[03.10.2011] Japan ZIP TV on YMP exhibition

Credits: shangtaiyu

These are just unofficially what I think this video is saying.

4,400 visitors to the “You’re My Pet” exhibition, and the movie will be broadcast in Japan on 21 Jan 2012.
Japanese eels saying that JKS is like God (kami) and saying “mero mero”. And the fun part is the handshake mould that JKS made~!

Updates from tenshi_akuma on YMP exhibition:

Here is inside of the exhibition.



You can imagine Sukkie’s bath time ^^*

We can shake hands with a virtual hand. When we shake hands, we can hear some secret lines such as “I love you.” I heard there were many variations.

They look the items Sukkie used in YMP.

These are official pics??




And I like these pics below best. They come in pairs. The master takes care of her pet, Sukkie. On the other hand, the pet takes care of his master. So sweet! 🙂



11 thoughts on “[03.10.2011] Japan ZIP TV on YMP exhibition”

    • YMP will be aired at a Korean movie festival in Oct, right…. airing date in Korea is Oct or Nov this year.
      Airing in Japan in Jan 2012

    • For me, he always suit and comfortable to every actresses he acted with, but only the actresses that could act good or excellent or just only ok and nice with him, i choose MGY the best until now even sometimes she looked a bit shy and couldn’t look straight into his eyes, same with PSH too, because jks look so charm and handsome of course, heee… grin! grin!

  1. I can’t wait to watch the movie on DVD … looking forward to see the chemistry between the adorable Sukkie and the elegant Kim Haneul.

  2. I really look forward to seeing this movie. I just need to find out how to get more films in the US. I have a feeling I will be purchasing more than I intended to. Is there a good chance yesasia.com will have this YMP when it comes out on DVD subbed and Region 1 (or 0)?

    • hi andrea, i think yesasia.com will release a copy of the movie when it comes out as dvd, they even have the Romance JPlus Photobook, so i think issuing the dvd version of YMP is also possible.

  3. YMP as you said will be aired this year in korea and “jan” next year in japan but infortunatelly it will never been aired in my country so i’ll have to be patient and wait for the dvd release so that someone will be kind to post it on the internet.
    in my opinion he interacts lovely with every actress he has done a work with . i think it’s his easy going and spontaneous personality whitch makes him connecte with them perfectly.
    by the way i’ve seen this video in youtube ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w_Nea6dlx2c ) but it’s not subded and i can’t find the interview/show it’s from , so can you please help me post it or the link with subtitles if possible . thanks a lot

  4. I also think that Sukkie is really easygoing and flexible person (not to mention his angelic look)! That’s why everyone loves and adores him!


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