[17.10.2011] “Only You” VIP preview pics

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JKS appeared at “Only You” VIP preview on the same day of Daejong award. So busy, isn’t he? He looked a little tired… πŸ™
He wears the clothes with the Stars and Stripes. He is now really interested in going to Hollywood? About his plan of studying abroad on twitter, I think he plans to go abroad to study English. Because he gave up studying English before because of his career.

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  1. yuppeee come to the university of delaware…i’ll be waiting for you hehhee
    Sukkie is representing eels USA yahoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo πŸ™‚

  2. I heard there were negative responses for these photos but I think Sukkie won’t care much. He sent message with this “freedom” LOL. Eels know him well too. Yeah, he is the one who always gives us surprise.

    • hmmm…I wonder why there were so many negative comments about these pics…It could be because of the Stars and Stripes….I think he looked adorable! Thanks you for representing us USA Eels! Fighting! πŸ™‚

  3. Omo… love that scarf so bad. It must be his favorite too. I saw him wear it many times. Sukkie looks tire in this picture.. but he’s still Cute !!! He’s super busy lately. What’s with the negative news???? Gosh…. people take every positive thing about Sukkie and turn it in a wrong ways. Bad news about Sukkie makes me sad and depress. I don’t understand it… Why? Why so bad??…. He is just a man trying to make a living by doing something that he loves and has passion for – acting, singing, dancing and entertain people.

    Please anti-JKS people …… stop attack our Prince.

    • Argh… can someone please explain to me the whole anti-fan concept? I just don’t get what the purpose is LOL. If you don’t like someone just don’t follow them ::deep sigh:: or do some people somehow make themselves seem special by ditching dirt at someone?

    • Get a life JKS hater!!! Our Prince was not affected,,to my relief..Never mind those narrow minded people.For me I find it cool and I adore Sukkie’s guts on wearing a top containing USA flag in his native land Korea!! This photos inspire me to give him a piece of cloth with Philippine Flag inscription..$_$,,clap clap USA Eels..\m/

  4. i think its something to do with him wearing an american flag.. some korean eels mentioned that the elderly thinks this is a touchy subject and for him to be wearing this, he might get some offensive comments.. i know for us here (in the US) the flag is a fashion statement, but for some conservative countries, this may not look patriotic to his motherland..

    there was a plea that have been sent around to not post any pictures of this event in any social networks just to avoid him getting pounded on.. and he tweeted that he doesnt care, and he does what he wants to do and not live to do what other people wants..

    but as us being protective, motherly eels, we try not to expose him to getting hurt because we get hurt too.. he was mindful of us, and us in return thinks of his benefit.. i so love this relationship!

    • Agreed, wearing flag, it is a sensitive subject in some Asian countries. One thing is, even the eels being protective and do not spread the pics, other people, especially those anti-JKS media, personnel will spread and use these for attacking him. I think he is strong, he is ok which I’m proud of him for that. Here, this blog site is a safe land for loving eels gathering. I think to post here is ok. And of course, we will give him the support as always. Sukkie fighting and we LOVE YOU FOREVER.

      • I agree,,we respect constructive criticism regarding Prince!! we should do our part,though his not bothered we must protect him in any way.Spread the love sister’s,,Sukkie don’t you worry,,your eels are civilized..^_^ love yah!!

  5. ooh…so these are the photos that may receive negative comments…. haha…
    well as for me, nothing wrong with the shirt and the scarf…i’ve seen many people wearing shirts with bigger flag patron than that…..
    but the way he combined it,sorry to say, this time, not uniquely cool… the combination looks weird and not fashionable at all. -_- it’s better if he wear each of them on different occasion, it’s like he tried to put all the flag theme at the same time…*scratching head, where his sense of fashionista gone?
    gals, please don’t kill me….. πŸ˜›

    • I agree with you on fashion wise for the picture that was what i was thinking. Sukkie is a person lots of time would do things spontaneously. But to sue this as attack I think that’s just play low.

      Anyway, love the skinny jeans and boots. See that pair of boots a few times, I want a pair like that, only wish I had skinny long legs. πŸ˜›

    • hmm..i think him wearing that clothes is really, really not a big deal..i mean, it doesn’t mean that his betraying or patronizing another country..he just felt that he wanted to wear that..so why make it an issue (?..whoever they are)..but i guess the shirt is already okay even without the scarf (^^).

      keun-suk..who can stop you, anyway? =)

    • I kind of agree with you guys. JKS’s outfit looks a bit too loud. Maybe it would have been better without the scarf. But then again, this is JKS we’re talking about and ANYTHING looks good on him! So I don’t want to be the one giving him fashion advice. ^^
      But I love the way he likes to think out of the box and experiment boldly when it comes to his clothes. His style is extreamly unique and also a bit unconventional, which is why I think he stands out wherever he goes. (that and his one of a kind personality) What I don’t understand is why some people can’t mind their own business without making a mountain out of a molehill! Seriously! It’s not like JKS is the first celeb to have worn a US flag print to a public event. I’ve seen so many people all around the world wearing such clothes without been questioned.
      It’s a releif that sukkie knows how to deal with these negative comments. Afterall he has gone through the ”empty gestures” period which was definitly worse compaired to this. And he knows that he has us eels to count on through thick and thin! We will always stand by him with love and support!
      Fighting oppa! Don’t mind what these jobless people have to say. We will allways love you! :-*

      • that’s our suk, any outfil will looks good on him… even when he only wear blanket covering his body, he still looks good and adorable ^^

      • thank you sweet heart, i just watched the Busan film festival open talk vids, thanks a lot. Wrote a long comment. Our Sukkie, our prince till the day he will become a king. πŸ™‚ When you will leave for Canada, it will be cold.

      • another kababayan…. pinoy eels unite…

        …one of JKS’ charm/magic, he can unite different nationalities/races looking at HIM only… πŸ™‚

        …thanks to your blog Aphrael …..United Eels of JKS πŸ™‚

    • count me in!!!, idk why there are people who overly react at a simple fashion statement…i don’t see anything wrong or offensive with what sukkie’s wearing… to those haters there are lots of much bigger things and problem in this world, don’t make a simple things like this complicated!!! to sukkie oppa fighting!!!

  6. the sweater is fine.. but the scarf that looks like an entire flag of US should not be worn. I think flags should be respected. Dunno in US, but i think in our country(Philippines) its rather unlawful if you use a flag or something that resembles the Philippine flag as a piece of clothing.

    i agree that sukkie should learn more english so that he can tweet in english! πŸ™‚

  7. well wearing only the shirts will do.. but combining with the scarf was over done but thats Sukkie, he wants something different.. sometimes i was thinking that his fashion was exaggeratedly planned so that it will catches attention which always happened.. maybe thats another strategy for him to be talk about by people and in the positive side those who didn’t know him yet will be wondering about “why this artist wearing like this??” and their the curiosity begin and they will start searching about the star and as they learning about him, they will just realize that they are already charmed by our prince.. hehe πŸ™‚

    • migrap26, I agree with you as I always feel that Sukkie is one who dare to try different out unique style (sometimes knowing that he will get negative comments) but he will continue to experiment and market himself in the process… in many things he did before, he is always different & move in opposite direction of flow.. (e.g. to stay slim instead of popular muscular, as an actor in Korea & launched his debut albums in Japan/China (instead of Korea).. etc..) I find all these are very wise decision though against the usual flow…


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