[Vote] Yahoo! Asia Buzz Awards 2011

I don’t know when the voting ends, but you can vote 30 times a day for each category.
When you continue to vote repeatedly, you will not need to fill in your particulars again.

Step 1
Go to this website

Step 2
Click on “Top 30 Asia Popular Idols” (as circled in red below)

Click on Jang Keun Suk (currently no. 6 below)
– try to recognise his Chinese name

Step 3
Click on yellow Yahoo button to vote (as circled in red)

Step 4
Enter your name, email address and verification code.
Click on the long yellow button directly below the verification code.

Step 5
Enter verification code again.
Click “Confirm” (as circled in red).

Step 6
You’ll see screen below. Not sure if it is done, but to be on the safe side, click Yellow button.
Then close the window.

Step 7
See pic below. You should be able to do option (a) first and then (b). Or you can do option (b) directly to continue voting.
(a) click on button circled in red to post to Facebook.
You’ll gain 1,000 points. The more points you have, it increases your chance to be selected to give the award to your idol.
(b) Click on button circled in black to continue voting.
Click on yellow “Yahoo” button.

Step 8 – Continue Voting
Enter verification code.
Click “Confirm” button as circled in red.

Then repeat the voting process, go through Steps 3, 5, 6, 7 and 8.


33 thoughts on “[Vote] Yahoo! Asia Buzz Awards 2011”

  1. I just voted following all the steps above. However, not sure if I followed the steps right. When I clicked vote. The vote number on sukkie’s picture still remains the same. Lol…. Please help computer dummy me here… Help! Help!

  2. Success! me finish voting. Had a difficulty co’z it’s bit complicated since i don’t understand any of the characters but apharael77’s step by step instructions sure helped, thanks a lot!

  3. off topic..I came across to this,Sukkie once more is superb!! Way to go Prince,,fighting!!!

    (my favorite part of his interview)

    JKS – ” Although there are less hate comments compared to the past, I can’t expect 10 out of 10 to like me. What’s more, people will probably dislike me much more. This is not easy at all. But I don’t like to lie to everyone. I don’t like to be pretentious as well. I also want to as truthful to everyone as I am to myself. Even if men dislike me after watching this movie, I’m still going to win them over,” he said with a grin.”


    • yeah you’re right @charlotte…I like that part too, he knew well what’s the consequent of the movie,but still so confident he will able to win the sympathy
      wow..such a boy huh…?!

    • Way to go Sukkie!!! 10 outta 10. Don’t worry.. your eels ans I here will definitely still like you. You’ve won us over.

  4. sign in with your Yahoo/FB/Google account to vote.
    You can vote 30 times per day per account for JKS in Yahoo! Buzz Award Most Popularity Poll. If you have FB, Google and Yahoo account respectively, it means you can vote 90 times per day.

  5. thank you so much aphrael for detail step…
    even though it’s complicated, but i managed successfully to vote him!
    he’s on 5th now!
    but i can’t see where’s the logout button?

  6. Dear eels, sorry let me share my thoughts of this Yahoo voting (which I dislike very much due to the limit set per day, they should just allow one vote per IP!) .. I’m still waiting for any announcement from BaiduSukbar if this voting is encouraged or not… I’m just afraid our eels may again go into the daily & night voting for nothing (sorry to say that as I got a feeling we may go into tough fight & end up getting 3rd this time)
    I personally feel that Sukkie’s popularity is not affected even if he didn’t win this award.. in fact, like last round, he didn’t win but he gets more popular because many eels are supporting him in many other ways.. if we look at the first 2 in the list, the fans of these 2 already “fighting” for 1st & most of these are Kpop teen fans… I view Sukkie in a different category already (we don’t see voting for superstar like MJ, LadyGaga or any other well known superstar right? ^_^) Just watch closely to see the 1st & 2nd.. I personally hope Sukkie can be spared from this voting & let him take break… concentrate on more meaningful drama/movie/music awards with him walking on red carpet getting the awards.. help him to get OSCAR !!! ^_^ Like many Chinese eels said, the practical way is to support Sukkie in his IP (album, DVDs, photobook, FMs, merchandised, movie/drama/songs etc..) , support in charity drive, spreading his love to more eels…

    • I really don’t want to see eels like Cri-J hurting her hands again which she just recovered & also soon to be a bride (please… no dark rings on wedding due to voting ^_^).. and knowing that most of the fans for current first 2 are normally teens while Sukkie’s fans are of wider age groups with majority as working adults.. there are many teens too but I hope Sukkie’s teens eels can do other more meaningful things to support Sukkie… any teen eels here? I really would like to hear your view too!

