LAWSON sales campaign for Winter season

Credits: LAWSON

As you know, Sukkie is now many Japanese enterprises’ ambassadors. One of them is “LAWSON”, Japanese convenience store. Here is the previous post about the news.

At last, LAWSON has started some sales campaigns with Sukkie. One is for Christmas cakes. And the other is for New Year’s card printing service. When we order their product or service, we have a chance to get Sukkie’s special card with printed autograph by lot.


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  1. khatere, just to share that the organiser of this voting is a China portal website which is having many advertisement.. it is not by proper entertainment organisers with acting/singing awards.. really the main purpose of the site is to attract teens or young adults to those advertisement (e.g. overseas studies etc) .. no harm to vote since it is one vote per day but remember just don’t take this one too seriously ok..


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