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  1. thanks for the subs . as usuel he can’t stop himself from making jokes , no wonder why his manager sticks to him like a glue , it’s certainely to put on bonderies.
    althought i’m “mero mero” over him , i don’t like this suit , neither this hair style ; he looks “endimanche” in them ( i don’t know the word in eng).
    he speaks about going to hollywood , if i can give him an advice is not to go there , he will certainely lost what makes his originality in the crowd of the US artistes , and honestely didn’t he have many eels of US who likes him more than the hollywood artistes ? and who says you have to be in hollywood to make it big , if it has been the case we non asian ? would had never neglect hollywood and his stars to follow him blindly (i speak for myself ) .
    there is a proverb witch says : if the mountain doesn’t come to mohamed mahamed will go to the mountain ” in his case i really think he has to become more stronger so that the mountain (hollywood) will come to him .
    anyway it’s juste an advice and i’ll always sheer up for him in anny place he is

    • ah.. haven’t watch entire subbed video yet but just wanted to make a comment about Hollywood. I wish Sukkie all success in everything he does but I feel he will lose some of his charm in a Hollywood movie. I might be wrong so I will wait and see but I would hate for him to be turned into a cliche like so many other actors have been (Rain in Ninja Assassin).

      • I totally agree. He is going to be type cast in Hollywood. He is going to eaten up and spit out here. I don’t want that for him. He should concentrate where ppl understand and adore him.

    • 100% Agree!!!!! I have never captivated by any of the Hollywood superstars. I feel and fear that our Sukkie is too good and pure to be fixed up in Hollywood. Our Asia Prince still can be a World Prince without Hollywood’s influence. Right Eels!!! Fighting…. Fighting…..

      • This might sound strange but Sukkie reminds me of Johnny Depp if you want to do a Hollywood comparison. Pretty much marches to his own drum and doesn’t follow stereotypes or what is expected. One of the reasons Johnny Depp has been one of my all time favorite actors LOL

      • Johnny Depp?….. I guess. But Depp is so private, doesn’t like attention, doesn’t like fashion and doesn’t like to party. He probably the last person on earth to get a twitter or facebook.He really doesn’t have a sense of humor either. Sorry but he turned off when he made that rape comment…oops, I tend to go on and on.
        Sukkie kinda reminds more of Justin Timberlake (minus the manwhore-ism). Loves fashion, attention, good sense of humor and sometimes tends to be honest to a fault. (Mouth vomit)
        Personally I don’t like JT. But I once said Sukkie wasn’t the kind of star I would follow but he trapped me. Lol…

      • I agree,I am happy the way he is now,but if that’s what he like’s no choice but to support him,co’z I love him that much ^_^ I just wish that when that happen’s he will still be the Prince that we loved.I was a bit sad co’z some people are trying to compare sukkie to Lee Min Ho,,no offense meant but I do like MinHo and I want them to be friends,could that be possible?(although prince revealed that he spoke to him and they are friend’s).They misunderstood Prince sometime’s,they think that He was insercure with the Popualrity of Lee Min Ho,but I know Prince is not like that,It just that It hurts my feelings..I super loved him that I don’t want his feeling to be hurt..

      • Charlotte, I understand how you feel because at first I like MinHo too. But when people started to compare Minho and JKS a lot, and when many MinHo’s fans said “not nice” things about Sukkie, I lost interest in MinHo. I cannot even watch “city hunter” despite it’s popularity. I hated it every time when people posted the JKS vs Minho, JKS vs KJH….etc. how can Minho’s fans say that JKS is jealous of Minho’s popularity. Do these people watch news on TV? Sukkie is very popular on his own. He is my true Prince of Asia. I don’t care about other actors if they are famous or not famous more than JKS. Sukkie will always be my #1 and my love.

  2. please help aphrael, your posted video said something like this “This video contains content from SBSi, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds. Sorry about that.”
    sigh, i can’t view it…please upload to somewhere else…. T_T *begging

  3. IMO he has all the credentials to make a name in hollywood, he has the look and the talent of actors like johnny depp and leonardo di carpio who’s despite their pretty faces can portray different characters wether good or bad but the thing is the “highly” hollywood world is not too accommodating to asian, anyways i’ll still pray that he’ll make it and succeed and prove that there were lot of asians like sukkie that is far better than many of them.

  4. Thank you so much aphrael for re-uploading… He really is a smart guy with great sense of humor, came up with such witty answers without too much thinking, I wonder his IQ, is there any show testing his IQ capability?

  5. @KaileyCA,,very true,but in my country Jang Keun Suk Philippines & MinHo Philippines are in better relationship,,they support JKS vice versa which is nice..I admit I am interested to LMH but unlike JKS,I did not do crazy things for him..I didn’t feel the same attachment that I felt for prince..JKS is JKS,,and he is my Superstar!!!

    Thanks to you co’z we feel the same way!!

    • hi, we’re from the same country :-), as for me i was really addicted to LMH and he was my no. 1 most favorite korean actor and due to my loyalty to LMH i forbid myself watching JKS drama but after watching you’re beautiful i started to love him and watching all his drama and movies made me feel obsessed with this cool and fun loving guy, i still like LMH but JKS is now my most favorite actor i the world!

      • hahaha,,so we both fell on his trap,,you also felt the JKS magic like me!! do you have twitter account here is mine @alpha_charlotte hope to see you on twitter..

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