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Opened my eyes and saw Daegu.. this looks like they are building tracks .. in the midst of construction… I want to go ride on it … with a Daegu woman…

Seo In-ha makes an appearance!! The morning weather is overcast, am a little emotional, so the filming today is indoors…. ha….

Trees become thinner when autumn comes.. did they also lose their appetite? ..

kevinra: Still the same as high school, Miss Lee Min-jung who has not changed, prettier without make-up, this is the truth
JKS: You should have called me along for this kind of situation, isn’t it? Should ask when Cartier’s celebration event is starting .. ㅠㅠ

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  1. @ charlotte, yes she was the girl betrothed to Lee Min Ho’s Goo Joon Pyo in BOF…she’s really pretty…anyways, seems that Sukkie loves to share his thoughts with everyone…so sweet of him..aawwweee 🙂

  2. sukkie looks much, much better in the photo above. still looks a bit tired (his eyes) but this is way better than his previous pictures. so happy to know he’s slowly recovering from the fatigue brought about by the recent arena tour and his very busy schedule. and he’s almost back to his old, crazy self! XD

  3. Oooo! Sukkie looks ADORABLE in the 2nd pic! He looks a lot better than he did a few days back. Hope he gets enough rest and recovers soon. :-*


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