[07.10.2011] E!TV “K-Star”

I’m sorry there is no English subtitles… If someone found the English subs, I’ll replace the link.


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2 thoughts on “[07.10.2011] E!TV “K-Star””

  1. thanks a lot tenshi-san! I wish I can understand but from the looks of it even the MC of the K-Star news was an eel! lol so I think this video is really nice to JKS and I can’t wait for the English subs!
    let’s hope our dear eels from Baidusuk-bar will translate it in to Chinese first so our dear aphreal can work from there.

  2. Honestly I’ve just finished to watch them through now. Yesterday I was so busy posting the link… -_-; This TV program summarized his news from childhood until now. Just watching through makes me realize how attractive he is ^^


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