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Hi everyone. Tree-J Facebook is officially open, in future more of actor Jang’s news will also be updated in Facebook ^^ (Tree-J Facebook address: http://www. facebook.com/treeJcompany )
大家好。tree-j Facebook正式开通,今后张演员的更多消息也会在facebook更新^^(tree-J Facebook地址:http://www. facebook.com/treeJcompany)

JKS: Dozing in the autumn sunlight …. in 20 minutes, I had dreams about the plot of two action-packed movies … will be good if someone can sell this thing as time … no time … time…. feel like buying time for romance…

pray for thailand.. do something for the re-building of the disaster area…cheer up..!!
pray for thailand..为灾区的重建出一份力吧..cheer up..!!

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  1. Funny… the picture Tree J is using looks like the same day that the pictures that this blog uses as a banner where done. Anyway… funny he said that he dreamt about 2 action packed movies LOL cause I dream in movie plots a lot just wish I remembered the story after I wake up. I could be making serious money LOL

    I miss his tweet storms but I guess he’s over the novelty or just really busy nowadays. Hope he is getting rest and staying healthy. He’s looking so good lately.

    • Sukkie can sleep anywhere.. and I think it may be a real nap as he seems to be holding the script for Love Rain.. Just like Sukkie has running scene in his past dramas BV, HGD, YAB, MMM.. also notice he has sleeping scene in these dramas.. like what Andrea has mentioned, Sukkie looks good running with his slim long legs.. he also looks so serene & natural in his sleeping scenes.. another scene is his crying scene.. the camera will zoom in to his face & focus on his eyes, I think he is the only actor I have seen so far with such natural tear glands.. with those scenes of LR of Sukkie expression.. I think this is going to be the decade melodrama.. Oh dear…

      • I am hoping that Sukkie will act in an action-packed drama/movie for his next project … perhaps as a dashing homicide detective or secret agent ^^

  2. to “Farina (Singapore)” my condoleance for your loose , i know your pain because i’ve experimented the same one years ago (my little sister died in a car accident ) . i think the most dificults days are behind you and all is left is the good memories you have with her .we have a proverb witch says :” every thing borns small and grows biger except death witch borns big and became slowly small” . it doesn ‘t mean you’ll forget her but by time pass the pain of her loose will disapeare .
    what most important is that we knew our good friends is such occasions “a friend indeed is a friend in need” and i think it was highly demonstrated with the reply of the eels in this site , so sheer up .
    althought we’re all reunite here for the love of sukkie but i trully think that it’s a miracle that persones who lives in differents places of the world and had no connection can sheer the pain of the each other .
    just a comment about JKS Tree-J Facebook , it’s great that they open one but i don’t think it will be usufull if it’s in korean like the otheir ones . i don’t know why he doesn’t post in english because as i’ve seen in many of his shows he’s very good at it .
    one more thing , is this pic old or did he change his hair color one more time?
    and finely as i’ve said before i’m a new fan of JKS and i’m trying to learn everything about him but infortunatelly most of the sites i’ve found have his videos unsubded so can anyone tell me where to find them with eng sub and specially his asian tour and the interviews he has done like this ones :
    thanks to all of you for your work

  3. oh ! i didn’t see the second picture , is he really sleeping on the grass ? because if it is so, that will prove one of all that he hasn’t got the big head over his phenomenal succes and he will remains the same cut lovelly persone we all fell for .
    i don’t know about you ; but looking at him sleeping so innocentely waks up my mother instinct (i’m a mom) and makes me want to protect him from the adversaires.
    don’t you agree ?

    • he can exude different feelings in his different sleeping poses too – innocent, cute, sexy, boyish …..

      have new eels seen this video of JKS being woken up by his manager?

      p.s. for people wishing to share YT videos here, you can click on “Share” button below the YT video and get the embed code that starts with iframe width=…..

      • Aphrael! Thank u for such a wonderful vid! It’s so exciting to watch an excerpt of simple life of my favourite celebrity!
        Sometimes i feel that he’s really close to me, and seems reachable. However, in reality he’s too far from me…

      • i remembered in the video when he pretended to jump out of bed and his manager literally rushed over to stop him thinking that he might was sleeping with nothing on…hahahahha..so funny….

