How to pre-order the ticket of Tokyo Dome (Nov.26,2011)

The additional arena tour is scheduled to be held at Tokyo Dome on Nov. 26, 2011. And how to pre-order the ticket was announced yesterday.
the application page for Tokyo Dome ticket

In Japan, how to order and receive the ticket is very complex… So it must be rather difficult for foreigners. I’m not sure if there are any agencies which are planning to arrange getting the ticket for foreigners. You can inquire about it for Tree-J company.

If you sing up as Lawson web members, you can pre-order the ticket from Nov. 3 at 19:00 to Nov.6 at 23:59. I found English guidance. So if you are interested in getting the ticket, please try to become the member.
How to sign up as Lawson Web Members

After becoming the member, I’ll show you the details to order including how to pay and receive it step by step. So please let me know! 🙂
But I’m really sorry that I won’t be in Japan at that time, so if you need some helps, it may takes some time… 🙁

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  1. Tenshi, hello!

    I have been registered st Lowson, what I need to do next? And unfortunatly I do not understand what to do with the first site you mentioned…

    P.S. I always thougt that obtain japaneese visa will be the hardest part of such an event and I could not be more wrong… I understand now that the process of aquiring a ticket will be the real challenge, and not the visa and 11 hours on a plain! =(

    • Hi Iron, happy to hear you succeeded to be the member! 🙂
      The application form hasn’t been available till that day, so I’ll post the procedure after that. But before that, I have to let you know how to receive the ticket.
      1) You have to use the ticketing device placed at the convenience store LAWSON. So after coming to Japan, you have to go to the store.
      2) You should pay it by credit card. VISA and Master are acceptable. And when you receive the ticket at the store, you should bring the card you use for payment for proof of identity.
      3) You can apply the pre-order ticket, but the winner is selected in a lucky draw… So you have to wait for the result.

      • Tenshi, thanks you a lot!

        Am I right: I can order the ticket at site, but they will not send it to me to the my location by post, instead it will be necessary to go to the store and follow the steps you mentioned?
        And could you please advice me are non Japaneese credit/debit cards will be acceptable for payment?

      • Iron, I gave advice to an eel who was the member of Japan Official FC and lives in Taiwan the other day. She must own the credit card issued in Taiwan, but I haven’t heard from her that it wasn’t accepted. So I think it would be OK, but I’m sorry I’m not sure about it…

  2. Tenshi, thanks!
    Another one thing I’m aware of – will it be ok if I book a ticket at 3rd of November but pay for it only when I will be in Japan at the date before the concert? And booking will not expire? Will Lawson give me some number or something I will need to mention dealing with ticketing device?
    Sorry for my persistence, but you are really my only hope to understand how to deal with this purchase. =))

    • Iron, I’m sorry but the answer is NO… 🙁
      People living in Japan have some alternatives for payment such as paying in cash, but people who don’t choose credit card have to pay at the store within a couple days after the result is announced. So in your case the only alternative is paying with credit card. When you are selected as the winner of pre-order, your payment will be completed online immediately. I mean you have to register your credit card information online when you pre-oder the ticket. And in the e-mail you’ll receive the result the number for receiving the ticket is written.

  3. Iron, the pre-order schedule has suddenly changed!!!! 1st pre-order schedule is from Oct. 25 at 13:00 to Oct.30 at 23:59. And 2nd pre-order schedule is from Nov. 3 at 19:00 to Nov.6 at 23:59. I have to go now. So please wait for a while. In case of you don’t notice this comment, I’ll ask aphrael about your e-mail address.


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