[28.9.2011] AsiaPrince_JKS twitter

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Actor Jang’s Facebook is open. Actor JKS official facebook link as below, please follow me. I want to advance into Facebook, come quickly to support
张演员的facebook开通了 。演员张根硕的官方facebook链接如下,请多多申请关注我偶。我要向facebook进军了,快来捧场偶

Today’s filming has ended…. can I honestly get some sleep…. kaka

I really should sleep… should sleep…..zzzzzzz

My mum making preparation for Halloween party, again I’m one step behind mum, then…. battery is going to be flat…

(battery) has died heroically, bye Cri!

Tree-J: cri-j eels! Actor Jang’s official facebook address has changed. In order to communicate with more people, we changed to a bigger page, we seek your understanding.
JKS: huh? Is this company stupid?? Please re-add as friend. kaka
【树推:cri-j 鳗鱼们!张演员的 官方facebook的地址换啦.为了和更多人沟通 换去了更大的主页,敬请谅解.】【suk:额?这个公司是个笨蛋咩?? 请重加好友吧。咔咔】

23 thoughts on “[28.9.2011] AsiaPrince_JKS twitter”

  1. Oh my! Oh my! What is his FB name?
    He is funny. Scolded TreeJ stupid 😀
    Pretty mama Jang appeared…for Hallowen party…when? I want to join

    • Oh my good lord!! How many Internet websites I have to sign now in order to follow him. Kekekeke….I lost count of my own ID now a day. Better create a little black book for reminder. To think about that I was never an Internet person at all before knowing our Prince Sukkie. My computer skills are very very basic. He created a monster in me, cannot live without surfing Internet Now.

      • hehehhe…same here… but don’t worry…just stay loyal to this site..you’ll get the news feeds almost immediately…and thanks to all the people who puts in the effort for it.. really appreciated it ..keep up the good work.girls…

  2. it is said that there are two links to facebook of JKS, one is old and another is new one. but when i clicked both of the links lead to the same Facebook account. Strange… maybe i did smth wrong????


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