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JKS: Ah… not Haeundae, it’s Gwangalli..sorry
啊..不是海云台 是广安里..sorry

JKS: hehehehehehehe … trap~ it’s Haeundae Ji-rang hahahahahahaha

JKS: Actor Jang in control of Haeundae ^^!

JKS: Actor Jang’s performance at Haeundae beach ^^ Night in Haeundae has become very passionate ^^

Japanese twitter: mini LIVE at the beach!!!! The cooperative sound of the waves!!!

Japanese twitter: Together with countless audience!!!

JKS: End of Haeundae performance! Counting money, heh heh, indeed today’s income is …
海云台演出结束!数钱中 嘿嘿 果然今天的收入…

Tree-J: Thanks to everyone who stayed till midnight ^^ See you tomorrow at the open talk ^^
向一直陪到半夜的所有人致谢^^ 明天open talk见哦^^

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    • Ya, i’m absolutely jealous~!!
      and he’s counting the pennies the audience “throw” to him, LOL~

      i think it should be a spontaneous event …..

      • A night on the beach with Jang Keun Suk with bear feet and singing with a guitar. Life can’t be better than that. I’m jealous.

    • I’m jealous as well.. How nice if we all are there listen to him singing. It’s a spontaneous event.. it’s like the M3 event.. he sing and ppl give him pennies

    • wow,,what a special event..Japanese Eel’s are so lucky!!!! They alway’s get t0 see JKS up close and personal,hmmn..This was fantastic,JKS on barefoot playing guitar..I wish I was there so we can both play his song’s on guitar,,ohhh it would be so much joy,a dream come true..

  1. Wow!!! Prince Sukkie never fails to amaze me. His spontaneous mini beach concert should truly be called the WORLD GREATEST FANS SERVICE. Fans would never get better than this from any SUPER STAR. His eels are the luckiest in the World. LOVE ….LOVE……LOVE… this humble side of him, natural, adorable, and free-spirit!!!!!! No wonder your eels love you, stand by you and so protective of you. Sukkie, you are one truly blessed man.

  2. gosh… it’s like..awe… imagining someone serenading you with guitar and his song by the beach at night?so…..romantic…..awe…..


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