[15.10.2011] Tree-J twitter

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Eels, good morning. A photo of JKS who was filming late last night. This morning he started work early too, actor Jang will spend a busy day filming Love Rain. As you look at actor Jang, hope you have a happy weekend

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  1. i feel so very low today but seeing his innocent look made me smile..is he pulling his pants or scratching his waist? look at his expression,so funny hahahaha!! I miss him,he barely tweets nowadays,maybe he is so busy,,hmmnn!

  2. I saw this before going to bed (the time difference gets to me cause he’s waking and I’m sleeping) and it made me so happy. I love random pictures of him more than posed but he looks tired so I messaged back that I hope he is getting time for rest and threw in some words of support and encouragement. But he’s such a busy man and going to get busier this week with the Arena tour coming up 🙁

    • from where are you Andrea?we’re on the same situation,hahaha..it’s so funny co’z before I go to bed,,I need to tweet Good Morning to Prince..I also leave messages to his Official Fan Page,,but not as full paid member..Can somebody from here teach me how to order a merchandise on JKS Official Fan Page,co’z I want to have one..^_^

      • I’m in Washington, DC area. He’s waking up when I’m at work and going to bed when I’m waking up in the late morning. I miss the tweet storms but after what was described yesterday kinda relieved he hasn’t because the poor man sounds exhausted and doesn’t look like he’s getting rest any time soon 🙁

    • you’re right Andrea he looks really exhausted and with his Arena tour coming up i don’t think he will get some rest soon .
      although i’m really happy for him to get the recognition he deseves after such hard work , i wish he could take a real brake and enjoy his youth .
      you said you send to him words of support , where did you did it ?
      in his twitter or his facebook , and how did you do that .
      i don’t know his twitter but i have a facebook acount and i looked once in his , i didn’t understand anyword it was in korean i suppose , so tell me how to do because i also want to encourage himl(it’s all i can really do)
      i found this video lately . natural and refreshing


      • I send to the twitter account but in English so I don’t think he sees it or pays attention. He set up the facebook but I dont think he is really using it. Tree-J has started using the facebook but only recently. I don’t care if he notices me individually.. just that he sees positive messages. There are so many demanding messages to him that I figure my little messages will help give strength. Plus, I can spare a minute a couple of times a day to say something. Maybe someday he will notice that the same person just sends little encouragments. I figure its not spamming or harrasment if its not the same words and if its positive without being creepy LOL

      • to maya JKS tweeter account was @AsiaPrince_JKS ,,you can follow him and tweet whatever you like to prince,,but sad to say he only replies to japanese and koreans,huhuhu…but anyway,you can still be happy at least..reading his tweets makes my day more special but he’s busy now so he barely tweets.. ( i use google translate to understand it) you can also like some fanpages in Facebook,,they translate JKS tweets right away so no worries..^_^..

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