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Jang Keun Suk’s motto is (1) sincere heart is inter-connecting (2) there is no person more superior than others (3)…. 3 is …. Forgot -_- filming starts…!!!
张根硕的座右铭 1.真心是相通的 2.没有人上人 3. ….3是….忘了-_-拍摄开始…!!!

I remembered!!!!!!! (3) Mum is watching ….

Tree-J: Cri-J eels, good morning! Until the wee hours of this morning, what JKS looked like when he finished some new work with big brother. After seeing JKS’ smiling face, hope a happy day lies ahead.
JKS: What …. Tree-J takes this kind of outdated photo – –
【树推:cri-j的鳗鱼们 早上好!到昨天凌晨为止,跟bigbrother结束新的工作后的张演员的样子。看到张演员笑脸后 希望成为愉快的一天。】【suk:什么呀..树推拍这种落后的照片.ㅡㅡ】

Revealing Team H’s trial new song!! Today’s weather is not good, filming is delayed.. Ah … my sleep…
Team H的新曲试听公开!!今天天气不好,拍摄推迟了。。啊 。。我的睡眠。。

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  1. I think JKS is becoming younger and sexier day by day! I love him in all of his pics! I love his hairstyle and smile in the second pic! He’s so sweet!!!

  2. just when i thought he has some “serious” thought…BANG!…he never misses the funny…love it…. thought he and i do respect his motto…. it’s a relief that he could take some time to chill with his hectic schedule… take care prince…

    • Kaori-chan, it’s legit! Tree-j made announcement! Open FB account now! Palli palli!!! But look out for his name(even though he used hangul) under PAGES ok. Just click ‘Like’

      • Farina, according to jksjapan twitter, FB is synchronized with twitter… so probably most of the article might be the same.

      • I think that might be due to his opening a personal account which allows max of 5000 friends whereas if he created as Fan page it’s unlimited. I personally prefer using FB cos it’s easier to follow a thread and it has more diversity.

  3. Bcos of this I missed my stop and hv to walk home (abt 10 mins)… lol!!!

    Credit to Shiro 🙂
    PD Yoon on why he chose 장근석: Jang Keun Suk has both the pure boyish and yet strong masculine charm, with a delicate and sophisticated acting skill. And he has the acting ability to show myriad expressions. the most important thing is his soulful eyes. That’s why I chose him for this drama. After working with him, I also found out that he did not have the star attitude, very humble. I did not think he has a such a humble side, so it makes him even more right for these roles. (Chinese translation: 尹锡湖PD:张根硕兼具清纯的美少年形象和很强的男性魅力,具有细腻而精巧的演技,在收尾工作方面表情表演能力
    与大家融入到一起,没想到他还具备着这样谦逊的一面,如此模样使得更确认他很适合这个角色) Original article: http://bit.ly/pEq1xu (translation mainly by google ;P)

    • Farina & Shiro, Thanks for the information.. I 100% agree with PD Yoon on his comments!!! I guess that is also why I was attracted to Sukkie as an actor in the first place ^_^

      • Thank you Farina & Shiro too! Why almost of the the stars attitude are so ‘special.. dot dot’? Ahah..of course we already know, isn’t it? no need to describe the negative side, for sure they will get angry even they did that.. but this prince still as an ordinary young guy, can tweet, laugh, and sent the pics when he slept, playing games, without shame to his fans even his face was tired or messy which can hide his handsome look, but he still displaying it, ha..that makes him more charm than ever compared to other stars, that’s what i found from him, love love 🙂 what about you gals?

      • hmm… yeah that is really part of his charm. He gives his fans “the good, the bad, and the ugly” not saying he’s ever really given us anything ugly just mean he doesn’t hide his flaws. He’s even posted pictures of his oily face before washing LOL. You can’t get more honest than that. How many celebrities put themselves out there like that?

        By the way, the whole facebook thing is a bit of a mess right now. I think he wants the personal account but Tree_J had to convert it to a page to accommodate the expected volume.

    • Thanks Farina! I totally agree with PD yoon. Love rain …. really can’t wait.
      Hope it will get the highest rating a Korean drama ever got.
      I loved those two pics! <3


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