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JKS 2.17am:
At this time I’ve just finished the Arena tour rehearsal, for the drama filming which starts in the morning, I have to set off for Daegu… this is not the schedule of a normal actor, but no choice since it is the path I’ve chosen…. When can I ever fall in love!!!
这个时间刚结束arena巡回的练习,为了早晨开始拍摄的电视剧,向大邱出发。。。这绝对不是正常演员的日程表啊 ,但是是我选择的路无可奈何嗯。。神马时候才能恋爱啊!!!

Not eating curry bread but went to eat bibimbap by myself!! Must publicize good restaurants. This restaurant in Daegu has especially nice bibimbap… asking the aunties for the secret to the soup … but aunties will not tell me so easily, sigh
111012AsiaPrince_JKS 推特更新2】先不吃咖喱面包一个人去吃泡饭!!好吃的店要大力宣传呀 大邱国一的泡饭特别好吃。。正在跟阿姨们讨教泡饭汤的秘诀中。。。但是阿姨们不轻易告诉我哎

Japanese friend:
I say, not an actor, he’s Asia Prince ok… heh heh. As expected of Asia Prince, his day is busier than the average person, too busy… keke, eat more delicious food in Daegu~ come back after you film the drama well ^^
JKS: yuli-chan…. Want to meet you …. kiss
【日本朋友:我说,不是演员是亚洲王子好不啦。。嘿嘿 不愧是亚洲王子的一天跟一般人的就是不一样 太忙了。。呵呵 在大邱多吃点好吃的~好好拍戏后再回来吧^^今天也要加油哦-*】【suk:yuli酱。。想见你。。chu(亲吻的拟声词)】

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  1. Its ok sukkie to get busy, for all you know …you will meet your soulmate along the way unexpectedly, without hassle……right?

  2. looks like it’s a simple but tasty food, and hopefully healthy food too! Yes guy, don’t be so desperate, go with the flow naturally, and we pray that your good wish will come true! stay calm my energetic boy!

  3. I love you so much. JKS. I wish you have a lot of health to do anything to make your dream come true. You ‘re always asia prince in my heart. Love you.

    • Dear Farina. We miss you too. I’m sad to hear that your mother had passed away. My condolence to you and your family. I pray everyone is coping well with this sad news. I understand it’s beyond words can describe how painful is it to lose a beloved one; for I, too, lost my dad a while back ago. I still miss him everyday. Over time, the pain will be lesser, if never totally fade away. Please stay strong and think positive.

    • Hi Farina, so sad & sorry to hear the passing of your beloved Mother-in-law.
      Do be strong and take care of yourself & your family.
      All of us here miss you too! Remember this, whenever you are feeling upset/down, do remember to visit this page and i’m sure all eels here & of coz our dear JKS will cheer you up! 🙂
      Stay strong & fighting!

    • condolence to your family.I’ve been to that situation too,I lost my dear cousin year 2007,but untill now I still miss her..But I am glad that Sukkie can still cheer you.Thank’s for the link,I hope our hardworking translator’s will sub this video,hehehe..^_^

  4. Hi, Farina. I am very sorry to hear about your loss. It is always painful and emotional when you lose someone very close to you. My heart goes out to you and your family.
    On the other note, thank you very much for the video.

  5. Dear girls,

    Thank you so much for your lovely words. I shall share the same message that I replied Andrea via email:

    I feel so blessed to have had such a wonderful mom-in-law. I remember the day I stepped in her home just after my wedding day; she hugged me and said that from that day on I was her daughter (not daughter-in-law). From her I learned about selflessness and compassion, by example she showed us to always lend a helping hand to those in need. She was such a lovely woman and I will miss her dearly. 

    • Farina, sorry to hear that you have lost someone you loved (no wonder long time never hear from you)
      You are so lucky to have such a wonderful mum in law, so envy you
      I do hope if I could have one like you too

    • dearest farina..so that’s what happened..my deepest condolences to you..i’ve been missing your posts here and thought that you were just out on a trip or something.

      …again, my deepest condolences to you and your family..

    • Dearest farina, my deepest condolences for the loss of your mother in law. A few months ago I also lost my mother in law , and likewise she was the most loving, caring and cheerful person. I know her pain and suffering are gone and she’s in a much better place, but still I couldn’t stop the feeling of grief for missing her so much and knowing how life wouldn’t be the same not having her around anymore . I always mention her in my prayers the same she mentioned me in hers during her life. I think we were both blessed having them ,I am sure we will always cherich all the good memories in our hearts . I pray for all our beloved ones.

    • hi farina, my heartiest condolence to you and your family, may Allah place her with all muslim believers and rest in peace, Insya Allah

    • Farina….I was wondering why I didn’t hear from you recently.. please stay strong and I’m sure your demise mother-in-law must be very happy & grateful to have you around her when she was alive.. just like you’re here with us.. Take care ok! My condolences to you & your family…

    • Farina.. My condolences to u too.. Take great care of yourself & family. You hav big eel family here.. Btw, the video link I read de news tat he kissed 1 female fan’s on de spot! Envy all! And on de interview on stage, he asked de crowd if jks can go to hollywood.. Den come de screams..

    • hi kate_vee, the spelling is jang keun suk..but i read that there’s a difference in the pronounciation of hangeul ‘k/g’, depending on the where the ‘k/g’ is placed in a word.

      ..’k’ of keun suk is at the beginning of the word, that’s why it is pronounced as ‘g’ or geun suk..there are articles who right based on the pronunciation, there are articles who right based on the spelling..

