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Organising today’s schedule: attend lesson at school – go to hospital clinic to fight flu – buy pizza for big universe star – injection for fresh liver – strategy meeting for 2012 – attend premiere – take measurement for clothes – congratulate Mistress on award – practise dance – Halloween meeting – Mistress’ celebration party … importantly, tomorrow’s 9 am lesson … er ….er
今天行程整理 学校上课-对付感冒去医院门诊-给宇宙大明星买披萨-生肝打针-2012年计划会议-参加首映会-订做衣服量尺寸-祝贺主人得奖-舞蹈练习-万圣节会议-主人的庆祝派对….重要的是明天9点的课…呃…呃

You got it all wrong~ I’m saying~~~~ I live in this world not to do the things I should do, but to do the things I want to do~~ so quickly get your other foot in~~ you’re already an eel, won’t disintegrate
你全错了~我是说~~~~我活在这个世上不是为了做我该做的事 而是为了做我想做的事~~所以快点把你另一只脚也迈进来~~你已经是鳗鱼了 不会解体的

As I was giving Professor team H album, JKS stuffed toy and files etc, I was telling Professor about my arena tour schedule next week. Prof says…… not good-looking…. -_- This is Hanyang university!!!! Cheers for Patriotic Hanyang!
一边给教授team h的专辑和张根硕玩偶 文件夹等等 一边跟教授说下周有arena巡回的日程 教授说……长得又不好看….-_-这里就是汉阳大!!!!爱国汉阳万岁!

I like this kind of official album, hia hia hia. Its name Hanyang University.. merchandise such as JKS Chinese team H album and JKS stuffed toy etc in exchange for a parking coupon, hia hia hia
我喜欢这样的正式专辑 嘎嘎嘎 它的名字汉阳大..张根硕中华圈team H专辑和张根硕人偶等周边换了张停车券 嘎嘎嘎

@puukichi8:Jang Keun Suk!! Can you let your fringe down when you come to Japan? What hairstyle do you like?
JKS: Even if you don’t say, I’m like this now

My flight is at 7 pm, originally planned to go from the shop straight to the airport… because Currybread Man forgot to bring candles so had to go home again … ha, so happy! Everyone come to Gimpo airport to gather!!!!! Come and accept my flying kiss haha
我是7点的飞机 本来打算直接店里出发去机场…因为咖喱面包男忘了带蜡烛只好再回一趟家…哈 好开心!大家都来金浦机场集合!!!!!来接受我的飞吻 哈哈

Ah sorry, it’s Incheon —
啊 不好意思 是仁川ㅡㅡ

Going to Nagoya from Incheon — why am I the only one who didn’t know…

Service sia sia sia!!
싸비스 샤샤샤샷!!

Recalled the decision I made at 21 years old – to enjoy life to the fullest while not inconveniencing others, but after growing up~~~ intentionally or unintentionally both seemed like intentional, will also hurt others… truth. To me, there is only fact and truth … fling yourself at me, world… come and argue …ke..
想起21岁的时候做出的决定 在不为难别人的同时 尽最大努力享受生活 但是 成长后 像~~~有意或无意的都像是有意的一样 也会伤到别人 .. 真相 对我来说只有事实真相.. 扑过来吧 世界啊.. 来争吵吧..呵

World Prince has gone to Japan. This time I’m also well prepared, so won’t look at others’ face, enjoy madly! back after a whle, and – will be dead if don’t have a good time playing -_- !!!!!

At Nagoya together with brother Guetta! Japanese eels!!! I miss you all!!!

Too delicious! Took out my mobile to take a picture, but basically have eaten everything… dua…

To choreograph dance moves, went to the studio hastily… recently why am I sleeping so little .. dua
为了编排舞蹈动作 急急忙忙地赶去摄影棚。。 最近为什么睡得这么少。。dua

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    • LOL.. I read it like it was a precaution rather than treating health problem. To make sure he is in good health before the Arena tour.

  1. keun suk, enjoy the arena tour..aah..moving in the new house, lounge h launching, YMP, open talk, arena tour, android app..woah..little by little..all of your plans are being laid out in reality..so happy for you!!!

    ..so what’s next?!

  2. recently… sukkie have been so busy with his plan to dominate the world..such a hardworking man…adores him to death…just wanted him to take of himself though despite his various activities… FIGHTING!!!!!

  3. Lovin’ his new hairstyle 🙂 The Japanese eels are indeed lucky for having prince j once again.. he’s been to japan more than 5 times this year alone.

    I wish him all the best on this arena tour and I always hope for his good health. Good thing he is taking necessary precaution.


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