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Tree-J Japanese twitter:

Good morning, eels. At Love Rain’s filming venue, the photo showing JKS’ love towards Yoona. Please give more love to our couple ^^ Wishing everyone a happy weekend ^^

Lunch time … and also time for tweeting … I’m not going to reply those provoking tweets and silly tweets. Say something nice, something nice ~~~~~~~~~~~~
午饭时间….也就是刷屏时间马上到了….我不再回复那些挑衅的推特跟无聊的推特了 说点好听的话 好听的~~~~~~~~~~~~

tweeting ends, going to have lunch. Yoona is sitting beside me…hahahahaha ~~
刷屏结束 去吃饭了 允儿坐我旁边…哈哈哈哈哈 ~~

My popularity…. or maybe it is Yoona’s popularity…

Meeting these children again yesterday, some new faces …
昨天和孩子们的再次相遇 有新面孔哦..


Now you all dare to threaten me openly, is it … gone to Beijing to see Min-ho shi … and fallen in love with him… ah… abandon me like this…I want to grill eels!!!!!!
ㄴ ㅑ!!!! 너네 이제 나 공개적으로 협박하냐….베이징에 있는 민호씨를…보…러…간다니….사랑에 빠졌다니….아…….이런 나를 버리고…..카바야키!!!!!!!!!


Frustrating … you all… how can you have a change of heart …..
짜증나..너네……사랑이 어떻게 변하니….


How can you …. have a change of heart…..
@张根硕:어떻게…..변할 수 있냐고……

The first short movie script that JKS has ever acted in is in the midst of being written …. this is drama Love Rain’s filming venue… and also leaving messages on twitter…. and also discussing together the arena tour in Japan… indeed…. I…. am a genius ….. become more and more of a genius ..

Writing script, acting, Asia Tour DVD final confirmation has ended — it has just been taken away from my hands … the last 3 months of 2011 …. running crazily..also will work harder at tweeting!! hia hia
写剧本 演戏 亚洲巡回公演dvd最终确认结束–现在刚从我手上拿走..2011年剩下的3个月…疯狂地跑起来.刷屏也要更加努力!!嘎嘎

Don’t sleep, get up. Give me your wishes on the birthday stated on my identity card!!!!!! tweeting chozer!!!!
别睡都给我起来 祝贺我身份证上的生日!!!!!刷屏chozer!!!!

26 thoughts on “[25.9.2011] AsiaPrince_JKS twitter and Weibo”

  1. guess why Sukkie is eating grilled eels for lunch? I saw in BaiduSukbar that some Chinese eels are teasing Sukkie in Weibo that they are going to Beijing to see LMH as he is in Beijing today.. the purpose of some eels doing that is to make Sukkie jealous as many eels are missing him & expecting him in Beijing & other parts of China just like Japan tour he is doing now.. (Sukkie’s first FM in China in Beijing last year & this year in Shanghai) But many senior & more matured eels are advising the eels not to tease him too much and be considerate of Sukkie’s hectic schedule..and they knows Sukkie loves his fans too much & he may get burden by these messages & affect his work.. the other negative impact is there is a recent case of media misinterpreted unintentionally (or intentionally) of the intention of some eels.. I saw a HK media reported posted by a senior eel which shows a reporter which mentioned that “JKS has angered his fans …” (just based on a few weibo messages by eels who tease Sukkie to catch his attention…)
    After understanding the consequences, now many eels are at Weibo flooding with birthday greetings and assurance messages for Sukkie to show their support ^_^

    • Awwww! Its so cruel to tease him like that. We all know how he love his fans. He so sensitive that he probably couldn’t concentrate. He work so hard to get where he is at. I’m glad that the eels are doing something about it to make him feel better. He deserves everything.

      • Yes quite disturbing… but some of the eels confessed they just want to tease Sukkie but didn’t know about the consequence & these eels have apologised after the senior/matured eels have advised on the negative impact.
        But if some still continue to make unreasonable comments, then most likely those are not real eels.. possibly antis creating trouble then..

    • Ahh… so that was what was happening. I wondered what was going on. I can’t read anything but english and only comprehend a bit of spoken so wasn’t really sure what was going on. I have APD (auditory processing disorder) which means I have a hard time with things I hear which is what attracts me to foreign language since I’m used to reading subtext even on english language shows. I’m really trying to learn korean though and understand enough to recognize when the level of language changes and relationships which seems to be lost in translation.

      Since I know for a fact I will never in my lifetime ever meet or be at an event where JKS is I guess I’m not sensitive that way. I just admire him from affair and via social media.

  2. Okay, now for the adoration! He really rocks the 70s look! Who would have thunk it? I didn’t have much time to follow him on twitter but did manage to send out a few messages of love. Can’t wait to see more pictures and news of the filming. I love that he’s so open and honest with his fans.

    Saw his retweets of Rain (going to the army soon). Made me wonder when JKS will have to do his army time and then made me sad thinking of losing him for that time.

      • You know.. I don’t think so. I’m new to the whole korean entertainment but from what I’ve observed fans are really loyal and supportive during mandatory military. I think it helps that even celebrities can’t get out of what everyone is required to do but thats just my perspective. Only thing I can imagine happening is the mania will slow down but I think he will come out of it sexier and more handsome (if thats even possible).

      • indeed.. just the thought of without rain for 2 years.. its drought! seriously i was thinking about it as well.. i mean what happens to their career after? Can you name hallyu stars that’s been there for two years and still have the same luster after serving the military?

      • Coby, I can name one: Jo In Sung! (though he just came out a few months ago) This cutie-pie is a heavy-weight box office actor and with good looks to boot! For those who are interested, check out his drama Memories in Bali & movie Dirty Carnival. But still, Sukkie is my one and only 🙂

  3. I’m also wondering when will he serve the army… guess it’ll be a challenge for us eels when he’s away that time then… but let’s just cheer and support him for now….. i really love the picture that he’s taken with his fans…so….70s….hahahahah cute..cute…btw…happy birthday sukkie

  4. SUkkie, dun be jealous ….. your real eels will not run away to Lee Min Ho
    Each time I see your new hair style will make me laugh ….
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Sukkie !!


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