[Pics] Lotte Acuo wallpaper and products

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You can go to this website to select wallpaper size.

For more pics,

To borrow thewifey_07’s words, another JKS heaven ^^

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23 thoughts on “[Pics] Lotte Acuo wallpaper and products”

  1. Aphrael, pls take care of yrself/health….we eels family of JKS, we don’t wt anything bad happen to u, we love & care abt u just like how we love and care for our sons/daughters/family…..takecare and pls take enough rest ya… I m busy thts whynot so active leaving comments but 1 thing for sure is will read/get the update info before meet MoMo in my dream 🙂

  2. @ aphrael…. am always grateful of the effort that you are doing on keeping eels updated.but still, we are willing to wait patiently for the latest from you on Sukkie…. do take care.

  3. Well, we do understand your need (as the CEO) to keep everyone here well informed and update the latest on our prince….especially since he closed his tweeter account, but what’s the hurry.
    Pls bear in mind that you are just as precious to us…plzzz don’t get yourself all stressed out and do get lots of rest too as we know you are working during daytime just like most of us here. Keep healthy and may god bless u always.

  4. Yes, I’m going to agree. You need to take care of yourself first. We all can wait for further information on our Prince but he should be your enjoyment and escape from the stresses of life NOT the cause of your stress. So take care of yourself and eat proper meals and get a good nights rest.

    • thanks, Andrea, you’re reading my mind~! of cos it’s mostly been fun, but not posting stuff timely also causes stress occasionally … I am learning to take it a bit easier ^^

  5. We would only wish happiness and perfect health for the person who provided a virtual home for us all , to support , love and care for sukkie and each other.
    Take your time and relax.

  6. Yup Aphrael, please take care of yourself…will wait for u no matter how long… 😉 eat more n rest well then have strength hehe….fighting!

  7. i agree to all ladies here.. please take care of yourself.. take it easy.. we are always willing to wait and very thankful for all your efforts.. God bless you always!!

  8. Hi Aphrael (and tenshi too!), like what others have said, do take care of yourself too while enjoying being an eel 🙂 Like what JKS is doing, we should aim to live & enjoy our life to the fullest hehe. No worries about not bringing us latest news/pics at fastest time, personally I enjoy more your (and tenshi’s) comments, thoughts and views that accompany the JKS’s news you post and of course the lively and warm comments if all eels here ^^

  9. Aphrael dear… I maybe seldom giving comments, but this lovely home you built is already my second home to come to EVERYDAY despite my busy days, and your struggle to feed us,all eels, with the most nutritious food (all about sukkie) is a powerful medicine to ease our hunger of The Man of A Kind, JKS…
    So..for the sake of our friendship, just stay healthy, take care..luv you…


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