[02.10.2011] AsiaPrince_JKS twitter

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Once again … ah … autumn….

The pursuer and the pursued… autumn …

The weather is really good…ah…autumn..

Thinking about the artwork… because Eun-ho is a university arts student…. arts….university arts student….

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  1. Is that Sukkie being chased and wrestle by his manager??
    But it doesn’t look like him….who is that? I know Sukkie is the one staring at that statue.

    • hi chica, yeah..i think that’s also the reason why keun suk does not find work that tiring..because his managers are also free-spirited and carefree. they do these kinds of stuffs wherever and whenever they want ^^. I remember in the 2010 Asia Tour, they do lots of ‘dare’ stuffs..^^

      ..oohh..really, i didn’t notice him in Mary Stayed Out’s beginning..but i do saw him in the Samsung Yepp (Magic Drag) music vid.

      • I think it says alot about him that the people that work for/with him seem to enjoy their jobs. I’m sure he’s a handful LOL.

      • Lmao. I just took a look at the CF and saw him with the laptop. I wonder if Sukkie ask the director for his manager to be in it or the director chose him. I always wonder about these things.

  2. in respond to what QQeyes007 posted: omg..what a sharp eyes there… just noticed that since you mentioned it,….hahahaha

  3. It seems, ever since Sukkie joined twitter, the only thing that I’m looking forward to each day, is reading his tweets and finding out what our cute prince is up to! <3 Although I live miles away from Korea and know for a fact that I'll never be able to meet him or tell him how much I love him, reading his tweets makes up for all that, since I feel so close to him that way! ^^ Love you Sukkie-ah! And many thanks for the translations. It really does help us overseas eels to know our idol better!

  4. Hi! Aphrael, Farina! Thanks to your much effort contribution. Our Sukkie looks much more handsome and cuter every day especially from Twitters! Good news, S’pore Jang Eos, this Wednesday 5 October 2011 at 8.00 pm, Channel U – Jang Keun Suk made a guest appearance in our Jacky’s Super King Variety Show. Don’t miss the show! In case you missed it, watch it again (repeat) at 12.30 am the same night. Never bored about his any shows even it may be an old one.

    • is it a re-play from 2010 jacky wu superking (zong yi da guo min / 综艺大国民)?
      or the new one from 2011 when he visit taiwan for cri-show?

    • danielle, really thanks for sharing this info as I was wondering just last week why 綜藝大國民 (Super King show) only come to Channel U now when Sukkie appeared last year on TV.. good that they are showing last year show as finally I can see him on our national TV channel.. this is one show I enjoy very much on internet.. for eels who can’t catch the show on TV, here is a version of the Eng Sub to share if you’ve not seen below… just following part 3 so onward for the rest..

  5. I’m not too sure becos’ I have never seen before. But from the TV clips, Jacky told our sukkie that his voice (korean speaking) is very gentle.. and not like … and he made our sukkie laughed and speak Mandarin (of course, with a korean slant). I think should be 2010 show becos’ he mentioned PSH.

  6. I was away for two days and now there are so much to catch here. Fall is my favorite season. I’m so glad that Sukkie enjoying the fall season. To see him so happy to enjoy the fall, I feel happy too. Beautiful fall, I think this will give Sukkie lots of feeling for being an art student for the role in LR. I don’t why, I really feel he live his role every time he play a role in a drama, how come a person can be that multi-talented to portrait different people and do it so natural. I think he was really into it, that’s why he said he would never do two dramas in the same time, because that was too difficult, he lives in role’s life so deeply, that’s the reason they did good acting. Go Sukkie!

  7. Hi!I’m cpy and this is the first time I’m writing a comment but I’m not new to this blog as I have been following this blog for quite sometime. First of all, thank you for bringing sukkie closer to the eels by providing us the latest information and thanks for the superb translation especially sukkie’s tweets. I tried to translate the tweets by using google translator but the more i translate, the more confused i get. Actually, I want to ask a few questions regarding sukkie. First, facebook page. May I know which is the real sukkie because there are a lot of people using the same name. Some might be his eels but not him. Second, is there any possibility that i can buy sukkie’s paperdoll from his official website even though I’m not a club member?Actually, I have tried searching for the paperdoll in amazon.com, amazon jp and hmv but I cant find it. Then, i saw it in his official website but the thing is I’m not a member. I tried clicking everywhere that is ‘clickable’ but nothing happen. Then, my last option is I sent a tweet to Tree-j company but no reply. I am really frustrated because I really want the paperdoll. Can you guys give me some info regarding the two questions above? THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

  8. Thanks a lot for the info, Kaori-chan. Maybe he has two fb accounts. I have checked both; http://www.facebook.com/keunsuk0804 is under people/individual page where we can add him as a friend and it contains all his tweets from twitter. While http://www.facebook.com/jangkeunsuk0804 is under fanpage where we can’t add him as friend and it contains 1 tweet in which he recommends the album “Lucky 7” by 015B. Maybe both are his fb accounts I think. Anyway, thanks. By the way, Kaori- chan, what is the difference between -chan, -san and -dono?


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