are many protest from public & media in casting for this drama Hwang Jin Yi when Sukkie (then 19) was casted against Ha Ji Won (then 7 or 8 years older), who was then already a popular actress.. This was Sukkie first adult role as before he was in Sitcom & normally seen as a teen.. despite all the protest.. when the drama was broadcasted in Korea, Sukkie won over the audience & media with his good acting & persistence. In fact, the director has tried to cast him for the 2nd lover for Hwang Jin Yi but that role requires moustache & when they tried on him.. he looks too young for moustache! ^_^ So no choice, can’t revive Sukkie in new role…

      • QQeyes, beside being our Queen of Youtupe, you are our JKS’ wizard. You seem to know and have all the answers about Sukkie’s life and career. Thank you so much for sharing piece of Sukkie’s history here and there, for eels who might not much about him get a chance to know him more, especially new eels.

      • KaileyCA, don’t mention as it is my pleasure to share with more eels for those info I knew as I also learnt from senior eels from BaiduSukbar earlier.. just like the childhood story, “empty gesture” incident of Sukkie which he shared in Knee Drop Guru, I heard before from senior eels & I was so touched then by all those.. he seems quite a legendary character in modern times ^_^

      • I still don’t get what’s “empty gesture”…what does it mean?…why was Sukkie called by this words?…is it so offensive??…

      • Miracle, “empty gesture” has meaning like “showing off” as we knew Sukkie is very direct & honest, he speaks his mind & when he conveyed this in his mini-blog last time, some may misinterpret him as showing off.. Sukkie’s command of language is quite different from those at his age.. at times, he speaks like a philosopher with some deep meaning or sometimes come with humor but if we don’t understand him, it is easily misunderstood as “showing off”. One example is Sukkie once said in his mini blog that he wanted to own a building before he turns 40.. eels may interpret as a big dream with good target but non-eels may intepret as impossible dream from a “big mouth” young chap.. but this is not an empty gesture as we knew now as he has proven that he did it at the age of 24 as he really work hard towards the targets he set in life..hope u understand the meaning now ^_^

      • @QQeyes, thank you for the info re Hwang Jin Yi. he did look young in that drama but his acting was definitely splendid! and at that age, he already is a sight to behold. i can’t take my eyes off his eyes and lips. i couldn’t count the numbe of times when i paused the frames so i could stare at him longer. gosh, i’m totally going nuts!!! @.@

    • For the benefit of non-Malay speaking friends, ‘Jambu’ literally means Guava but in our new-age slang, when we say a person is ‘Jambu’, it means the person is Gorgeous! The thing is, more often than not it refers to females! Lol!!!

      • 😀 but when my friends hear his voice, so manly! then suddenly they keep quiet, then finally they realised that this guy is really has a great charm, beautiful but sexy! 🙂
        @farina u ve got mail, check it up!

  15. @tanshi_akuma im so envy ur mom……never know when can see him face to face one day but i’ve doubt tt wat is the exact selling ticket figure of tokyo dome coz i see somewhere tt selling ticket figure is 45000 or 55000

    • yankee, I’m not sure how many seats are prepared for his arena tour. As you mentioned above, the figure was different from each media. Anyway, he did succeed a big achievement in a short period!
      And some anti media reported many tickets came up for auction site but many of them were not bid at all. So they reported with malicious motives if Sukkie was really popular in Japan. We loyal eels just ignore such a ridiculous news. His loyal eels won’t buy his ticket in black-maketeering even if they really wanted to see Sukkie. Because it’s our promise.

  16. @ tenshi_akuma (Japan),

    can you kindly let me know if Keun Suk has a showcase (ie like the one in Tokyo) in Osaka or Kyoto. If yes, could you provide me with the address and location? Will be travelling to Japan next week and certainly hitting Lawsons and searching all round the cities looking for all things Keun Suk. Can a foreigner enter the lucky draw organised by Lawsons to obtain the life sized Keun Suk Pillow? Love Kyoto and all her beautiful temples and gardens. Really looking forward to seeing the autumn colours. Thanks!