      • @QQeyes007
        Thank you for worrying about me and all the eels. I know what you’re getting at. it’s just hard to watch and not vote. He truly deserves this award. So let’s make a deal. We vote when we can.
        Because I can’t just watch…. and the difference is so huge between sukkie and the first two is because the fans of those two started before us.I think two days before us.
        I just don’t know…. I want him to win badly ….

      • Cri-J & Meg, ok.. we will try our best but we will vote with the understanding that don’t feel bad if Sukkie didn’t win in the end & don’t get affected ok? a deal? Just remember Sukkie is already the best in our heart & he don’t have to be #1 all the time…. just like what Sukkie said in the interview, he gave himself title like “Prince of Asia” or “King of the World” is a way to motivate himself to move further each day… eels votes for him to motivate him but not necessary to get him the award ^_^

      • OK!!!a deal..i`ll vote whenever i can for my prince..!! but i wont worry abt the result..he always is the BUZZ in my heart..lol 😉

    • Thanks QQeyes for your wise and thoughtful advices. I have learned my lesson from SDA voting. I voted right no tomorrow back then….and was very…very sad and mad with the results. You are right!! Sukkie doesn’t need to proof his popularity to anyone any more……HE is the reigning supreme Prince of Asia. Deal, I will vote when I have time, at the end, win or lose, I still love him…..

  7. Actually saw your comment ly now but have been voting for him so much now..today finished 9o votes and was tweeting also other eels too..wll what u said puts it into another perspective..yes i was one of the daily voters for Sda drama awards and was very much upset when he dint win!! but what made me even more sad was the accusation that eels rigged voting..both eels and sukkie got much bashing over at Fb..and they even said that Suk won 2010 buzz awards by rigging..i dunno what to do now..the top two are at 250,00o while sukkie is at #4 2,000..its hard to compete with kpop fans..cos u see the actor who won over suk at Sda was a member of Kpop grp JYJ..am so confused now…

    • Meg, actually there are more complication now.. if you notice, many popular Kdrama actors which we know are not nominated as in the internet and most are recognised via their acting over other channels like TV, DVDs… younger fans (normally teens) use internet for Kpop music & watch dramas with Kpop idols which they are familiar. Sukkie is in between Kdrama & Kpop as he is good in both acting/singing & versatile in both.. he captures fans accessing from different media channels (internet, TV, DVDs etc..) due to the wide age group of fans.. and majority are in the 20s-50s who may not be able to vote like teens as most have work and family commitment…
      The other complication is I will expect much “fighting” for votes by the fans of 1st & 2nd (as we know the background from Korean entertainment news of the banning of certain group from entertainment activities in Korea which makes the their fans motivated to vote for their idol to prove their popularity) I can foresee very fierce “fighting” between the #1 & #2… that is another reason why I think Sukkie should not be nominated for this in the first place..

      • Ya..i can unders sis..it could get quite dirty out there..and yes sukkie is a versatile actor with different age groups of fans..i also noted that most of the nominees were from Idol grp background and only actor i knew there was Suk..well we cant blame suk if he is both an Idol and an actor..but am happy with whatever he does..so long as there are no antis and bashing..he doesnt need an award to prove his worth..and has more than enough under his belt..lik u said lets wait for him to claim the prize at OSCARS..!! wah idols cant do that but our Actor+Idol can do it!! waiting for that day!! and even if he doesnt get that..he has the Oscars given by his eel`s hearts and that is even more great than any materialistic trophies given!! and thanks for your patient reply!! kumawo..eels fighting
        !! 😀

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