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  1. OMG! I love Sukkie’s new fresh look!! I wanna be at the place of filming, wanna see him acting, listen to his speaking, hear his laughing & finally talk to him face to face!!! Lol! (my wish is impossible, though)

    • Carol, I read in Weibo that the filming is done in different universities in Seoul..one of the Chinese eels said today’s filming is done at the one she is studying..

      • Hi charlotte, I’m a Japan official fanclub member, so I’m not sure about Korean fanclub system. About Japanese case, we can join anytime and the validity period is 12 months and it’ll be extended automatically if you don’t offer the cancel. Sorry I’m not a full member of Korean fanclub either, so I can’t answer your inquiry fully.

    • cherry & gals here, I’m sorry I couldn’t comment about his dome tour yesterday… I was so busy at work… anyway, as the article said, Sukkie’s additional FM after his arena tour in October is planned at the Tokyo Dome on 26 November. Usually baseball games are held at Tokyo Dome as one of the biggest stadium in Japan. So the capacity there is about 50,000. About his arena tour, even his official fan club member had a trouble to get the ticket. We had 7th chances to get the ticket, but many of them couldn’t get even one ticket… In Japan, we usually get the ticket for concert by lot. So we tried and tried to enter the draw, but the winners were selected by lot, so many official eels failed to get one. So Sukkie decided his arena tour to meet as much as eels. The details are not announced yet, so I can’t share more about it right now.
      Personally, I was so sad to hear the news, because at that time I’m not in Japan… I’ll be in Canada for studying English. But I’m so lucky to attend his arena tour for two days! So I have to be patient now… 🙁

      Last night Sukkie visited his FC site and announced many surprising and exciting plans in advance. I can’t share the details about it because of the rules between FC(Sukkie) and FC member eels. But in the near future, you’ll know them. He’s trying to take a step toward “the King of the World.” He tries to run fast, so we also should try to keep up with his dream! Fighting! 🙂

      • Thank you for information. I have no hope of attending any events (geography issues LOL) but look forward to news in the future. Not sure what FC stands for so forgive my ignorance. Pretty sure it has to to do with his official fan club site which I’ve no luck navigating due to lack of language understanding. I’ve only been a fan for a short while and only recently started considering myself an Eel (I love that moniker).

        I don’t know about others but I’m a very patient person LOL. So even plans that have been announced with probably evolve over time. Its nice that he gives his club members advanced notice of his plans and those members respect his wishes.

      • I’m such an impatience person. I can’t wait to hear more news! I really wish he would come to the states. A bunch of Kpops group are doing a concert in New York (Shinee, 4minute, etc.) I hope Sukkie will one day will come and do a concert…..perferrably in the Eastcoast…in New England….teehee.

      • LOL.. I was thinking if he were to ever to test his star power in the USA it would probably be New York or Los Angeles. I’ve already made the decision to attend anything I can.

        Chica.. I just looked up that free concert. Looks exciting; I just wish I could go or at least check out the Korean Festival. It looks like tickets for the concert are to be distributed on Sunday Oct 2. Korea is being really aggressive about promoting their entertainment industry! Not that I’m complaining after all its that self-promotion that caught my attention in the first place and how I found our Prince!

      • Thanks Kaori-Chan for the information. Yes, Chica and Andrea, I hope he will help a concert in US too. I’m in North Carolina, so I hope at least in New York, east coast. hehehe.

      • hi I am charlotte and I am new new here but thank you for informing FC member eels like me..I do want to become a Full member in JKS official but some information about joining confuses me.Some are telling me that It would be better If I join January 2012,because If I do it now,my membership will just last for 2 months.Can you please help me understand it,co’z they say that each year’s membership expires every December. In connection to that,does each member’s shall make a new payment (20,000 w0n) prior to renewal of membership.Correct me If I’m wrong,but my understanding goes this way,

        One Year = 20,000 won
        Renewal = 20,000 won (again)

        meaning, everytime the Year Ends I need to make payment? Can somebody help me and answer my question co’z I want to become a full member so badly.Thank you and god bless us all Eel’s especially Prince Sukkie=)

      • Hi charlotte, I’m a Japan official fanclub member, so I’m not sure about Korean fanclub system. About Japanese case, we can join anytime and the validity period is 12 months and it’ll be extended automatically if you don’t offer the cancel. Sorry I’m not a full member of Korean fanclub either, so I can’t answer your inquiry fully.

      • @charlotte: hi, this ione, i was able to join the Korea FC last May 2011 only..with regards the membership..the time that i joined, i understand that yes, upon renewal (every December), we have to pay again..but, still, this depends on the announcement to be made on the website..which I also want to confirm myself since 2012 will be my first time of renewal.

  2. @Andrea ~ I think they do free concert every year or so in New York. GDragon and T.O.P came to New York for some kind of club promotion last month, I think.
    I went to a free concert two years ago, I don’t even remember who was there! Lol. Not a lot of ppl showed up though. Kpop groups keeping trying to hit it big over here….its just not working. They famous all around the world. But the states is hard to break into. Wondergirl going to have there own show on Nickelodeon though…they were brought by Nick Cannon…(Mariah Carey’ husband, lmao!!)

    • yeah.. US taste in music tends to baffle me at times. I’m an alternative/indie rock person myself but like a lot of different types. I don’t want to get into what I think the issues of k-pop breaking into the US marketplace; it will take away from the lightness of this website. That being said….

      How many songs do you think JKS will be singing on this OST?!?!

      • Lol. I hear ya. I hope he sings a lot. We can’t get enough of him. For some reason I keep staring at the top picture. His body looks incredibly sexy in that outfit. I guess I’m not used to him dressing normal, lol.

      • LOL… you mean the picture of him in white shirt and khaki slacks? Yeah, it is pretty good especially with him putting on some healthy weight (he really was starting to look too thin). I really think this drama is going to be very good. I haven’t seen any of the endless love dramas but JKS is in it and the director is supposed to be one of the best so I’m confident.

        Oh… I think if he does sing it will be mostly ballads but I will place bets that is the modern era parts it will get mixed up with some edgier music.

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