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  1. Sukkie has just sent a twitter message sending his concern message & prayers those affected by the flood disaster in Thailand.. Let’s pray for the victims & hope the situation will be better soon as I think this flood is the worst I have seen in Thailand for many years…

    • My thoughts have been with Thailand last few days too. But no one ever listens to me in my life about anything that isn’t happening in the US. Just makes me want to smack them across the back of their heads. Just because it isn’t happening in their backyard doesn’t mean its not important. Anyway, I tend to lean toward emotional and been praying for our fellow brothers and sisters in Thailand for their safety and wellbeing.

      • Andrea, yes.. I also have been watching the news on Thailand situation for past few days.. it is the worst in 50 years.. it is very sad to see the situation as this kind of bring back the feeling of what happened to Japan a few months back..
        I would like to dedicate the following song by Sukkie (which he sang in Thailand Cri-show) to all in Thailand, be strong!

      • Thank you for sharing that video. He’s so beautifully consistant when he sings. So hard to believe that singing isn’t his first profession but something he does secondary to acting.

        Funny he mentions elephants. I dream of one day going to South East Asia and one of the things I really want to do is see elephants. Asian Elephants happen to be my all time favorite animal. I have a collection of miniature elephants that are precious to me. I find Asian Elephants to be so much more beautiful than their African relative. I love all things of nature and animals.

  2. love all the pics , but did you notice that everytime he changes his hair style he looks younger/older . for exemple in you are beautiful he looks older than his real age , same in his movie ‘Itaewon murder’ . in MMM he was like a teenager and behaves like one . he did the same thing in his upcoming movie you’re my pet . it’s amazing how he can just by a different hair style or weight change into a student or a charming and stylish youn man . although i like all of him , i prefere seeing him with informal clothes and long hair . i think that his juvenile appearance , his shining smile plus his energetic work are the keys of his world fame . south korea has a great number of big artists but lately it seems that he draws all the attention of the media and the people citizens and especialy overseas . i’ve read somwhere that he’s the most viewed korean in youtube . he deserved to be known after so many years of hard work so as they always said in dramas JKS fighting .

  3. These pictures look awesome. I love the colors they are using. Really brings out to the feel of the 70s. I’m so looking forward to this drama. The attention to detail is so beautiful.

  4. as much as id love to see filming pics of Love Rain, i always get reminded about TreeJ’s message of not to post it in any social sites.. so, is this ok to be posted here?

  5. Below is TreeJ’s tweet from 24Sep:

    크리제이 장어분들에게 말씀드립니다. 촬영장에서의 모든 촬영은 금지입니다. 또한, 찍은 사진을 올리지마시기 바랍니다. 약속을 지키는 장어분들이 되어주시기 바랍니다.

    Translation: Cri-J eels, Taking photos in a shooting place is forbidden. Don’t upload the photos on any site. Please keep the promise.

    • i think it’s ok…
      it’s not a spoiler pics.
      they’re not uploading photos from the scenes itself, they only posted break shooting’s photos. just seeing them eating, drinking, walking, will not spoiler the love & rain story…. ^^ more stalking photos please ^^

  6. They should make a 45sec teaser of the 70’s era for all eels who are waiting till the actual release! ugh. 2012 come faster


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