24 thoughts on “[18.10.2011] JKS departing Incheon Airport”

    • why didn’t he wear this clothes in “only you vip preview ” he looks really more handsome in them (une vraie gravure de mode ) . i think it’s the style who suits him the most and if he did it he would have never faced such critics .
      i don’t know if he’s too simple minded or on the opposit too provocative and acts on purpose to attract attention but it wasn’t a clever idea ,. people who don’t like him
      will jump on any occasion to broke his image and make him loose his career .
      we have a proverb witch says : the door where the wind enters on close it and rest in peace ” now that he’s become a famous persone , he needs to be more carefull in his acts so that even his biggest enemy couldn’t say anything against him .
      anyway , i wish he could get every thing he wants because he worked so long and so hard for it , so sheer up and good luck

      • I totally agree with you. When he gets hit with critisims, us eels also get hit. Although, we love him,,, sometimes theres this thought “If he had clothes (like the white shirt and jeans he wore during dance practices) why didn’t he just wore this?!” i was also thinking about the whole “wanting attention”, but these recent days from the press cons of YMP, he already recieved alot of attention. I guess bring the postive/good attentions than the possibly bad ones. He also got critized with his act of the peace sign and wink he did on the cam during kim nuel (ugh sorry i forgot her name.His partner in YMP) speech, while she was crying. Kinda weird.. since 2 days ago. JKS twitted about saying his fame that his recieving now might just disappear the next day. Sighhh.. but i still love him <3 I'll always give my love & support! 🙂

      • i agree with you, maya2500. the outfit he wore in the “only you vip preview” wasn’t the best choice for him (the scarf was an overkill). as stvcri said, he seems to wear “crappy” outfits when he goes to korean events. but i think that he’s very comfortable when he’s in his hometown that he tends to be impulsive in his decisions on what to wear to events, as compared to being overseas where he seems to really contemplate and plan his outfit in every event.

        well, it’s just so him, so free-spirited. my thoughts on the negative publicity — whether he is idolized or despised, either way, he is still recognized. LOL!

    • I don’t mind drowning. Oh, Tree J launched an android app. Not sure when but I think it was today or yesterday (I get confused with the time difference). Looks like there is a free app and a paid app. I’m waiting for more information on it before I do anything but it looks official since he’s in introduction videos. Plus I want to know if the cost is a monthly cost or one time cost.

      • the cost is a one time thing $6.99 to download the app and that’s it 🙂 the difference from the lite version (free) is it doesnt include all the updates he does himself, like pictures or videos and his schedule.

        android is an operating system for the phone, basically, the iphone counterpart… the Samsung Galaxy phone he’s endorsing is run by Android.

        and for his outfit…………
        yes, i noticed that he looks dashing when he goes to Japan, and crappy (or more like a fashion victim) (sorry, just being honest,, i love him to death, farina can attest to that) when he shows up in Korean events… i dont know why…
        does he have a korean and a japanese stylist by chance?

      • yeah. . agree to u stvcri, even when he show up suddenly in winter sonata concert, i admiring his outfit……best choice..elegant, simple, classy.
        maybe because of korea is his home, so he just want freely to do trial n error every fashion, whatever that came in his mind..and after he wore it, he maybe said to himself, “this is what i call freedom…” LOL

      • I was bad.. I found myself straying a little bit earlier at other male Korean stars but looked over at a picture of our prince and came back to the pond (or is it a river? well, whatever water eels live in).

    • Hmmm….. Ok, to be very frank, I’m quite disappointed with the iPhone apps. It costs USD 9.99 if I’m not wrong. The last he updated was 22nd Sep. I don’t know what’s the difference between ‘From JKS’ tab and ‘photo’ tab coz he posts pics in them either way. But my pet peeve is that he NEVER posts any video at all! Now that he’s on twitter and he posts all sorts of things there, what’s the point of the apps? Sorry peeps, this is the way I see it…. peace 

      • hmm.. didn’t think of that. I never had iphone so don’t know much about it. My first smartphone I got in March of this year and its an android phone. I downloaded the free app but I am waiting a little while to consider the paid app because I’m a bit frugal that way.

      • Oh.. forgot to mention. If you have an android phone its worth the free download to see the 3 video introductions he filmed. He did in Japanese, Korean and English. Naturally the Korean is the best and sexiest. I want to know what he says at end of English video though when he speak Korean to his people.

      • @Andrea, Lol, I did same too, download free one and waiting for the paid APP feedback. 🙂 Because I am very careful of spending money I’m living on the budget. 🙂 I had the same feeling too for the welcome message on Android App, the English one he seems read from a piece of paper, also he was in hurry in my point when read it, he didn’t speak his best English there until the end he talked to the photographer or something around. Anyway, I just think he is too busy to cover all the things going on. I hope he have a great arena show in Japan. I love his last show in Seoul, it was the best of all his concert from what I saw of the little introduction. I know he will do better and better.

      • so disapppointed, his app is not compatible with my phone.
        ( *sob*) i‘m now seriously considering buying a samsung phone. ah, this guy is so addicting! LOL!

  1. this wont work for me I don’t have iphone,I am poor,,sob!!I had to be contented following jks on twitter and be present in this site everyday..million thanks guy’s co’z you help me(beggar eel),,yehey!!!


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