Delayed release date of Lounge H album

Credits: Sukbar & as tagged

The official release date of Lounge H album has been pushed back to 12 Oct 2011, and above seems to be the new album cover for the pre-order version.

(For those who have ordered through me, the delay naturally affects us and hopefully we get it sometime in Oct.)

20 thoughts on “Delayed release date of Lounge H album”

  1. Thanks for the pictures. I always enjoy pictures of him. Now, that being said… Will I be forgiven if I say I really don’t like that song? It may grow on me eventually because I find the video amusing but I don’t think its a song I will listen to in the car or my MP3.

    • Andrea, you just need to attend it live to feel the awesomeness of the atmosphere. That song is so addictive and practically thhe signature song for Lounge H. At first when I watched it from the video, I couldn’t appreciate it too but after attending his Cri Show, i was a convert. He seemed to be so incredibly ALIVE! To watch him dance so freely and abandonly…the only word that comes to mind is ‘electrifying’! The real essence of his craziness was during his Lounge H and everyone actually looked forward to that presentation more than the first half when he projected his characters from the different dramas. I really hope one day he will make performances across the globe….who knows?

      • Ahhhh! Now I can’t get it out of my head but at least Kim Hyun Joong’s Kiss Kiss is finally gone LOL Gotta Getcha is such a silly silly song and not my style at all (but than neither is Kiss Kiss which got me home driving when I was so tired from my insomnia a few weeks back).

      • Andrea, it is ok as I notice many eels love Sukkie’s ballad same as me initially.. I never like loud music but after I attended Cri-show this year, Sukkie & BB LH performance is really good as they perform like in a club and not the usual sync dance we see for Kpop group.. actually, I kind of find this kind of music is close to Sukkie’s love for freedom (the singing & free style dance).. and his fans can dance with them like in a club..
        But I would like to share with you his ballads here ^_^ as these are the songs that can calm the mind & soul & I never get tired of listening them for past 2 years…

    • When I first listen to it I didn’t like it at all. But I caught myself singing “gotta getcha” out of nowhere. It takes a little bit of getting used too. Personally, I only like it when he sing ballads and so forth. Him rapping and singing fast songs is not for me. I really like him as a actor not as a singer….. (don’t kill me) =X
      My favourite singer is Lee Hong Ki… I think its funny that him and Sukkie are good buddies.

      • I like “Let Me Cry” and yes, his ballads as well as the music from M3. He has a very distinctive voice. I was actually surprised recently with a song that I downloaded off the internet and never really listened to and realized it was him. Not a big fan of Rap of any kind but can’t say I have a favorite Korean singer/performer/band at this time although I do like Mate, Nell, Vokda Rain as examples. You might notice those 3 are on the City Hunter sound track. I really loved the music from that drama. I’m an alternative rock fan (favorite bands are Nine Inch Nails, FooFighters, Cage the Elephant, etc). FT Island is fun though and I’ve enjoyed them. CN Blue as well. I really like Lee Seung Ki and Kim Hyun Joong as well. I haven’t been exposed to a lot of music yet though. Not into the girl groups much but its a preference for me. I’m like that with English speaking groups so has nothing to with Asian vs. North American or Europe.

      • I listened once to JKS’ “Let me cry”‘.. didn’t like it.. but I adore his ballads.. before I thought he is first a singer before being an actor..

  2. Hi Kaori Chan, I heard that Sukkie’s arena show in Tokyo get an addition one. Wow, no wonder he is the top earning in show bis in the 20s group, I saw that from vid posted by Farina. First, he shows has sold out in 5 mins. Now, addition arena show. Go Sukkie, so proud of him and how lucky Japanese eels. We should all go to Japan, hehehe, I wish I could.

  3. SukkiefanNC, yeah here is the news release today also in Weibo.. understand Tokyo Dome can hold max up to 55,000 & I think Sukkie’s popularity in Japan is really overwhelming!!!
    Kaori-chan, are you going to this show too as I heard he is going to sing his new songs from his new album to be released in Japan…

    • QQ, I’m soooooo sorry but I can’t go to his dome show. because at that time I’m not in Japan, but in Canada for studying English… So I’m planning to make my mom to attend there in stead of me. She is also his eel now! 😉

  4. I so want this! Good thing it’ll be available next month 🙂 The first time I experienced Lounge H, I cannot get GOTTA GETCHA out of my head for months. There’s nothing like experiencing Lounge H live, but this album is the best way to remember it while he’s not touring and busy filming.


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