      • haha! i remember this video =) at first i thought keun suk will get seriously annoyed, but then, was relieved when he smiled and even joked that he was just wearing underwear. whew! i remember even peeping in their bathroom mirror to ensure that he’s just joking. haha!

      • Don’t u have this vid with English sub? Just interested in what he was talking about after he’d waken up…

    • @ maya,.The more you unfold things about him,you’ll know him better as a person..I don’t know but it happens to me..You’ll gonna love him I am sure of that,,welcome to the family!!

    • @maya: agree, keun suk is not the ‘primadonna’-man-version-type of guy =) just as he said: “i’m not at anyone’s expense.” he does whatever he wants (just like sleeping like that).

      ..so free-spirited..(sigh ^_^)..

      ..P.S. i wish he’s the lead actor in his action-packed dreams..and make them come true..hehe!

      • Funny though… thats how I sleep LOL (in the video). My mom still tries to get me up and its not the easiest thing in the world because I can sleep thru a hurricane (trust me, I have). If I have to get up earlier than usual and set the alarm I usually set at least an hour before the earliest I need to wake up cause it takes that long to wake me and even than I just lay there. That video made me want to crawl in.. it looks so warm and cozy

      • @ione hahaha,peeping in their bathroom mirror,,i did that too I even rewind that part a couple of times,hehehehe…

      • every time I’m having a bad day, I just look at his smile and all is better…he truly is amazing! 🙂

      • @ Kate_Vee I have started putting his image on my phone and whenever I need a boost I just look over at it. So all I have to do is turn it on… and I’ve favorited this website and put a link on my phone to get here quickly whenever I want to read news about him and see what everyone here is saying cause I love this place. Its quickly become my favorite website.

      • Andrea, me too!!! That’s why you always see me commenting endlessly regardless of the time of day! Lol!

      • @Andrea: yeah me too..actually not just my phone…I also have his face on my laptop and on my computer at work…kekeke….I also love this site…I visit it everyday…actually at least 20 times a day…LOL!

      • Do you all have twitter? follow me and I’ll follow back @Kate_Vee 🙂 It’s always nice to meet fellow eels from around the world.

  4. Can I just say something totally unrelated to the subject here? I am finally going to get to see Hong Gil Dong!! Yay! The website I view most of my dramas from is finally adding it (I think they finally listened to us and got the license). I know I could have found it on the web somewhere but my drama website keeps track of it for me so I don’t have to remember anything. So I’m getting that much more JKS for my viewing pleasure. I’m in 7th heaven right now. Sorry.. got excited a little.

    • Andrea, Enjoy watching this drama!!! I promised you won’t be disappointed. Even though, JKS is a 2nd lead man, I feel like without him, the drama would not be as good. I like the main actor and Yuri too; I watched their dramas before. However, in my opinion, Prince Chang Hui stole the show and captivated my heart along the way. Needless to say, I love JKS.

    • Ah thanks 🙂 I’m sure I will.. I’ve seen stills and some footage and he looks lovely. This may sounds strange cause my thoughts are no longer on HGD anymore for the moment. I’ve been watching Cinderella’s Sister and having a hard time reconciling Moon Geun Young is that and M3 because she is so beautiful is CS and almost plain in M3 (but lovely at times) and I think I know why I view her that way. Next to Sukkie any beautiful woman would look average! LOL… thats horrible of me. Maybe I am viewing with prejudice. But she is quite beautiful in Cinderella’s Sister.

    • hi farina! me too, was amazed by the amount of investment in the arena tour..but what touched me most is the part where it was reported that he persisted on the change of the venue so that he can also relate to the would-be-audience in the far-off side..i mean, he’s the only one (as far as i know) who really cared even for the sitting structure of the audience.

      ..another bow to the AsiaPrince. =D

      • I agree,Japanese Eels are so lucky.I hope one day Sukkie will come to our country Philippines,,can’t wait to see him perform..

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