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… … Since most of us are going to wait to see whether an English-subtitled version of this is going to be available, this post may become a test of our willpower (it is for me, because after seeing the pic and product description, I want to buy it T.T).

The “Budapest Diary” hefty box-set comes with:
– a message card
– 40 minute main DVD
– 60 minute behind-the-scenes DVD
– 48 page photo book
– 5 photographs and a special photo frame
– 3 posters (57 cm by 27 cm)
* Japanese subtitles
** price currently unknown

Info from Amazon Japan

20 thoughts on “[Product info] Budapest Diary”

  1. Aphrael, please…please….pretty please….. post the WebSite how to buy English-sub version on this Blog. I really want to buy this set. I’m not good with buy things from Internet, but I’m willing to learn to do it all in a name of my love and support for Sukkie. Hahhh…. I have to learn so many technical stuff since I knew Sukkie. Thanks a million in advance.

  2. really can’t wait for further news for the release with Eng/Chn subs for this Budapest Diary… juz saw at HMV, cost abt 8000yen. Any chances to get discount for group purchase?

  3. I think I will be purchasing when/if they release for Region 1 or ALL. Subs in English would be nice. I’m hoping it shows up on yesasia.com but right now they just have the Japan version Region 2 available for pre-order. Maybe by Christmas! Wow, I just thought about what I want for Christmas this year.

  4. hahaha…we still keep on consider whether want to buy or not but now HMV Japan & Amazon Japan have out of stock already!!! OMG!!! So hot!!! (just logged out from there…:-(

  5. Aphrael77 do you know whether we can just get this in Korea and what stores (in Korea) sells JKS stuff?!

    Has the project been given yet?!

  6. hai apharell, i like your web, thanks for the info, and ive visitd ur web regularly coz the JKS’s update 🙂 anyway when the english version will be released? i really like budapest diary, though it feels a little bit gloomy but deep 🙂
    I hope the movie can be released at cinema and overseas, or directed as one of blockbuster movies equal to titanic, haha, i hope.

  7. love watching this,,oohh..I would be more willing to dance Flash Mob & Shuffle dance in front of sukkie..This vid is awesome although the sounds is not clear..Sukkie is so appreactive..If you want guy’s,we can tape dance wherever we are,compile it and send it to Prince,,what do you think “Prince Ahjumas”..here it is,,enjoy..


    • charlotte, do you know this is taken in S’pore and our dear aphrael has taken part in the flash dance? ^_^ they took 1 month to practise the dance before Sukkie’s arrival.. a lot of preparation… perhaps aphrael can share more on her experience

      • I should admit Sukkie is a good dancer! He inspired me and now i’m learning shuffle dance! Well, it’s not so easy for me, and it’s the first time i’m taking dancing lessons! But i’m happy & enjoying it, and i believe i can do it! I hope i’ll have chance to dance together with Sukkie one day!!! I believe dreams come true!!!!!

  8. Oh My Gosh!!!
    At first I thought I read wrong but it really said BUDAPEST diary… Oh, how I wish I had known before that he came to my country. I would have been totally stalking him XD


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