      ..>_< but other eels there can correct me, if i'm mistaken.

      • I still wonder what Tree J stands for,,sorry Eels but I just recently got hooked to Prince,I just happen to know little information.Is Tree J an agency and who among korean star’s are under tree J,,co’z I only see Sukkie..Is he the sole artist of tree j beside Team H or does Sukkie co-owned the agency?

      • Thanks Cri! I also think it has something to do with pronunciation, just like ione said. All his posters and merchandise uses Keun. Anyway, us eels just refer to him as the Prince of Asia :)…no confusion there!

      • oops..sorry, wrong spelling of the word..i meant ‘write’ not ‘right’..haha! just got confused also. mianeyo =)

      • hi ione and charlotte.. ako din pinay.. parehas din sa inyo i am addicted to sukkie.. i always visited this site.. i’m glad to know too that i have fellow pinay in this site..

      • ooohh..really?! hi! so glad po to meet you here! and so glad to know that there are also other pinays who share / value the same passion as you..- that’s keun-suk ^^..hehe!

    • Ione.. that is my understanding too… has to do with translation and romanization. Just like Suk could be Seok. I’m just going with how he displays his name but search engines use the G so I guess I just have to be flexible and use both when I’m searching for him on the internet. LOL

      • hi andrea, yup..suggest that you just search articles using both versions..^^ i also use the ‘jang geun-seok’ version in researching articles about him.

      • Thank you andrea..now I know what Tree J stands for..Sukkie is a smart boy.Im older than him but he achieved so much in life better than me,hahaha..I was thinking,he has this magic in him.I watched few Korean Actors before but only Prince JKS grabs my attention.I like Lee Min Ho a lot but I will choose JKS over him..I don’t know why..so many reasons I guess!! I was under JKS spell for 3 straight months now,can’t work w/out seeing his face first thing in the morning..hahaha..

      • LOL… I’ve resorted to putting his image on my phone (currently using the lovely one from Busan where is on the street singing with his guitar cause it looks so good and the colors are so rich). He’s the only one that I follow faithfully but also really like Gong Yoo, Jung Il-woo and Lee Min Ho (all beautiful men). I doubt there is anything Sukkie could do to break my faith in him except maybe take up riding motorcycles or dying his hair blond LOL but even then I would forgive him. I think his success isn’t just because he’s an actor but also his personality. Unlike a lot of other performers, he actually lets people get to know him and doesn’t put on a public front. You can pretty much tell when he’s putting on an act and when you are seeing his true self which is refreshing.

  6. hi eels..i know this is out of the topic..but i cam across this article just now:

    ‘Itaewon murder’ suspect arrested in US (2011/10/12)

  7. sapa2 kita ke minat sukkie tau bekaban enggau aku…. no 1 fan..( Iban Language ) which means welcome to the no 1 fan site for sukkie….

  8. Farina! Condolences to you and your family…

    All ppl who share their comments here! I want to say that u r like a team, like a family! I found out this blog on Sept. when our dear Sukkie signed up his Twit. account. I didn’t understand his tweets (bcoz of language problem) and this blog helped me a lot! Since that time i’m living with this blog, with all fans who r writing their comments here! I noticed that this blog’s been existing for a long time and now i’m reading all older posts just to know more about Sukkie and you – eels and fans! As i started reading all comments, i realized that all of u r not just fans but real family united by Sukkie! Aphrael, Farina, QQeyes, tenshi_akuma (smtmz called as Kaori_chan) and many others, i love u all, i love the way u treat each other, i appreciate and want to say thank u for the hard work u’r doing here in this blog! I’m just a newcomer to this blog but I’m happy and love being here with all of u!!!

  9. Hi again girls, your words really touched me. Indeed I’m already feeling the loss and I’m sure memories of her will keep playing for a period of time. Her love for me knew no boundaries; she had given me guidance in being a mother, a wife and also a daughter. When I become a mother-in-law, I hope I will be just like her.

    Thank you once again. Indeed, I feel close to all of you like we are in one big and warm family. Sukkie, if you’re reading this, I’m sure you would feel proud that you are the factor that binds us together.

    • condolences to you and your family Farina,
      what a warm heart that your mother-in-law had….you are so blessed.. i’m learning to be a warm hearted girl too and i wish when i’m married later on, will have such a mother in law too…

  10. @andrea,likewise,,my favorite picture of sukkie was from Budapest too,I wish to have a copy of it,a collection item indeed..And don’t worry girl Sukkie also dislike motorcycle,he mentioned it in one of his interview.He love’s everything about car except that thing..And as to your loyalty to him,I share the same vision,hahaha..I had to control my emotion sometime’s especially when people are trying to pull down prince,because Sukkie doesnt want us to be like that,he wants his Eels to be kind,decent and obedient..^_^..,and I am a good girl.lol..Most celeb fans club were united because of the good looks of their Idols and for us we’re different.,Based on our confession’s we love the Real Jang Keun Suk more than the actor/singer JKS.Most of us dislike Sukkie the first time,,but end up loving him because of his real personality as a person…need to stop from here co’z I feel like crying again..^_^

    • oh.. that is a relief. I really like motorcycles and consider them sexy but the thought of Sukkie liking them and riding them makes me sick to my stomach. Cars are sexier anyway. There have been a few actors who I like that say motorcycles make them nervous and I say YAY cause just don’t want anyone to get hurt.


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