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I want to recommend you my favorite album for autumn. It’s one of the most immortal albums in my life. It’s my first listening to Verbal Jin’s RAP… ^^I strongly recommend it.


※ tenshi_akuma’s note: The pic is one of the album “Lucky 7” by 015B. You can preview and buy it from iTunes. And the song of the pic (probably it is the most popular song in this album) is the 4th song, “잠시 길을 잃다 (feat. 신보경)”
iTunes “Lucky 7” by 015B

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  1. I listened to it once & I fell in love with it! In fact I’ve downloaded a few of their songs and really love them 🙂 Great taste Sukkie!

  2. thank u so much…! i know u will provide the song here! ^___^ so as soon as i receive the news, i run to this page!


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