[04.10.2011] AsiaPrince_JKS twitter

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Slept 3 hours and went to school cri…. it was quite tough initially but suddenly I heard good news…. afternoon’s lessons are cancelled…. indeed, what one wishes for comes true… end of school…. ah…happy!!

Goodbye.. doggie Suni who thinks that she is a human… rested a while on the filming car and now going back to doggie school.. please transform back into a dog… doggie Suni sickness..

19 thoughts on “[04.10.2011] AsiaPrince_JKS twitter”

  1. hahaha, he is so funny, just like most of students. I remember I was happy when I heard my class was cancelled… Cute Suni. That outfit for her, my lord. Just love his twitters.

    • sukkiefanNC, Sukkie is so down to earth like a boy next door ^_^ Also, whenever I see Suni, I sort of feel that she looks like Sukkie or the other way round.. the eyes especially.. just remind me of another cute vid of a Japanese eel fan who always related Sukkie with Bambi’s dole eyes (big & bright) & legs! (slim).. and she relates Manager Kim as the Buddha, so cute! (may be Kaori-chan can explain why as I can’t understand the Japanese wording..)

    • LOL.. I actually figured out the answer for myself. She’s an English Cocker Spaniel 🙂 I thought she had the body of one but the face was all wrong but I was thinking about American Cocker Spaniel which has a bunched up face. Suni has the type of face I prefer on dogs 🙂

      • Andrea, guess what? Suni also on FB!! lol!!! Famous Suni! (but ofcourse just eels creating her fan page….)

  2. oh my….Suni with a FB account???? well…. what to do?she is just as adorable as her master. Again..i think Suni has been keeping up with her master quite well..she is sooo cute too… love the outfit..


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