9 thoughts on “[ENG-SUB] Arts News: JKS visits “Winter Sonata” musical”

  1. Wow! What a great speed! I was waiting english subs for this. Aphrael77, thank you so much for this site in general and additional thanks for this vid with subs!!! Great job! With love,JGS’ fan from Kazakhstan 🙂

  2. Hi gals, I’m finally back to Japan and eels’ world! 🙂
    Last night I was too tired to post some comments or share Sukkie’s latest news. I only did to check through the whole news.

    First of all, I wanna share the news which seems not to be posted here.
    1) JKS is going to attend “16th BUSAN International Film Festival” to bring his latest movie “You’re my pet.” It’s first time for him to attend the event. And the special talk session with a young American actor, Logan Lerman, who appears on “The Three Musketeers” is planned.

    2) JKS is going to attend “Japan vs Korea deram baseball charity game.”
    He’ll sing the national anthem and throw out the ceremonial first pitch.

    • thank you so much Tenshi for the info!
      even the YMP movie not yet release, but they register it to Busan internasional film festival? i hope it will result a good mark on that festival.

    • Tenshi-chan, welcome back. Missing you here in this blog.
      Thanks for posting the news. The “Japan vs Korea deram baseball charity game” seems very excited and interesting how our prince will perform in that kind of atmosphere. It seems like our asia prince is striving and rising everyday to become a prince of the world.

      PS. I cannot wait the watch You’re My Pet, with English sub of course.

    • Welcome back Kaori-chan!! Missing you too!

      I just can’t imagine how I would feel to hear him sing the National Anthem! I get goosebumps just thinking about it! His deep sexy voice…..sigh….

    • hi tenshi =) been waiting for your posts in here. =) thank you very much for the info.

      ..as previously mentioned, i’m so happy for keun-suk for being given such opportunity..i mean, a personality requested to sing his / her own national anthem means that you’re acknowledged as one that is truly qualified to represent your own country…(it’s also a big deal for us, filipinos, on who will sing the national anthem on international events) ^_^! hoping for your sharing of the event also, since this will be held in Tokyo..=)

      thanks, thanks!

  3. Thanks Aphrael for speedy sub. I believe “people person” is one of JKS’ secret charms. Sukkie always shows support for his colleagues and friends. He does simple things that touched people’s heart. Love that about him.

    Yeah…supper love his style now a day, more simple and cute….not too much shining bing..bing………kekeke


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