    • Actually I’m not familiar with Osaka and Kyoto, but I found some nice shops.

      * 韓流コレクション (Hallyu Collection) 11:00~21:00
      This shop is located near Kyobashi station in Osaka. You can go there by five-minutes-walk. It looks a big building dealing with many Korean goods. According to their website, this is the biggest Korean shop in Kansai area.
      Below is the access map and address. You can check the location by Google maps. I also post English information site just in case.

      * K-STAR Plus 10:00~21:00
      This shop is located on 4th floor in “KYOTO AVANTI” building near Kyoto station. You can go there by one-minute-walk from 八条口(Hachijo exit). It looks convenient to go but it looks rather small.

      And also it is possible to get some Sukkie’s cover magazine in any bookstores.
      Enjoy your trip! 😉

      • Thank you very much! Already feeling like it will be a fruitful trip with regards to Keun Suk related merchandise. Also most definately getting his new Lotte chocolates and perhaps try the Makota drink. Too bad there’s no showcase like the one in Tokyo? Was actually very keen to eat the curry rice featured and experience all the quirky little things that he has embeded in the exhibits.

        Maple leaves, lovely gardens, wonderful Kyoto cuisine (seems like almost all food in the country tastes delicious, have yet to come across any place/food that was not yummy whilst in Japan), and now with the added pleasure of looking out and shopping for Keun Suk items – life simply is BEAUTIFUL at the moment! If only one could GET the life sized Keun Suk body pillow, then that would be perfect – hmmmmm pondering how to get one?

      • Sukkie’s favorite curry rice shop is “CoCo壱番屋 (CoCo Ichibanya)”. We usually call the shop just “CoCoIchi”. This shop is very popular, so you can see this shop whenever you go. With the shop locater the website has, you can find a shop near you easily, but unfortunately the direction is written in Japanese only, so it’s better to ask the hotel receptionist where you’ll stay or post here about your nearest station where you’ll stay or you’ll visit for sightseeing etc. If so, I’ll show you the direction.
        P.S. Here is the multilingual menu.

      • Yay! The curry on the menu looks absolutely delicious! Will be staying near Kyoto JR station and Osaka JR station too. Could you kindly see (read) if there are any near the Kyoto or Osaka stations? Otherwise any CocoIch address (in Japanese perhaps for the taxi driver?) in Kyoto city/downtown itself would be quite easy to get to. Actually will be staying longer in Kyoto – one of my favourite cities in Japan – gentle, traditionally elegant and easily accessable. Can totally understand why Keun Suk loves Japan and its culture so much. Arigato gozamas!

      • Staying Up Late, enjoy your trip in Japan! I always do when I go to Japan ^_^ like you.. I love Kyoto as the whole place looks so beautiful like a picture during autumn.. the last time I went, I stayed at a hostel near to Kyoto station so that I can travel around the city with all those garden, temples.. I love the green triangular mochi there, very nice & not so sweet. From Kyoto, I travelled to Osaka & Nara by bullet train as I got the 1 week JR pass.. I miss the place…

      • Thanks, exactly going for her autumn colours. Hope there won’t be too much of a crowd. Only one more hurdle to clear – get kid to excel in music exams and then we’ll be right on track to happy holidays!

      • Here is the list near Osaka station and Kyoto Station. You can go there on foot!

        @Osaka Station
        *  Shop: CoCo壱番屋 北区芝田一丁目店 (Coco-Ich Kita-ku ichome ten)
        (It looks next to Hankyu Umeda Station)

        *  Shop: CoCo壱番屋 北区角田町店 (Coco-Ichi Kita-ku Kakudacho ten)

        Just select the station near you, the site will show you nearest Coco-Ichi. 🙂

        @Kyoto Station
        *  Shop: CoCo壱番屋 南区八条口店 (Coco-Ichi Minami-ku Hachijoguchi ten)

      • Thank you! Visiting one of the Curry and Korean shops are already planned in my itinerary! Will try and find my way to those places that you have so kindly listed.

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